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Motorola wants you to trade in your old phone for a new Moto X

Motorola has a nifty little trade-in program all set-up for buyers of a new Moto X from the Moto Maker site. When you buy a new custom Moto X, you can send in your old phone and get a Motorola Visa Prepaid Card back in the mail.

Depending on the phone, you can get up to $300 back. I'm sure we'll know more details on this one as the day progresses, and Motorola says you'll be able to find out the details at their Trade In site.

While we imagine you'll only get the full $300 if your phone is worth more than that, the convenience of selling this way can't be beat. I get too attached to sell off my old phones, but I have a feeling more than a few others will take advantage of this program.

Will you?


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Trade in your old phone for up to $300 off a new Moto X from Moto Maker


This is very tempting. I wonder if and when the maxx will be announced

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Damn, only $85 for a Nexus 5. That's rough. Shame, because the new Moto X looks pretty great.

$125 for the 64 GB HT One (M7), which is a bit better.

These things are never worth it, seems they get worse all the time too... I remember trading in my first EVO to Sprint for like $120, but every successive phone the offers got smaller. Swappa/Ebay/Craig's/Heat FTW

$250 for my HTC One M8. Kinda tempting. Need to see more hands on videos and features from the new Moto X.

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Really? I haven't been on swappa in a while. Either way I love my M8 so far. It'll be hard to part ways with it.

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Yep. Then again mine was a Dev Edition in mint condition, but I know you could at least get 400+ easily if your phone is in respectable shape. $250 is just terrible, though. I also really liked my M8, but I needed a phone with a better camera. I'm hoping HTC works that out and I can get back onboard with the M9.

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Should I sell my oneplus one for moto x......? No, I will keep it. I think I would of got one If I didn't get this but I love my oneplus one and still costs $150 less than moto x

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Link is broke.. $60 for my moto-x..? oh well,i think its priceless.. best phone hands down i've ever had.. too bad in my rush i signed up for 2 year contract..

i am stoked about the motorola hint.. i listen to a staggering amount of podcasts..

They just quoted me $100 for a LG G2 T-Mobile. I could sell it online for double that price. They are paying less for their own year old models of Moto X..Hmm

What a joke! They only will offer $60 for a Samsung Galaxy S3. I can sell it for a lot more than that on e-bay. I like how this phone looks but can wait and be happy with my S3 until my contract is up in June and see what my options are then.

Yeah for $60 I will just keep my Samsung Galaxy S3. I think it would be handy to have around the house as a Google Authenticator, email, remote control etc. anyway.

I just checked, and my 32GB Moto X (VZW) in nearly perfect condition (not a scratch, ding or knick on it) was valued at $60 for trade in.

At that price, I'll just keep it as a backup...

This is good I would think for terrible phones that are sitting around people's offices no longer being used. No one would want to buy my HTC Thunderbolt. But, if I was considering getting a Moto X and they take $40 off with my HTC Thunderbolt sent to them, then why not; thanks. That's about it though.

$60 for my perfect condition GS3? .. I don't think so.. nice try Moto, but I'm going to wait to see what the Nexus 6 is about before plunking down $500 for this thing :)

No. It's a OnePlus one with a smaller screen, less RAM, less storage and smaller battery. And they would probably offer $200 for it like their is any better. They're only offering $60 for their own phone that's only 1 year old. That tells you something

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$60 for my Moto X Dev Edition (Verizon)....ummmm No. Definitely not what I expected.

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I can tell without even looking that the only way to get the full $300 is with a 64GB iPhone 5S. All trade-in programs are horrible, and there are no exceptions whatsoever. Selling your old phone directly to a second party is the only way to get a fair price.