Toshiba tablet

Two new high-def Tegra 4 tablets and a budget Tegra 3 offering

Toshiba has taken the wraps off three new 10-inch Android tablets this morning -- the Excite Write, Excite Pro and Excite Pure -- all powered by NVIDIA's Tegra processors. Both the Excite Write and Excite Pro are powered by the chipmaker's latest Tegra 4 chip, while the budget-centric will use the previous-generation Tegra 3. The high-end tablets also pack super-high resolution 2560x1600 displays, 8-megapixel f/2.2 camera and a Harman Kardon-branded speaker setup, whereas the Excite Pure opts for a less eye-catching 1280x800 panel. All three tablets come with microUSB, microHDMI and microSD connectivity.

On the software side, you're looking at mostly vanilla Android 4.2 Jelly Bean across all three tablets, which should please Android purists. Toshiba's also touting the Excite Write's improved digitizer, which has 1024 pressure points and is designed to work better with pen input. To that end it's also bundling a TruNote note-taking app on the Write.

The new Toshiba tablets will compete with the latest Android slates from ASUS and Samsung, both of which announced new 10-inch offerings yesterday at Computex.

Anyone in the market for a high-end, 10-inch Android tablet? Or the 7-to-8-inch screen size still the sweet spot for tablet devices? Let us know what you think in the comments.


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Toshiba announces Excite Write, Excite Pro and Excite Pure tablets


With all these high res displays it'd be really great if HDMI passthrough became a thing on tablets. Yeah the screens are small but, COME ON.

10 inch is too much to just carry about whereas 7/8 inch is the sweet spot for carrying without having to also carry a man purse. When it comes to 7/8 inch, might as well just get a real Note with real Pen Input vs. "enhanced but not quite there pen input"...

What do you mean with real Pen Input vs. "enhanced but not quite there pen input"? Do these tablets not have a digitizer like the Samsung Note devices?

I've never owned a tablet but I think if you want to use the tablet with a stylus, e.g. for note taking on lecture slides during class, you would appreciate a 10 inch tablet. 7/8 inches would almost be al little cramped, you would have to write very small or zoom and pan around a bunch. That's my intuition at least, I've never used a 7/8 inch device.

First, there is no place for the pen built in. Second, it is not pressure sensitive so you have to manually select a thickness. Erasing is not fluid... The pen is basically an afterthought and not integrated at all. Trying to match Samsung in all their offerings, but in a more "me too" half-assed sorta way.

Personally, I will not buy anything else from Toshiba. I got my wife and I both the Thrive when they came out, I liked the idea of the full size HDMI and USB at the time. The Thrive got very little support, it is laggy, and very buggy once they finally updated to ICS. And they are no longer supporting it, just left us with a very buggy system that is virtually un-rootable at this point so I can't even fix it myself. These new tablets may be the best in the industry, but I won't buy anything from them. They just left a bad taste...

The newer ones are even worse. Locked bootloader. I have a Thrive with ICS and it runs fine. You can always visit to get rolled back to Honeycomb and then root and install Jelly Bean. I have not jumped to Jelly Bean as vibration does not work.

These sound awesome! However, I would only get a 10 inch model if it could be a PC replacement, such as the newest ASUS announcement. The resolution of the screen and writing capabilities for this one certainly do look enticing, though.

HP's upcoming slate X2 is going to cost less than the Excite Pro with the same specs and includes a keyboard dock

after what Toshiba did to Thrive owners, I would never buy another tablet from them again. Toshibas customer support is awful, the Thrive and Exicte blogs go on for days about complains.

I have a Thrive and that thing is so laggy and bug ridden. I have to factory reset the thing about once every two weeks. Completely ridiculous. Sorry Toshiba, I'll never buy another tablet from you.