Not impressed with the regular sized Nexus One? Take a look at this giant sized version. Ooh..big glass. Yeah, now that's a 'superphone' for you. Since the Nexus One won't actually be available in stores, we're wondering where this gigantic demo unit is headed. Will it join the Giant Android Robot and friends? Who knows, but if Google wants to drop it off at the Android Central HQ, we'll find somewhere to put it.

Check out the gigantic sized Nexus One in a video after the jump!

[via searchengineland]


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Take A Look At The Giant Sized Nexus One


Love this phone.

I am sure this phone will sell more than 5 million with all its advantages to the iphone.

Has the best screen resolution. Has Google voice integrated to the phone

Has 5 mega pixel camera..has noise canceling system.

Only thing google needs to work on is with its battery power