Tablified Market HD revamps dedicated tablet app storeFree​Tablified Market HD has been offering an easy way to find tablet-optimized Android apps for awhile, but they've recently updated with a whole new user interface (including a dedicated one for 7-inch tabs like the Nexus 7), fewer ads, and faster load times. The core functionality of finding categorized apps that are built for bigger screens is still the same, of course. There are a few features reserved for pro users, such as filtering by price, one-click downloads from Google Play, font resizing, and marking apps as favorites. 

It can be a pain to find quality Android apps that aren't just blown-up smartphone versions, so it's great to Tablified Mark HD around and staying up-to-date. If you're thinking of going pro, we're giving away 20 copies of the pro version in our forums. You can always make do with the free version at the download link below.

What are your favorite Android tablet apps? How do you usually find new ones?


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Tablified Market HD revamps dedicated tablet app store


They kind of do:

It's not comprehensive, but they've got a few ways to find top tablet-enabled apps. And, of course, any app will run on a tablet. The UI ranges from a very nice customized interface to just a large version of the small-screen app with proper scaling (most common) to some really horrid choices with fixed font sizes and resolutions (usually abandonware that looks bad on a Galaxy Nexus let alone a 10" tablet).

If apps are designed per Google's design guidelines they should automatically incorporate a "tablet-optimized" interface, right? If I understand things correctly, that's the way it's supposed to work; any app should automatically adjust it's layout based on screen size.

I hope we get there one day where all Android apps are equally "phone-apps" and "tablet-apps"

yes, this is how it SHOULD and is supposed to work....just like the Gmail, and play store apps. its all the same app, but changes per the device.

one day we will get there hopefully, but it is up to the developer to update the app.

on a related note to this topic, i had no idea this was out there (long ago i downloaded a tablet app finder but it was terrible and very generic)
this looks beautiful and i have already sent it to my TF300 waiting at i love what google has done with the online play store :)

p.s. I am also enjoying the large "get it on GOOGLE PLAY" button A.C. has added to these posts....very nice!

No that is not how it works. Nothing is automatic when it comes to developing.

The developer must code a new UI for tablets. It doesn't just happen on its own. Sure, Android does handle the upscaling of the app but if the developer doesn't put a dedicated tablet interface in the app, then the app will just scale to fit the screen. This is what majority of developers are doing these days. It's pure laziness.

Hopefully with the Nexus 7 out, we'll see more devs committing to a tablet UI. But I believe it wont. The reason I say this is because phones apps on a 7" display is passable where on a 10" tablet, it looks hideous. When developers see that their app scales just 'fine' without the use fragments, then they will just leave it at that.

I keep saying this same thing. I have minimal experience with making android apps, but I did see the part where you can change the screen size and then add a new XML for that UI. It takes a bit more work, but I feel like any developer worth his/her salt should be doing this every time. It's not *that* much more work, and it improves the experience.

Bit of a worthless app if it doesn't support Google's flagship tablet, the Nexus 7. I get "not compatible"

What? AOSP JB 4.1.1? It states not compatible. I even tried market enabler to see if it was region locked and nothing.

Edit: and for some reason it now shows as available. How very strange.