T-Mobile has just released some pretty interesting statistics regarding their flagship (and only) Android device, the T-Mobile G1. According to their numbers, among T-Mobile customers who've purchased a G1 "roughly half have traded up from a basic handset". Here are the rest of the numbers:

  • Approximately 80% of T-Mobile G1 users browse the web on a daily basis
  • The majority of T-Mobile G1 owners use Facebook and Youtube at least once a day and access Wi-Fi on a daily basis
  • On average, T-Mobile G1 customers have downloaded more than 40 applications from Android Market
  • Four out of five G1 customers download applications at least once a week

Taking a look at those numbers what pops out is the amount of apps being downloaded via Android Market. We can half-expect T-Mobile G1 users to use their phones more than other T-Mobile phones so accessing the web or using Youtube isn't suprising but downloading 40 applications (on average) from Android Market? That must mean these Android users are some sort of savvy! Keep it up Android Users!

What do you guys say? Were you surprised by the numbers?

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Miguel says:

The apps were free, so this is no surprise. I am certain this number will drop dramatically now that fees are being charged.

Shane says:

I'm not surprised at all.

When I had an iphone, I downloaded a hundred apps in the first week after the app store launched.

When the Android Market launched, I did the same thing, and I'm sure most others did as well. Especially since everything was free initially.

What the release doesn't say is how many of those apps are used regularly. Of the 100's I've downloaded, I have since deleted many of them, and only have kept about 40. Of those 40, I only really use 10 or so regularly, and another 8-10 sporadically, and the rest I almost never use.

So I don't think these numbers are anything to get too worked up about.

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Anonymous says:

telling about statistics without linking to the source makes the whole information worthless...

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