Nexus 4 wireless charging orb

Update: And this contest is closed. Thanks, everybody! Stay tuned for Wednesday's giveaway.

Up next in our "Get crap off Phil's Desk" content is the Nexus 4 wireless charger. This is the one that's about the size of a tennis ball, only it's black and charges a smartphone. This one is new and still in the box and completely free of dust and dog hair. (If ya'll want, I'll throw in a second charging orb, only this one might have that dust and dog hair stuff I mentioned.)

To enter, just leave a comment on this post and we'll get this charger to a good home.


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Spring cleaning: Win a Nexus 4 wireless charging orb


Sure,why not! I've got drawers full of accesories that rival ANY best buy fully stocked department as it is....And after installing Maluuba,Dragon,and Sherpa,as well as Robin, to see which app works best so that i don't have to get my fat ass off the couch, or my office chair, to look at my phone to see what's actually going on with my phone, i suppose another gadget for my gadget would be cool. So i don't actually have to move those pesky extra seconds to plug in a charger, just in case Comissioner Gordon decides he needs my services at the last minute and i won't be forced to yank my Nexus out of the wall embedded charger! The superhero life is a rough one, but dammit, i'll say yes! Good luck.


Scrolling down this long list of entries (only page one of four even!) makes me despondent at my chances of winning. So, to earn the ire of all involved: ME ME ME ME ME ME ME ME ME ME ME ME! I hope I win it.

would love the charging orb. been wanting one but cant convince myself to pay 70 for a charger

This would be much nicer than my half broken usb cord that must be in just the right position to work lol.

Hmm. Everyone throws their unwanted merchandise in my room so if you don't want it. I'll gladly keep it in my room for safe keeping.

I planned to replace the repulsor in my chest with one of these. *thinks* Probably a downgrade....

Awesome! Pick me, I'll be a loving owner for that orb. With or without dog hair.

oh pick me pick me please! I sold my Nexus 4 then regretted it and now I bought another, it's all about the love lol

Somebody's got to see if it works with a DNA. Of course, our dogs would have to sniff and approve any dog hair that comes along with the package. They're (mostly) friendly...

My phone was born alongside this beautiful charger and was separated at birth.

Please help them find each other :(

My phone was born alongside this beautiful charger and was separated at birth.

Please help them find each other :(

Would love to help clean up the desk! And the only thing keeping me from using the Qi charging is the price of the chargers; the receiver pads are pretty cheap. Thanks for the opportunity!

I just upgraded to the awesome nexus 4 after spending three years with the OG galaxy s (vibrant). Such an amazing piece of technology! Would absolutely Love to have a wireless charger! Android FTW! =)

Oh man, I'd really appreciate winning this. I could def use one for the office... And give the other one to Mom for mothers day!

I made my grandma buy a Nexus 4. If I wasn't shackled to Verizon, I would have one as well. This would be an excellent present for her, she would be delighted.

my charging port seems to have ruined i have to twist the charger cables to get it to charge would love to have this as a solution to fix the charging problem if selected thanks in advance android central and may god bless you all

Hei..though Derek hates that charger, i desperately would love to have it..just prepare to send it to Indonesia my friend..peace..

I have a home that would love the charging orb. And I would love it more. It's been on my wish list for a while. You all are awesome....

I just moved over from webOS and so need this as I'm already spoiled by the TouchStone charger...

Send me this as a welcome gift!!!!!

Awh man winning one of these would be sweet as a toffee apple, except the apple was made of hard candy and it was covered in sprinkles and honey and all things sweet

Wow. Look at all those comments. All I know is this, if I had this wireless charger, then I would actually get off my butt and make a decision and get the Nexus 4!!!

would love to have a orb charger. tired of hooking up the cable and worrying about the port going baad

Hi Phil,

Love the site and the great articles. I would love to have a Nexus Orb charging station; I'd even take the one with dust and dog hairs.



I want one please i never find it here in costa rica its imposible please please and thanks :)

Please please let me have it. Am not able to get it officially in my country and the ones on ebay are 2 times expensive.

Can I have one? I don't care if its a little dirty it'll clean up :) My N4 is longing for a charger that it can lean on.

That orb would work just great on my bedside table. Can I have one - I don't mind the dirty one!

Would love to win this charger, would be the perfect addition to my cluttered desk, i'm sure it will feel right at home

Thanks in advance I really need this since my son decided it was a good idea to rip my wireless charging pad from the cord and toss it in the toilet now I have to struggle to plug that darn micro usb in lol

I recently had my Nexus 4 stolen while walking down the street. Another one is on it's way, so this would be a great addition to it!

I just got the lovely Nexus 4 for my birthday. This would make a wonderful addition to my hardware collection. :) Did I mention I'm a poor college student who couldn't otherwise afford one? :)

look, i need this. and i need it now. so don't pull on my heart strings. message me, and i'll give you my mailing address, stat.

I'd love to win this... I have a Galaxy S3 that I can purchase a Qi charging pad to make it wireless with this!! Sweet! Go Phil and team! THE BEST Android site on the web! My daily driver! :)

I absolutely love AndroidCentral! I would also love a new orb to go with my new nexus 4!

Psst, if no one wants the dog haired covered one I will take it.
If they do I guess I will settle for the NIB one. *sigh*
Come to think of it I could really use both.
My wife has her Nexus 4 she would like to charge once in a while.
I don't think she deserves it though.
I mean, who puts a cover over such a sexy phone.
Seriously, she's effed up sometimes.

Yay! Thanks... it us impossible to buy one for my nexus 4 in India due to the insane pricing on eBay!

Ooooh. The one thing my Nexus 4 is missing. This would look great on my desk. Thanks in advance. :)

Nexus 4 owner. If you read these posts you should know that this is my favorite site :).

If I win, I want two, so I can slam them together and make a wireless charging sphere of INSANITY

Joining the long list of about making it a competition for 2 orbs? and leave the choice to us readers to enter only one of them?? :) you will have 2 winners then and you get rid of the unwanted orb too

I want this just so I can have a reason to get a Nexus 4. I've been eyeing the device ever since it came out but my upgrade is coming up soon.

Would love to have this to charge my phone! I'm not allergic to dog hair either!

My Nexus 4 can really use a nice home when I'm catching up on sleep. Sleep is the only time I don't have my N4 on me.

I'd like to test my luck and win this glorious accessorize for my awesome N4. And thanks for holding contests like these. You all rock!

I dont even have an Nexus4, but I'm on it. I will love to win, by the first time... Thanks AC!

Hmm, Shows how much attention I have been paying,I have not even seen this for sale yet. Would love to have the wireless charging ability!

This would be a great addition to my currently nonexistent collection of accessories for my Nexus 4! I could really use this..

I bought a Nexus 4 for myself, and then one to replace my wifes Amaze 4G, now it would be great to show her what a geek I am by showing her one of her phones hidden gems is wireless charging;-) Hope I win!!! Thanks for the cool bene's to staying on top of the android game!

I didn't think it would ever be possible to love Android Central more than I already do, but if I won this it would prove me wrong!

This feels desperate but I'll give it a try. Selling my new S4 bc I love my Nexus 4 way better and I am going all in on the Nexus 4 gadgets so help a guy out and save him some $$$.


I'd love to get a 2nd charger for my Qi enabled i9300 (w/ the Yijieneng pad)!

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