Nexus 4 wireless charging orb

Update: And this contest is closed. Thanks, everybody! Stay tuned for Wednesday's giveaway.

Up next in our "Get crap off Phil's Desk" content is the Nexus 4 wireless charger. This is the one that's about the size of a tennis ball, only it's black and charges a smartphone. This one is new and still in the box and completely free of dust and dog hair. (If ya'll want, I'll throw in a second charging orb, only this one might have that dust and dog hair stuff I mentioned.)

To enter, just leave a comment on this post and we'll get this charger to a good home.


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Spring cleaning: Win a Nexus 4 wireless charging orb



Oh snap! This would be a perfect addition to my mom's first Android phone. (and consequently an amazing mothers day gift).

I am interested in winning. Should I win I will have won, thanks for the consideration.

Nagyon tetszik az ötlet, és szeretném kipróbálni és használni ezt a szuper találmányt./ I really like this idea of a wireless charger, and a would like to tény and use this super contrivance!

That would really help me out. I already have enough wires. I have my galaxy note2 and my Nexus4 so the wireless orb would be good for me...

I'll enter! Maybe I can hack my gnex to work with it... And dog hair doesn't bother me, so I can give that one a home as well.

I've been thinking about picking up a Qi charger, but the good ones are all so pricey.

yay, this would solve the breaking the usb port of my phone/alarm as i slam it to shut it up as it flys off the night stand!

id love a charger. we have three nexus 4s and no wireless charger. it would be useful because my sister and mom with the other two make my chargers dissappear... they wouldnt know how the wireless charger worked.

Yet another contest that would save me money.......
Yet another contest that will probably not go my way.........
......but I'd really make good use of it.

Hey Phil. My first thought would be to try and convince you that I really need this charging orb... but I have nothing. Heck: I don't even have a Nexus 4... but I have my Optimus Vu up on the block on Swappa, and I'm seriously considering getting the N4 (suffice it to say that getting this charging orb would go a LONG way to convincing me!). Soooo... what I'm going to do is just write a ridiculously long missive in the hopes that you will read it, like it, and choose it... but then I thought "He's probably just going to randomly select a winner." So, like I said: I have nothing... just a hope and a dream. And isn't that what runs America: dreams? I leave you with that, and a very good day to you, sir. :)

If I get both I will set them up like boobies and give the left one more play than the right.

I really hope I win. I wanted to buy this for my mother for her Nexus 4 for Mother's Day but with my school payment, I'm broke. I really hope I win.

I have enough dog hair and dust in my house to a) make the one charger feel right at home and b) make the "clean" charger cross over to the dark side. Good home for both.

I would love to win this as I just purchased the Nexus 4 and a Nexus 7 to go along with it for school.

I'm so happy you are offering this. I would simply love to have this. So, please pick me? I'll even take the dog haired one!



Awww man I think I may be too late given how many people have posted before me, but I sure would love to get me some of that wireless charging goodness! :)

I really really really would like to win this! I was gonna purchase one but I am at a loss for cash as I have pay for all my wife's expenses since she has gotten laid off from her job... thank you for the opportunity AC!

Why did I have to scroll so much to get to where to enter the comment? I wonder if he is is modifiable for other phones.

I can now finally charge my Nexus 4. It died 3 days after I bought it and haven't been able to use it since.

I would love to win this! Phil, I'm your man! Please, please please please :)

This would allow me to free up the cable I used to charge for getting a logcat from another phone, while still charging! Hooray!

I would love to have the charging orb! My Nexus 4 only charges when I hold it a certain way or put something under the wire while charging. Its been a month since I have been doing this!

I happen to have a nice empty spot on my desk that a Nexus 4 wireless charging orb would look great! I won't be picky either. I'll take new or used!

Not available for sale where I live..would love to win one for my N4..missed out last time..

I will take one. My cable charger doesnt work unless I hold it a certain way. This would make my life easier.

with this, i can charge my nexus 4 wirelessly even with my seidio convert case on.. a perfect combination.. :)

Who doesn't want free stuff? I'll even take the dust and dog hair. (seriously though, this would be nice for my nexus4)

Meeee i love wireless charging, too many touchstones laying aorund, i just cant ustify £50 for a charger

I don't think a new (or even used) charging orb is necessarily "crap", but that is besides the point.... I'd really like to win one of the wireless chargers!

I'll just take the dog hair. I'll fashion you a nice dog hair doll for your desk.

I am very new to this. I registered because I love the apply geek app and my first good smartphone is the nexus 4 and I absolutely love it! If I got the orb I would be the coolest person in my group and then I can truly enjoy all the perks of the phone. I used android beam for the first time ever and it is awesome! Having the orb would allow me to use the wireless charging and would make me a complete nexus 4 fanboy! I would love it if I got the orb, even if I got the one that was slightly used!

I would love to have a wireless charging orb! I've been wanting one, but haven't had the money to fork over... Anyways pick me please!

Looks like I'm way late to the party. If you're out there Phil, hook a brother up haha.

You're the man Phil. I'm in for one and think dog hair can be stylish at times.

Wow Phil you got some nice toys on your desk lol A/C giving away top notch nexus stuff. Thanks for being the greatest android website. Some People don't realize how much time you guys at A/C put in for this website and never mind these nice giveaways. So double thanks

I just bought my wife a Nexus 4 to match mine. Sure would be nice to have matching chargers too! I'll even give her the new one!

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