Sharp has announced that it is joining the Android tablet race with the Galapagos Tablet device. The tablet with ship in two models: 5.5-inch and the 10.8-inch screens. They will sell for 39,800 Yen ($473) and 54,800 Yen ($642) respectively. The 5.5-inch screen will sport a resolution of 1024 × 600 and the 10.8-inch screen will sport 1366 × 800. We're glad to see that they didn't just keep with the lower resolution for the larger display. Other than that, the tablet will come shipped with your standard tablety things: microSD, modified Android OS, and e-books. Unfortunately, the tablet is not shipping with wireless N support, only B and G. Video after the break. [Akihabara News via TechFresh]


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Sharp unveils the Galapagos Tablet


I'm having a hard time understanding how some of these 10" tablets (Samsung and now Sharp) are going for $600+ while others (Viewsonic gTablet, Archos 10.1) are going for a shave under $400.

What's that extra $200 buying me?

In this particular case it's a slightly higher resolution which is nice, but if I can grab one of the other dual core Tegra 2 tablets for just under $400 - and throw a new ROM on it - why not??

It is my understanding that it was a cell transmitter thing. The Archos and Viewsonic have NO 3G option/model, so no market access..... (that is all Google). If this doesn't have a 3G option then it probably won't go there either, unless Google changes its current practice. Besides the Archos tablets and Viewsonic can load most .apks and a hacked market. So they still work. Google will likely allow them on officially .... eventually.

Personally I'm kind of waiting for the Notion Ink Adam with its trans-reflective (pixel qi) screen to be released.

@shibumi, you just hit the nail on the head. I was trying to grab an Archos 101 until I saw this weekend that GTab was completely unlocked and the dev community on XDA was full-force behind this device. For 2-3x better hardware and 80 bucks more, I went and grabed the GTab and I could not be happier. Load up TnTLite and this thing FLIES! Flash plays like butter and I couldn't be happier. Best tab on the market for your money right now!

Unfortunately, the tablet is not shipping with wireless N support,

Someone please explain how 802.11N helps a tablet?

G is faster than your router's internet connection.
N will yield no improvement.

N has wider range. But if a b/g has decent range in one's house already, N won't do a lot more. Perhaps signal strength might be better.

$642??? It is too expensive. If a 10" Netbook can sell for $400, they should be able to do the same or close for a 10" tablet. Yes you have to add a capacitive touch screen and $20 worth of flash- but you can subtract the money for the hard drive, keyboard, trackpad, and more complex case.... should be a wash.

i think its funny how they always have all these asian chicks representing the gadgets.

in america they only come out for sporting events/car events etc.

would be cool to see carmen electra holding an epic 4g