More than 60 Samsung stores to open across seven European countries

Samsung has announced that it's partnered with Carphone Warehouse to launch more than 60 standalone Samsung stores across Europe. The new Samsung stores will open in the UK, Ireland, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Sweden and the Netherlands in the next three months, following a pilot scheme of three Samsung stores in Spain operated by Carphone.

The stores will have a "premium look and feel," and will sell Samsung phones, tablets, laptops and wearables, according to today's press release.

The development is interesting in light of Samsung's ongoing rivalry with Apple, which is famed for its global retail presence. Samsung has previously operated "stores within stores" at Carphone competitor Phones4u, as well as a flagship "experience" store at the Westfield Stratford City shopping center in London. However the launch of 60 standalone stores across major European countries takes things a step further, and Samsung will surely be hoping to strengthen its grip on the mobile market with this much expanded retail presence.

Press Release


London, 29 January, 2014 –Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. today announced that it has signed a ‘preferred partner’ agreement with Carphone Warehouse Group plc to operate over 60 Samsung stand-alone stores across Europe.

The agreement follows the successful opening in 2013 of three stand-alone stores in Spain, operated by Carphone Warehouse.  The new stores will be rolled out in the next three months across seven European markets: UK, Ireland, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Sweden and the Netherlands.  The stores will have a premium look and feel and will sell Samsung mobile communications products across Samsung’s full range of mobiles, tablets, laptops and wearables.

Shoppers can expect an exciting new customer experience which merges retail and technology innovations such as Carphone Warehouse’s assisted sales tool and connectivity platform using Samsung branded tablets.

There is potential to expand the relationship going forward, with Carphone Warehouse acting as Samsung’s preferred partner across Europe and operating the majority of dedicated Samsung stores.

This is an important alliance playing to both companies’ strengths. Together we will create a powerful new retail concept to showcase, for our customers, a wide range of products, content and services as well as injecting both investment and new jobs into the retail sector.

Andrew Harrison, Chief Executive Officer of Carphone Warehouse said: “We are delighted to have been chosen as Samsung’s preferred European partner for their store roll-out.  Our Connected World Services business will combine Carphone Warehouse’s retailing expertise and systems with one of the world’s biggest brands and will help us make even more lives better through connected technology.”


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Samsung partners with Carphone Warehouse to launch standalone stores in Europe


Bold move. When Samsung charges a premium price for cheaply made devices and uses the margin for extra marketing, then there's a chance for world domination.

Apple tried it somewhat differently with a big dollop of innovation including design.

Your usually a joke, but you really took it to a whole new level there.

Lolo loll... Apple and innovation in the same sentence

This post approved by the NSA.... at least I hope so.

Seriously. Apple may have become a bit stagnant, but c'mon. They say imitation is the greatest form of flattery. Unfortunately for Sammy, patent lawyers around the world disagree. I respect what Sammy has done for Android, not that I would put the cart before the horse like plenty of "blind" fanboys, but not a fan of the company these days for plenty of legitmate reasons. No haterade here.

the joke is on you.
Apple innovates fine.
No iPhone = no android
No iPad = no tablets AT ALL!

And finally, Samsung (aka Samedung) and premium have never crossed paths. its all cheap tacky plastic.
the iDevices are real premium prestiege devices whether you choose to accept that fact or not.

Not disagreeing with your second line, but other than that, your post is full of fail. Apple did it well first, but was FAR from thee first.

Apple hasn't innovated since they first released the iPhone. Since then they've don't nothing but steal from Android and it's manufacturers.

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Your usually a joke too but I'm going to have to agree with you on this one. Jumbo here is pissed that he dropped his Samsung in the crapper and he can't get a replacement most likely. Would you drive a sexy lookin car with a shitty engine or an average looking car with a badass 5.7 liter v8. If your just show prob the sportier lookin car.

posted with a galaxy note 3. h8ers gon' h8. live2win#swagface#switchedOn*_*

They are in Best Buy

This post approved by the NSA.... at least I hope so.

Samsung's store within a Best Buy store serves as a great venue in the US at a lower cost.

Samsung, the apple of android (without the premium materials)

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So now we have the Apple store, Samsung is now opening their standalone official stores.

Your move now Google, open some damn stores already to compete properly.

Given recent announcements Google and Samsung may soon be inseparable.

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What I'm interested in is whether they will do repairs in store. If not, I don't get it. I recently had to take my Note 3 from Reading to High Wycombe to a dump of a shop in a back alley that opened 30 mins after the advertised opening time. The guy bodged the repair first time and I had to insist that he try again. It was a really poor experience. That's where Apple have the edge on Samsung. There is no comparison when it comes to servicing and repair. I don't enjoy using Apple products for the record.

I had all the iPhone up till the 5s got a sg4 which I am using now its ok but the lag and apps stop working is too much. If apple puts out a bigger screen I will go back.

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