Samsung Modus HM6450

Around here, we love contests and with Samsung having recently announced three brand new Bluetooth Headsets they've let us know they love contests as well. As such, they were kind enough to send us two Modus HM6450 Bluetooth Headsets to give away to our readers. Want know more about it and what you have to do to possibly win one?

Modus 6450 Product Features

  • Samsung FreeSync Android App-compatible & Android application support
  • Voice Command & Voice Prompt
  • Voice command and EQ setting implementation through a separate Voice Command Button on the headset
  • Mono & Stereo convertible
  • SoundAlive stereo audio enhancements
  • Dual-mic noise/Echo cancellation
  • Simple, LED display shows battery/call status
  • Advanced Multipoint and Multiconnection Technology
  • Active Pairing
  • Up to 6 hours of talk time/180 hours of standby time
  • Bluetooth version 2.1+EDR

That's it for the specs -- all you have to do to possibly win one is drop a comment on the post and we'll pick two lucky winners. Easy enough right? Big thanks to the fine folks at Samsung. If you're looking to learn a little more, jump past the break for the full press release.


Elegant, affordable and comfortable Bluetooth offerings from Samsung come equipped with enhanced features for 2011 such as advanced multi-point technology, voice commands, SoundAlive stereo-audio enhancements and Android application support

DALLAS – Samsung Telecommunications America (Samsung Mobile), the No.1 mobile phone provider in the United States1, today announced the availability of three additions to its Bluetooth® headset portfolio, the HM1610, the HM3600 and the Samsung Modus 6450 – the second device in the Modus family of Bluetooth products. The announcement of these three Bluetooth headsets further exemplifies Samsung’s commitment to the core customer satisfaction areas of comfort, sound quality and ease of use.

Modus 6450 – A Dual Headset Offering an Advanced Stereo Experience

The elegant next-generation Modus 6450 wraps the best in functionality, fun and fashion in a sleek crystal-blue form factor. The Modus is designed for consumers looking for a conventional noise-cancelling Bluetooth headset with the capability to stream stereo audio. It can be worn as a mono-style headset for placing and receiving calls and readily transforms into a stereo Bluetooth headset when connected to the included stereo ear bud headset for an enhanced audio experience. The 6450 improves on its predecessor, the HM3500, with a premium headphone set, Android application support, voice command functionality, and EQ settings.  Rather than just simple voice prompts, the Modus 6450 implements voice commands and EQ settings through a separate Voice Command Button on the headset, distinguishing it from most competitors that must use a multifunction button for voice command start.

The Modus supports a multitude of advanced noise cancellation features and a dual microphone design to separate the user’s voice from the surrounding background noise.  When enjoying rich, full-fidelity Bluetooth stereo while also connected to a phone, the Modus will gently mute the stereo audio, allowing the user to answer or initiate phone calls and seamlessly restores its settings when the call is complete. The user can also stream full fidelity audio and enjoy the rich sound through the single earpiece of the Bluetooth headset.

The Modus 6450 is compatible with its own specially-designed Android application, Samsung FreeSync – equipped with several features that set it apart from other applications, including EQ settings for stereo mode, LED settings, and language selection.

The FreeSync application allows for text-to-speech messaging and caller ID services and the ability to enable or disable Bluetooth headset functions through the application. Via the FreeSync application, owners of the Modus 6450 can receive incoming phone calls, SMS messages, email, and appointment notifications through a friendly text to speech interface that personally reads information to you. Additionally, the headset and the app work together to allow for voice command, pairing assist, multiple language support and control of various headset and stereo EQ settings.

Together, the Samsung Modus 6450 and the Samsung FreeSync Android application allow for a truly customizable headset experience.

Key Modus 6450 Product Features

- Samsung FreeSync Android App-compatible & Android application support

- Voice Command & Voice Prompt

- Voice command and EQ setting implementation through a separate Voice Command Button on the headset

- Mono & Stereo convertible

- SoundAlive stereo audio enhancements

- Dual-mic noise/Echo cancellation

- Simple, LED display shows battery/call status

- Advanced Multipoint and Multiconnection Technology

- Active Pairing

- Up to 6 hours of talk time/180 hours of standby time

- Bluetooth version 2.1+EDR

1Number one mobile phone provider in the U.S. claim for Samsung Mobile based upon reported shipment data, according to Strategy Analytics Q4 2010 U.S. Market Share Handset Shipments Reports.

About Samsung Telecommunications America

Samsung Telecommunications America, LLC, a Dallas-based subsidiary of Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd., researches, develops and markets wireless handsets and telecommunications products throughout North America. For more information, please visit

About Samsung Electronics

Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. is a global leader in semiconductor, telecommunication, digital media and digital convergence technologies with 2008 consolidated sales of US$96 billion. Employing approximately 164,600 people in 179 offices across 61 countries, the company consists of seven independently operated business units: Visual Display, Mobile Communications, Telecommunication Systems, Digital Appliances, IT Solutions, Semiconductor and LCD. Recognized as one of the fastest growing global brands, Samsung Electronics is a leading producer of digital TVs, memory chips, mobile phones and TFT-LCDs. For more information, please visit


Reader comments

Contest: Win 1 of 2 Samsung Modus 6450 Bluetooth headsets


Samsung makes a terrific bluetooth headset, so I would be pleased as all get out to be the lucky winner

I really need a new bluetooth, my wife does not like when I use it so always looking for ways to make her roll her eyes.

I always use Bluetooth when working & have been looking for a great stereo set that can be coveted back to mono for driving. Sammy makes great stuff (I have a lot their hardware) phones, T.V. stereo etc. Would love to try these!!

Will this headset "wake up" my phone so I can make a voice call or do I still have to turn the phone ON with the switch?

Really Cute!


I was going to leave a comment until I saw the substantial amount of comments already gracing this post. This is me, not commenting.

Iv been wanting a blue tooth to make it easier to talk on the phone when playing starcraft 2 ! this one would be perfect

Steve "Is that a home button on that bluetooth?! I'M SUING! "

Sammy "Suck this bluetooth Jobs! "

Can I please haz bluetooth?! :-X

I have small ears but would love to win this bluetooth and see if it fits a little more snug than others in the past!

I replied to someone else's entry, but in case my comment needs to be a new one, here it is...

I'd love to link my DINC with the MODUS so I can look like a cool character from Star Trek.

Will these work with my Walkman? For some reason, no one else in the office enjoys listening to my mix tapes.

hmm i could use some bluetooth loving... i look like a dork with a string and a can attached to my phone.

Would love to have a bluetooth again since my last headset finally died on me a few months ago.

Thanks for the contest AC, love the podcasts btw

I could def use this! My current bluetooth is on the fritz and I need to make sure I have a reliable piece while I drive.

With all the great specs that come with the Samsung Modus 6450 Bluetooth headset, it would go great with my Samsung Captivate that I adore so much!

Upgraded to new shiny Desire HD and i hate the in box set of wired earphones. Furiously looking for some wireless option and here comes Android Central and Samsung to the rescue.

Please consider my entry. Will be jumping with joy (and not running to stores)and flaunting my new style statement with shiny Desire HD and Blue bliss of the Bluetooth headset if i win it !!

Thanks!! AC and Samsung again !

My fiancé and I travel an hour each way to work and have to use speakerphone on our incredibles while driving to keep in touch. Sucks because I can barely hear him. Would love to have something like this to present to him as a late birthday present!

This sounds like a good deal for me, I have had 3 bluetooth phones, but have never had a bluetooth headset to use for them. Could this be my first?

(sigh) what i would give to be able to walk the streets talking to a mate on the phone and have people stare at me like i'm a crazy person... apparently just a stupid comment

This new Samsung Modus would work "GREAT" with my new HTC EVO 4G. I will be waiting for it too get to my door. Thanks Guys/Girls

I can't wait for my favorite Android news site to give me this bluetooth so I can wear it all the time and join the rest of you people of the future!

I never win anything, so Im sure I won't with this either... and what sux is that my bluetooth broke last week :(

Haven't had a bluetooth in 2yrs & was just thinking of buying one. Especially since I have a ticket now

Wow! this list is mad long...I guess we all like contest! Are we going to get the winners on the the Podcast or do I have to go to neckbeard's house and take his? Just kidding Jerry (Sort of) :-)

Never had a multi point headset. In fact, I don't even have a BT headset now... and that's against the law for drivers. Winning this would be great!

No one ever hears me with the moto bluetooth headset I use now...but I need the multi point to work with both my I WANT TO WIN THE SAMMY BABY!

Lol I just found my bluetooth headset yesterday. Charged it up to find it is not fully compatible with my Fascinate. This would compliment my phone beautifully, plus I really need one!

Please pick me! I really need a good BT device like Samsung Modus 6450 I can use while I'm driving.

I was just recently diagnosed with cancer and having a bluetooth headset to help run my small family owned business along with being able to talk with friends without holding the phone the whole time would be nice. Thanks for the opportunity to win one.

listen, im in the cia and they have not issued a proper wireless bluetooth device for my detective-like work. im sure someone would be happy to oblige and give a lil more comfort for the overall safety and satisfaction from a government agency. (ps dont pay any attention to improper writing and vocabulary, this a secret way for us to not stand out)

Everyone seems to own or have used a bluetooth headset before........Except me. :( Can I have one, please, please pretty pretty please?

I would love to won one of these bluetooths. Could really use our for streaming pandora at the gym and calling while driving.

winning one would be fun, winning one would be fun *sings* :)

hope this contest isn't limited to US residents, though?

In need of a new headset.Eager to win one or hear about how it performs with a HTC thunderbolt

Guys, my Thunderbolt is soooooo lonely without a Bluetooth buddy! Please don't make my Thunderbolt disappointed!

Would be nice, I could retire my old plantronics which has served me well but which is definitely at end of life!

Well well... My new Motorola Atrix has been feeling a little lonely, this Samsung Modus seems just the perfect buddy to keep him some company :)

I sometimes work as a limo driver and I pair my htc evo 4 g with a plantronics voyager pro plus which I believe can pair with 2 devices. Hands free talking and interactive commands including google navigation plus private listening of music or internet radio simultaneously are now essential to me. I look forward to evaluating this new samsung bluetooth headset for its fit, comfort, and functionality.

I've already got one cell phone ticket. I don't need or want another one. Hook me up so I can stay safe. Thanks AC.

I have no dental coverage, so one of my teeth on one side is turning kind of blue. If I could put this thing on the other side, there would be a sort of symmetry. Let's do this for the art.

think I posted under someones not for nothing I will try again....very's to hoping I can snag one as it matches the cover on my thunderbolt.

I want one too! Choose me!
Why, you ask? Well...
If you choose me, I'll tell you why you should have chosen me!
Trust me, it's a really good reason.
I wouldn't lie about something this important.

Wow! What a bonus! First I find this site, then I discover they are giving away two high-end bluetooth earpeices! Must be my lucky day!!
Hope I'm one of the chosen two...