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Invites are starting to appear online for the second Samsung Mobile Unpacked event of the year, which will be held at the IFA show in Berlin, Germany on Aug. 29. As you may remember, Samsung only holds these Unpacked events when it's got something big to announce -- the last one was for the Galaxy S III (Galaxy S3), and before that the Galaxy Nexus.

This time around, everyone's expecting the Korean manufacturer to show off a successor to the Galaxy Note, its 5.3-inch stylus-toting smartphone/tablet hybrid. The Note's proved a surprising success over the past year, and it'd make sense for Samsung to announce a possible Note 2 at IFA, where the original made its debut 12 months ago. What's more, the invitation shows a stylus/magic wand alongside the Unpacked logo, in what amounts to a pretty big clue.

We'll be live in Berlin for IFA later this month, so keep it locked to AC for full coverage of the Galaxy Note 2, or whatever else Samsung announces.

Source: Mobile Cowboys (Dutch), via: SamMobile

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marisdaman says:

Ima need this in white and on Sprint please! And I'll take 2 and pass my gs3 to my son!

marisdaman says:

Oh and Samsung better watch out.I heard that Apple patent the stylus last year

jangleton13 says:

hahahaha, not surprised if that is actually true.

TheWenger says:

I wish they wouldn't use the word "magical" =-\

This is great been waiting for this. Samsung MUST get this right and launch the Galaxy Note 2 just like the Galaxy S3 did this summer on all carriers even if it's stagnated. No carrier exclusive agreements. I want this to go along with my Galaxy S3 on Tmobile...

Elfuan says:

I would be surprised to see them drop this on T-Mobile anytime in the near future, since they will just be dropping the original. Stranger things have happened though.

I am pretty excited for the Note 2 announcement. Been looking at the s3 or note for my next phone, should be interesting to see the final design and spec list.

Jayshmay says:

I call the Galaxy Note the crazy people phone!!! 5.3in is wayyyy too big for a smartphone!!!

marisdaman says:

what phone you got now? Because if I remember correctly, when the Evo dropped alot of people were saying this same thing and now the number one phone on the market is a 4.7 inch gs3

codiusprime says:

Protip: Not everyone is you. People like different things.

Shocking! I know!

marisdaman says:

hmmm that was going to be my ending!

codiusprime says:

So over Samsung hardware. After the disaster that was and still is the Galaxy Nexus I am done with them (though I did say that after the Fascinate). Will be interesting to see what they bring to the table though.

Cubfan says:

Skipped the S3 for this. It WILL be my new phone, especially if it has Jelly Bean at launch.

Sh3ngLong says:

Can't wait! I currently have the EVO LTE, but I'm willing to sell it and pay full price for the Note 2.

codeda says:

Anyone remember what the note 1 cost full retail when it first came out?

jangleton13 says:

699$ i think

E90 Commie says:

I guess the Note 2 GT-N7100 will retail around $550-650 from companies like Expansys.

Samsung is really efficient when it comes to keeping secrets but the release date and other things certainly points towards a "Galaxy S III Note" with similar CPU, RAM and other components. I hope the N7100 got 2 GB RAM like the US S III. An updated Exynos with LTE would be nice too, rather than the need to use Snapdragons just for that support.

SteveIowa says:

I just gotta hope this round we'll have a CDMA/LTE version.

Come on Dorthy, click those heels! Bring it on home to Verizon!

the_stig#WN says:

There's no place like home ..... C'mon big red, bring it. I want that big screen! One device to do it all. I'm so ready....