Galaxy S5, HTC One M8

HTC and Samsung's 2014 flagships showcase two radically different approaches to smartphone design

For many smartphone buyers over the next few months, this is the big choice — the Samsung Galaxy S5, or the new HTC One M8. While both are five-inch rectangles — more or less, anyway — running Android 4.4 KitKat, the differences are numerous and significant, representing two divergent approaches to smartphone design.

HTC emphasizes design at every turn, with a aluminum unibody and its stylish Sense 6 UI. With Samsung, it's all about the features — a water-resistant chassis, a beastly 16-megapixel camera, built-in fingerprint scanner and heart rate sensor. So how do the two compare? Read on as we pit these two heavyweights against each other. It's time for the smartphone grudge match of 2014 —HTC One M8 versus Samsung Galaxy S5.

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External hardware and build quality

The HTC One M8 and Samsung Galaxy S5 are two very different beasts, but nowhere are they more dissimilar than on the outside. Whereas Samsung offers a light, plastic, water-resistant design with a removable battery and replaceable back panels, HTC opts for an aluminum unibody that's heavier and less protected from the elements, but much more pleasing to the senses.

HTC's choice of materials results in a more premium-looking device, but it also presents some problems from a usability perspective. With its narrow sides and smooth finish, the M8 feels slick in the hand, making it more difficult to securely grip than most phones. By contrast, the GS5's plastic chassis doesn't feel as classy, but it's much easier to hold onto. And the use of a metal unibody also presents more opportunities for minor build differences between models. (We've noticed a few inconsistencies in joins around the various ports in the handful of M8s we've used.)

Galaxy S5, HTC One M8

HTC's metal unibody looks better than Samsung's plastic, but it can be tougher to hold onto.

Depending on which color option you pick up, both of these phones will have one of a few different finishes. The "gunmetal gray" HTC One has a glossier texture, while the silver and gold variants are matte, like their predecessor. On the GS5 you've got a choice between soft-touch plastic on the black (or other colors, if you're lucky) model and a more standard hard plastic on the white. In the U.S., you're largely stuck with either the black or white models.

The physical dimensions of the two phones are similar, with only a tenth of a inch difference between their screens' diagonal measurements. However the M8 is taller on account of its front-facing speakers, and its screen is also positioned higher up, meaning you've got further to reach in order to hit the top of the display.

The Galaxy S5's IP67-rated water-resistant credentials mean you can use the phone in the rain or around the pool without worry, but this also necessitates a fiddly plastic flap around the microUSB port. There's a wireless charging back on the way, which will eliminate the need to use this port every day, but unfortunately this isn't available just yet. The HTC One M8, by contrast, is rated IPX3, meaning it's protected from water sprays, but little more. Daredevil videos not withstanding, we wouldn't submerge the M8.

HTC One (M8), Samsung Galaxy S5HTC One (M8), Samsung Galaxy S5

From the outside, the choice between these two phones comes down to utility versus beauty. The M8 is a great-looking handset with a unique premium feel, while the GS5 is easier to hold, but not as awe-inspiring.

If you forced us to choose, however, we'd have to pick the all-metal HTC One over Samsung's plastic-clad offering. As we said in our M8 review, the new HTC One feels like a phone from the future. By contrast, the GS5 is very much a phone of the here and now.

HTC One (M8), Samsung Galaxy S5


The HTC One M8 and Samsung Galaxy S5 are both fairly similar on the inside, packing Snapdragon 801 processors, 2GB of RAM and 1080p displays. In terms of raw specs, the most notable differences are in the camera technology — 4-megapixel "Ultrapixel" versus 16-megapixel ISOCELL — as well as the small gains in CPU speed and battery capacity offered by the GS5. On paper, at least, the GS5 offers more hardware muscle. Though as we'll discuss later, that doesn't necessarily mean it's the more responsive of the two.

Category Samsung Galaxy S5 HTC One (M8)
Dimensions 142.0 x 72.5 x 8.1mm 146.36 x 70.6 x 9.35 mm
Weight 145g 160g
Colors Shimmery White, Charcoal Black, Copper Gold, Electric Blue Gunmetal Gray, Glacial Silver, Amber Gold
Display 5.1-inch, 1080p Full HD SuperAMOLED 5.0 inch, 1080p SuperLCD3
CPU Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 processor
2.5GHz (MSM8974AC)
Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 processor
2.5GHz quad-core CPU in Asia/China (MSM8974AC)
2.3GHz quad-core CPU in US/EMEA (MSM8974AB)
Platform Android 4.4 with TouchWiz Android 4.4 with HTC Sense 6, HTC BlinkFeed
SIM Card Type microSIM nanoSIM
Internal Storage 16/32GB + microSD up to 128GB 16/32GB + microSD up to 128GB
Camera 16MP (rear), 2.0MP (front)
4K video
HTC Ultrapixel Camera + Duo Camera (4MP)
F2.0 aperture and 28 mm lens
5MP front-facing camera
1080p video
Battery 2800mAh removable 2600mAh non-removable

Display and sound

Both the HTC One M8 and Samsung Galaxy S5 feature 1080p displays — a 5.1-inch Full HD SuperAMOLED panel on the GS5, and a 5-inch SuperLCD on the M8. The screens are extremely close in quality and brightness, both excelling across the board. If we had to nit-pick, we'd point out the slightly whiter whites on the M8's LCD and the darker blacks and somewhat punchier colors of the GS5's AMOLED display. (It's also worth underscoring the S5's impressive daylight performance, delivering just as much clarity as the LCD-based competition in bright sunlight.)

HTC One (M8), Samsung Galaxy S5

It's difficult to call a winner when it comes to display quality.

There's also a small difference in button configuration between the two phones. The M8 uses on-screen keys, which gets you easier access to Google Now, as well as the legacy menu key when it's needed. The Galaxy S5 offers more screen real estate in many apps through it's use of off-screen buttons. That said, most Android apps needing full screen mode will hide the M8's software keys.

We're prepared to call it a draw when it comes to display quality. Unsurprisingly, though, the HTC One M8's loud, bassy front speakers secure it an easy win in the audio department. Samsung's traditional rear-mounted speaker isn't bad at all, but it offers nowhere near the clarity, bass and volume of HTC's "BoomSound" setup.

HTC One (M8), Samsung Galaxy S5

Software, performance and features

At the software level, the Galaxy S5 and HTC One M8 encapsulate their manufacturers' contrasting approaches to smartphone design. The software on Samsung's new flagship is flatter and arguably less cartoonish than previous generations, though it's still overly colorful and brimming with features. You'll need to go digging around in the phone's labyrinthine Settings menu to find them all, however — there's not the impression of being beaten over the head with features that we experienced with the GS4.

The two big, new features this time around are the fingerprint scanner built into the home key, and the heart rate sensor located under the rear camera. You'll find neither on the HTC One M8, though we have to question whether either of these features has mass appeal. The fingerprint scanner works well enough for purchase authentication, but it's position makes it fiddly and awkward to use for lock screen security, at least while one-handing the device. Likewise, the heart rate sensor is accurate enough, but if you need to regularly keep track of your pulse, chances are you're already doing so with more specialized equipment.

HTC One (M8), Samsung Galaxy S5HTC One (M8), Samsung Galaxy S5

If you can imagine it, chances are it's a feature on the Galaxy S5.

And there are even more Galaxy S5 features to contend with on the software side. Want to turn your phone into a smartwatch-connected baby monitor? The GS5 can do that. More hover and motion-based gestures than you'll ever remember how to use? Check. A way to drain your monthly data cap even faster by pooling LTE and Wifi for big downloads? That's a thing, too. If you can imagine it, chances are it's a feature of the Galaxy S5. Whether that's good or bad (or just superfluous) depends on your own individual needs.

So the HTC One M8 has a considerable feature deficit compared to the GS5, but the software tricks it offers are well-executed and useful. Motion Launch makes it much easier to unlock the M8 without reaching for its awkwardly-placed power button. And BlinkFeed, HTC's home screen reader, is better than ever, bringing in content from more services and being more intelligent about what it shows. (Samsung offers "My Magazine," a Flipboard-based competitor, but it isn't nearly as configurable or useful as BlinkFeed.)

HTC One (M8), Samsung Galaxy S5HTC One (M8), Samsung Galaxy S5

HTC also inches ahead on software design, with a cleaner interface with a more consistent aesthetic throughout. Samsung's latest TouchWiz UI looks much sharper than previous iterations, with flatter icons, lighter fonts and a less cartoonish aesthetic. But in our opinion HTC's Sense 6 just looks better, and it's also noticeably faster to get around and more responsive to touch. Whether that's through better software optimization is unclear, but it's a big part of what makes the M8 feel like the faster phone.


Samsung and HTC have also adopted opposing approaches to photography. HTC is capped at 4 megapixels with its "Ultrapixel" tech, delivering larger pixels on the sensor, while Samsung cranks it's sensor up to 16 megapixels, incorporating a new ISOCELL sensor designed to reduce electrical interference between pixels.

Both cameras represent different extremes of smartphone photography. HTC prioritizes low-light performance and capture speed over detail, while Samsung's camera is tilted towards daylight performance — an area in which it excels — though it's slower in low light, capturing much softer images in the process.

HTC One (M8), Samsung Galaxy S5

In well-lit scenes, the Galaxy S5 wins by a country mile.

So how do the two cameras compare? In well-lit scenes, there's no contest — the Galaxy S5 wins by a country mile, capturing a huge amount of detail with wider dynamic range than the HTC One, even outside of its excellent HDR mode. Where the M8 blows out brighter skies and underexposes shaded areas, the Galaxy S5 produces more balanced and detailed shots. And the GS5 offers a superior HDR mode, which does a better job of balancing bright and dark areas, and even gives you a real-time HDR preview of what you're shooting before you press the shutter key.

The GS5 also shoots with almost no shutter lag in daylight, even in HDR mode — admittedly, it's perhaps not quite as fast as the M8 in normal mode, but we're talking fractions of a second here. Samsung, like HTC, offers a burst mode that lets you machinegun through exposures in rapid succession — the feature works well on both phones.

Samsung's higher megapixel count seems to allow it to create better panorama and Photosphere (OK, "Surround shot") images too, and we ran into fewer stitching issues on the GS5 compared to the M8.

But the main "Ultrapixel" camera is only part of HTC's photographic equation. It also incorporates a second camera for capturing depth information, as part of its "Duo camera" setup. This lets you soften the background and add other artistic and 3D effects to shots, and as this information is captured with every photo, you don't need to do anything use these features. Samsung offers its own selective focus mode, as do many other manufacturers, but you need to switch to a specific mode to use it, and shots in this mode are slower to capture.

For the most part, the HTC "Ultrapixel" camera's strength lies in low light photography. Despite its relative weakness in daylight, it's great at capturing good-looking shots in less than ideal lighting conditions, and it does so faster than the Galaxy S5. HTC's two-tone flash also does a better job at producing natural-looking shots, whereas you'll need to manually adjust white balance on the GS5 to avoid washed-out-looking photos with a blueish tint when using the flash. And for selfie fanatics, HTC offers a higher-specced front-facing camera — a 5-megapixel unit with a wide-angle lens, compared to Samsung's 2-megapixel front-facer.

When it comes to moving pictures, both devices are competent video cameras, though Samsung pulls ahead with its 4K video support. What's more, the Samsung camera's wider dynamic range is also apparent in video footage at all resolutions, meaning you'll get clearer footage from the GS5 when shooting both dark and bright areas in the same scene.

While it's a clear win for the Galaxy S5 on image quality, it's worth giving credit to HTC's Video Highlights feature, which creates automatic highlight reels for events based on your photos and videos. Samsung offers a similar capability in the "Studio" area of its Gallery app, but it's nowhere near as full-featured or instantaneous — or simply fun to use — as HTC's version.

HTC One (M8), Samsung Galaxy S5

Battery life

HTC pulls ahead slightly on battery life, though Samsung will let you swap in a new one.

With an extra 200mAh of battery capacity at its disposal, you might expect the Galaxy S5 to inch slightly ahead of the HTC One. But that's not quite the case — in our experience, the M8 seems to pull ahead slightly, delivering around 15 hours of mixed heavy use versus the 13-14 or so we've been able to get out of the GS5. The Galaxy S5's camera also seemed to take a greater toll on its battery than the M8. In any case, it's a small difference. Either handset should be enough to get you through a full working day, and then some — thankfully, improved battery life is a hallmark of this latest generation of Android phones.

One benefit of the GS5, however, is its removable battery and back panel — the former for obvious reasons, as you can swap in a fresh battery on longer days, the latter because there's a wireless charging back on the way, giving you an easier way to keep it charged through the day.

Both devices also feature their own extreme low-power mode, which cut back on display brightness (Samsung goes to grayscale, actually), CPU speed and limit you to a small subset of apps in order to eke out several hours from the last few percent of battery capacity. The rated use time varies depending on what you're doing, but based on our time testing HTC's Extreme Power Saving Mode and Samsung's Ultra Power Saving Mode, either will get you several days per charge.

Galaxy S5, HTC One M8

Galaxy S5 versus HTC One M8 — The bottom line

The choice here isn't easy — both the Samsung Galaxy S5 and HTC One M8 are fantastic phones that do a great many things really well. So perhaps it makes more sense to look at their respective weaknesses.

Tallness and slipperiness aside, the M8's main functional weakness is its camera — that 4-megapixel ceiling becomes painfully apparent when compared with 16-megapixel photos from the Galaxy S5, and if you're a keen mobile photographer then that's a legitimate reason to choose another phone instead. Same deal if you absolutely must have a water-resistant phone — the M8's IPX3-rated splash resistance won't take you very far.

Rational arguments aside, the HTC One M8 is just more enjoyable to use.

The GS5's weaknesses are more nuanced. It doesn't do any one thing really badly. Its camera's low-light performance is disappointing, but not horrendous. And its software isn't as pretty or responsive as the M8's, but it's perfectly functional and usable. The same goes for its plastic exterior — it's not as dazzling as the M8's metal shell, but it's comfortable to hold, and looks and feels better than earlier Samsung efforts.

That's the rational argument. Here's the irrational (and, yes, subjective) one — the HTC One M8 is just more enjoyable to use, maybe because its strengths are in areas you notice in every second of use. The luxurious aluminum unibody has a fantastic in-hand feel, and the sharper design and faster responsiveness of Sense 6 make the M8's software a joy to use. HTC hasn't nailed every area of the smartphone experience — the lopsided camera performance is a big let-down, and the slippery shape takes some getting used to.

Nevertheless, if you forced us to choose between these two Android titans of early 2014 we'd have to reach for the new HTC One.

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Reader comments

Samsung Galaxy S5 versus HTC One M8



You dumb ass. HTC One wins because it doesn't have the shit skin the G5 has. Also the HTC one wins in:

- Screen DPI
- Battery life
- Browser speed
- Speakers
- Ergonomics
- Build quality
- Storage
- Speed of UI
- Ease of use of UI

Haha...stupid Samsung

Screen DPI? You can pretend your eyes are capable of seeing that resolution.
Ergonomics? It seems a lot of people don't like how tall the one is and the power button is at the top which makes it worse.
Build Quality? Yeah as long as you got one without an issue.

I'd take a much better Camera, removable battery, Better Screen (Darker blacks, brightness is super low so using the phone in the dark is less blinding, and has a full 5.1 inches all the time, not 5 in some apps), and water resistance.

double tap to on.. I use it all the time.. the power button is almost useless to me. also I have the dot view case so I just open and use my phone. -∞

Bad argument considering you can drop the S5 in the shallow end of a pool and leave it there for 30 min and have no issues. They use plastic because it makes more sense and is ultimately more durable than aluminum which looks nice but will scratch, dent and not shield the phone from water or electrical shorts.

Plus, who doesn't put a case of some sort on a $500 phone?

Past 4 handsets I've owned I've ran naked. Cases hide the beauty of phone designs

Posted via Android Central App

Cases, for me, if you buy a nice case, adds to the look of a phone. It also offers protection.

Posted via Android Central App

What I can tell you, man, is that I have been a smartphone junkie for years now, and I have never owned a single device that wasn't Samsung....but going in to my local Sprint store this spring and handling the one M8 was a revelation of sorts: for whatever reason, I had never truly realized how cheap Samsung devices look and feel, even if they aren't inherently cheap in terms of their overall quality, until I had an M8 in one hand and my Galaxy Note 3 in the other. Different universes. And in my opinion the Note 3 actually feels significantly more premium than the say nothing about how much better Touchwiz seems to operate on it. I couldn't believe how much lag the store sample S5 had. It felt like a two-year-old phone compared to the Note 3, and about a five-year-old phone when compared to the HTC One.

and i'm a long-time HTC owner (with the Evo and the Evo LTE being my two favourite devices) but i'm really having a hard time deciding between these 2 phones...

I work for a phone company, and recently released as a smart member I can get an amazing plan with 5 GB data and unlimited calls and text for FREE! We can add any phone Q want for $5 per month for 24 months. I already have a normal Consumer plan with a note 3 considered selling the Note 3 and using the new phone, which is a decision between the M8 and the GS5. I TOTAL AGREE WITH YOU MATE. Sheer precision, BATTERY LIFE IS AMAZING. AND JUST SEEMS TO PERFORM! Which ever new phone I take out of the M8 and GS5, it will be my second phone. MY NOTE 3 WILL ALWAYS BE MY NUMBER ONE. WE'RE GETTING MARRIED IN DECEMBER. I proposed two weeks after we met.
It is likely I'll choose the M8, better sound processor for my beats headphones. Low light imaging is great, as I had the HTC One M7 before my Note. These two factors of the HTC One range, I actually do miss. Will be good to get these back in my life. Samsung has really let me down with their sound quality, I really do wish they would get on top of this.

Phones in the future will be implanted into our brains. How does the HTC One look like something implanted into our brains?

Posted from the Avengers: Age of Droid Ultra

I think it all comes down to preference. Both have pros and con's. GS5, would be best for me for three specific reasons. The first being the camera. The second would be the removable battery. The third being the SD Card slot.
That being said. I'm not a huge fan of the cheaper materials, but if I did need to replace the back cover I could. Touch Wiz isn't my favorite, but I can deal with it. Samsung bloat is a bigger issue for me.
It's all opinion.

"How'd you get the beans above the frank?"

It's obvious you know nothing about technology. The M8 clearly has a microSD slot. Frankly, I'm surprised this hasn't already been brought to your attention.

Reading and comprehension wasn't the strongest part of school for some of you. I said that three aspects of of the GS5 that are important to me, I never said that the M8 didn't have one.

"How'd you get the beans above the frank?"

I pointed out the reason I like the GS5, those are the features that I look for when I choose a phone. The M8 has a camera too, why not make a big deal about that? The fact that people are jumping all over my first comment is ridiculous, because I mentioned the SD Card on the GS5. I didn't say the M8 didn't. If people can't comprehend what they are reading, that's their problem.

"How'd you get the beans above the frank?"

The M8 has a camera too... It's right there on the back.

Posted via Android Central best phone available: moto x

It's been two weeks but I just felt that it should be reiterated that the M8 has a SD card slot. You know.... Just in case you forgot.

Posted via Android Central App

M8 would have been hard to say no too if it offered a much better camera even just 8mp which isn't too much to ask for and a better screen to bezel ratio especially for a device that has on screen buttons.Because of them 2 negatives for me, I will pick the s5 over the m8 . sure there's nothing spectacular about the s5 but there's nothing terrible wrong with it too. Both are great choice, depending what's important ie metal vs camera you will pick one over the other. Seems like HTC always shoot them self in the foot with things like camera.

Posted via Android Central App using galaxy s4

But then HTC redeems themselves with a faster cleaner ui and better battery life. BOOOM goes the dynamite

Posted via Android Central App

Battery life differences are not much, for me the HTC Wins in build, most other parts can get better with software but Samsung can not magic remove the fake metal rim on the S5. But the camera makes it difficult, there both at extremes, S5 has tiny ass pixels but has lots of detail, M8 has huge pixels but lacks detail. Ideal a 8MP camera with the same sensor size as the S5 or even the Z2 would be best.

It's comming. I believe HTC are on the right path. I still want my video highlights and Zoe's, and if that means a limitation on mp count due to the current processing power, yeah I'll wait. Maybe with the new 805/810 they will be able to introduce that. Plus I also think the potential of the duo camera is far greater than anything else out there.

I returned the M8 right before my 14 days ended it didnt feel good in the hand the build quality i could care less about i had a case on it i have a case on my s5 so who cares about it being plastic you drop the M8 it'll do damage you drop the S5 gonna do damage. if the m8 was slightly wider and shorter with a better camera i would still have it. both are great phones

Yeah my choice is neither too, I hate touchwiz and Samsung's laggy software, Touchwiz might be getting a little better but it still lags. HTC has a crappy camera.

My nexus 5 is a nice middle ground I think, good camera, no bloatware or lag, fastest updates you can get :)
Spec wise if you take the camera out of the picture neither device really beats the N5 substantially on most fronts
Snapdragon 800 vs 801 is only a minimal improvement, I'll give you battery life is better than the N5, but I get a full day and 3 1/2 - 4 hours of on screen time on my N5, that's really all I need.
Before you jump all over me, I've left SD cards behind and I don't care about removable batteries. I know it's very important to many people but it doesn't matter to me.

Battery life is substantially better. I get a full day and 7-8 hours screen on time

Posted via Android Central App

I don't doubt it, but for my needs the nexus 5 is fine, 4 hours is really the very high end of how long I use a smartphone in one day. It's extremely rare that I have to power up mid day, and when I do I have a Wireless charger. It's a big difference no doubt, but it doesn't affect my usage.

True, everyone has different needs and uses their phone different
Posted via Android Central App

For me, stock vanilla is way overrated. It's boring and has limited functionality. Fast update is nice and all but not all updates give huge benefits for users that you will miss it given the late-coming for non nexus phones. My G2 was updated to 4.4.2 in March from 4.2.2 which should be a huge improvement but barely noticeable. I can only say it now has slightly better battery life and smoother performance. Anyway, back to the article, I'd rather have GS5 than M8 for build size and camera.

Android changes tend to be hidden beneath the manufacturer UI so yea a lot of devices don't look much better. And a lot of features simply haven't caught on.
Stock isn't for everyone, but for me personally I like it because nothing is snappier than stock android and it kind of leaves the customization and looks to the user to customize which I prefer over any of the manufacturer UIs.
I've yet to find a feature on an HTC or Samsung phone I need that I can't replicate but finding a good app on the play store.
I prefer that to having to have a lot of heavier elements baked into the stock apps.

Yep. Moto X on the way... No extra bloat. Stock plus active notification for the win.

Posted via Android Central App

I agree. To expensive. Too much bloat and neither is worth the money. Both are nice devices. I'd buy the G2 for $400.00. I'll stick with the N5.
Posted via Android Central App

I did have to choose, and picked the S5. I do not get all the hype on the Aluminum HTC body. I would opt for feels better, easily handled over glitz any time.
The one weakness I do see in the GS5 is the speaker. But who listens to music on a phone without a good set of earphones or buds, or a Bluetooth speaker?
I had an HTC One X and was not impressed with Sense, replacing it with a third party skin. Sense may have improved, but I find the GS5 software look and feel perfectly adequate and and improvement over the One X sense.
The selling point for me, however was the camera, and HTC leaving me hanging on my One X without an upgrade to KitKat.. I do not want to be in that position again.

I don't sit around listening to music on the M8, but I do think the speakers change the way you experience audio in games and videos.

Can't wait to get 'em in a proper tablet.

Personally, when I'm playing a game on my Android, it's either on the bus, or at work. Away from home and what not. So I'm always gonna be playing with headphones. At home, I play my PS4. And even then I use headphones sometimes :) Yes I have kids.

Posted via Android Central App

Guess what? The headphone output on the M8 puts the S5 to shame.

Posted via Android Central App

Guess what, My 69 year old ears are very satisfied with the headphone output of the S5. Also depends on the earphones. In any case I am not a fan boy. I just indicated that I had a choice and what I chose and for what reasons. I am sure the M8 is a fine phone. Enjoy!

Well you don't look it (good genes). I guess I should have specified that they can drive larger cans better. You're right though, enjoy as well .

Posted via Android Central App

"But who listens to music on a phone without a good set of earphones or buds, or a Bluetooth speaker?"

I do. A lot. Because I have an HTC One, which has speakers good enough to support that use case. When I am sitting at home working, I'd much rather have the sound coming from an external source, not crammed into or onto my ears. And when the speakers are as good as on the One, you don't really need a Bluetooth speaker to enjoy it.

I rarely ever use my laptop anymore. My phone does everything I need it to do and is much more convenient.

Posted via Android Central App

One thing I noticed is that there is no mention of the internal memory. On Verizon, the GS5 only comes with 16GB for 199, where you get 32GB with the HTC One M8. Hence, for the same price, I went with the HTC One M8 and am super satisfied with it! Yeah, I take some pictures with my phone, but I have a SLR for the real serious shots. This phone is just built better and performs better overall. There is something floating around YouTube, where HTC beats the GS5 by almost 5 seconds when running through similar launch sequences...

^^^^^ this. Samsung charging the same price in the US for 16GB instead of 32GB, is a sick joke. I'm dying to hear someone defend Samsung on this one.

Posted via Android Central App

I feel you on the htc one having the more internal. But does that really matters when you can add 128 gb sd card to both devices. Same price because gs5 offers more features.

Posted via Android Central App

This is a big factor since the s5 only has 16gb of internal with only around 9-10gb available for the same price Htc one gives you 32gb internal storage with 25gb available. Samsung says it comes in 32 and 64gb but where are they the carriers in Canada only get the 16gb?

Posted via Android Central App

This was a huge factor for me. S5 was only 16gb at ATT, but the M8 was 32gb, for the same price. Plus, I'm a sucker for metal.

Posted via Android Central App

wow - i totally missed that. thanks for catching that!
this is a tough call between these two phones for me...maybe i'll just get an iphone

Let's please don't put the gs3 and gs5 in the same sentence. Lol. Naw but I kinda hear what u saying. But u want it to be the same feel. U want something different

Posted via Android Central App

Cute, but there are a lot more apps and uses for the speaker than the camera on the phone, and not just playing music. That said, I don't care. Moto X for me.

Posted via Android Central App

Forget the "speaker" apps, the camera captures memories you want to remember long after the phone is gone. The GS5 does a much better job of that.

Totally fine. Cameras aren't my breaking point. But for really good quality a dedicated camera can't be beaten.

Posted via Android Central App

So the metal body Ford Focus has a better build quality then a plastic body Chevy Corvette? I'm a Ford man but in this case would take the plastic in a heart beat! I'm not getting a new phone this year so it really doesn't matter to me but if I had to pick between these two phones I would pick the one that is easier to hold on to (which makes it easier to use) is weather resistant and has the much better camera. I'm really tired of hearing just because it has a metal body it's a better phone, even though it makes it hard to even hold onto the phone. So the phone is hard to hold onto, the screen is higher on the frame so harder to reach the top (while the phone is slippery) and the camera is just not up to par but yet they pick it?

You guys keep using the aluminum isn't everything fine you don't like the aluminum but it's not the only thing that the m8 offers, it has more internal storage, it's software is faster and smoother, and the battery lasts longer.

Posted via Android Central App

If you think that people pick the M8 because of the aluminum construction you're not reading the full article. Or articles, actually. And not just because the body of the Focus isn't made out of aluminum*, but are you really equating the difference between these two devices to the differences between those two cars?

* But if it was, and it had roughly the same dimensions, the same engine and transmission, the same tuned suspension and was about the same price as the Corvette, would you get it then?

No but I would hey the new F-150 that does have a Aluminum body LOL

Posted via Android Central App

That's a great point. IF its more slippery and then it's harder to use...and I've never been one to buy anything off of looks...but apparently it makes the "ME" generation feel importatnt

Same here. Waited a long damn time for the new One and didn't get it mainly because of the (let's be honest) shitty camera. G3 is in my sights now.

OIS - - optical image stabilization is very important to me. Neither have it. Will stay with the HTC One (M7) and await future offerings.

Moreover, for me 32 GB internal is essential and more than adequate.

With that, I abhore the old school physical button and backwards layout.

I'll take SLCD IPS versus over saturated Amoled, a critical requirement for me.

Significantly less OEM bloat with the smooth and intuitive functionality of Sense, Blinkfeed, Gallery Zoes and Video Highlights make the HTC One a pleasure to use.

Moreover, cheaply manufactured handsets selling for premium prices don't represent a good value proposition.

Me too, it's improved my photo's more than any other camera improvement. LG has made me a convert to needing OIS. I wasn't actually thinking about it when I said I'd get an M8, I don't think I'd want to do without OIS

i agree with most of your post but i'm not sure i agree that there's "significantly less bloat" with the HTC. Seems like they're both guilty of it and as a relatively happy owner of two HTC phones in the past (og and LTE evo) there is no shortage of bloat...the m8 doesn't seem any different.

i jailbreak most of my phones, but 6th sense seems like it might be worth hanging onto.

the term bloat is very subjective. to some bloat is a feature to others that same feature is bloat.

I think HTC does a better job of vetting their features, they tend to work well and while maybe not useful for everyone is indeed useful.

Samsung tends to be a follower, they tend to tack on half baked features, many of which don't work reliably. that leads them to be classified by more users as bloat

I thought this was a great article. It points out the major points of each phone.

The HTC got some things really right and really wrong while the GS5 was more balanced between its strengths and weaknesses. This one really comes down to what the user wants as they are two total different experiences.

Posted via Android Central App

I have a question about Motion Launch on the new HTC One M8 - will double tapping while the screen is on lock the phone from any app? Or is it just from the lock screen? Thanks

Posted via Android Central App

Sadly right now it only works with the screen off. However! You can download an app to do the turn off command, the app is called Knock Lock. Its kind of odd they don't have an ability to turn it off via the screen on but whatever. Its pretty easy to use Knock Lock, uses nearly no battery life and just works, I set the event on my task bar since I don't pull the shade from certain places.

Thanks, I haven't been able to try this phone yet, but I was hoping that with motion launch I wouldn't have to use the power button to turn off the screen. Not a deal breaker though.

Posted via Android Central App

Well friends, I went with the One M8 and here I will tell you why for reasons not mentioned in the blog:

1) The most aggravating thing about manufacturers is that they advertise a certain amount of memory space, but in reality most of the space is taken up by bloatware. Less than 8 GB out of the box is unacceptable. Samsung knows that Kit Kat changes how we use SD cards, so why not just make 32 GB standard with a slot? The One wins here because I had around 23-25 GB available out of the box with a sd card slot.

2) Historically Samsung's bloatware has taken a toll on the processor and battery. Rooting was great 3 years ago, but I shouldn't have to do that to get peak performance. No launcher should have lag in 2014. None.

3) The One just feels like a step forward. Like Alex said, it feels like I have 2015's or 2016's phone in hand. The S5 is not to much different from the S3 or S4 in feel.

Just my two cents.

Any thoughts on the range of 'devices' that the Samsung supports like smart watch and fitness band, ect. Seems the only cool gadget for the M8 is the bit flip case. From a gadget freak perspective, Samsung wins the day, from a common user everyday texture and user experience seems the M8 will win out.

Yes, but a smart watch and fit band is available to those who don't buy Samsung through third party manufacturers. I'm not big those things anyways. The common user aren't looking for those items anyway. There is a reason Best Buy had a large return rate on the Galaxy Gear. It's cool, but it wasn't $300 cool.

Hell - the Neo is SOOOO $200 cool.... can´t live without that thing anymore.

But you are right: the should have skipped the Gear 1 and started with Gear 2 / Neo. Gear 1 was not ready for primetime...

i agree with most of what you are saying but i am shaking my head about the "future phone" comment you made and the one in the article. I suspect that by 2016 anybody coming back and reading those statements in this article will probably get a good chuckle.

i understand what you mean, but i don't think it adds to the argument.

Wow. Just wow. I know they all at AC like HTC, and yes - HTC is the poor little guy vs the big bad Samsung - but when you do a comparison, YOUR INNER HTC FANBOY MUST SHUT UP!

One example: Display mate, THE Authority in Displays: (I am quoting from memory here) :

"The S5 has the best Display of ANY Smartphone EVER. Deepest blacks, most contrast, most accurate colors and whites, least smearing ect. ect. ect."

ALEX: "The whites on the M8 looks a little whiter to me - so let's call it a draw."


Also: "yes - S5 has fingerscanner, removable battery, better camera, water resistants, 4K recording and wireless charging - but the ONE looks like it's from the future - so it wins!"

Sad sad sad...

You know what the best phone ever is?

A S5 in a case with Nova Launcher! BAM - CASE SOLVED!

Reality is hard to digest. Launcher? But what about the underlying ugly settings screen with gazillion useless options and bloat. Root and remove? Then as well buy a different phone.

Posted via Android Central App

I agree, A launcher does not fix the lag and woes of Samsung's bloated and slow software.
It's just putting lipstick on a pig.
All of samsung's crap is still loaded in the background.

I rooted and installed AOSP based roms on a lot of previous Galaxy phones included the S4, the only way to fix samsung phone lag is to go with an AOSP custom rom. And after they started really locking there phones down with the S4 it wasn't worth it to me. I'll probably never buy another Samsung device.

And why do you think that a chick - measuring around in her living room with a borrowed sensor from her friend - is more credible then one of the most (if not THE most) respected display company?

If you spend over $600 on a phone and HAVE to install a third party launcher, that's a major fail in my book. I'd rather go with a phone that has software that just works
Posted via Android Central App

it's called customization. . . and choice.

Nova, BTW, is great; neither slow nor bulky. You can restore your exact desktop and all widgets after resetting or flashing --no matter what Rom is used. Nova, combined with Titanium Backup, ensures that my $649 phone always presents the screens and data I am accustomed to seeing --and can be 100% restored to my personal configuration in less than 30 minutes after flashing a different rom, or resetting the phone.

Going with "software that just works," reeks of compromise; and it's the reason I switched to Android and away from apple a long time ago.

Going with a third party launch because TouchWiz lags and sucks reeks of compromise....

Posted via Android Central App

Exactly.. I had the m8 until I held it next to a s5 and saw how amazing the display was and then saw how much better thee camera was...

If I had to choose between the two, I'd go with the LG G3.

Seriously though, I really wanted to buy the M8, but the camera was just a deal breaker. That giant chin also became nearly unbearable. Wasn't bothered by it initially, but just couldn't "unnotice" it afterwards.

Then I was going to go with the GS5. Took three trips to the store to realize that I simply didn't want it. Nothing about it really attracted me.

Then the G3 rumors started heating up...

I have the g2 and think that the buttons on the back were a great idea. They're easy to access, and double tap to turn on and off takes care of any weird scenarios were it might be awkward to access the buttons on the back.

Posted via Android Central App

Nice... I thought you guys will go conservative and say both are great phones.. etc.
Nice to see that you chose one over other. (No pun intended).

Posted via Android Central App

And then...Android Silver rumors.

Have fun with your quaint devices, fellows...

Posted from the (4.2 updated) redheaded stepchild of the Nexii

Thank you for a tight and comprehensive comparison. It provided some excellent contrasts with a very helpful "hands-on" flavor. Also, the bottom-line portion that highlights the weaknesses is a good way to contrast two top-rated, very good cell phones.

At first I was puzzled by the final, "subjective" judgement favoring the M8 (but not surprised, since after-all, this is Android [htc] Central:-). However, after re-reading the article, I think this was the best way to wrap up the comparison, because it provided a good illustration of the "real-world" model of phone buying.

Most tech-savvy users will do the contrast and compare work laid out in this piece; but they won't stop there. They also will complicate the decision-process by considering personal taste and preference factors. These factors may (or may not) be based on capabilities/ specifications, but they often are the strongest motivators. It explains why two folks can look at the S5 and M8 and resolutely make two different selections.

Samsung packs the features, which in my experience you will turn off or not use after a while. I'm due an upgrade and was going to go HTC very tempted by the Z2 though.

Review review!

Posted via Android Central App

Then again, they could just be initial launch issues (probably not the heat with 4k though) and be worked out by the time the device hits the US market.

Posted via Android Central App

Alex, damn good job on this article. Good job mixing in facts and opinion. Now that being said. ..we already knew you guys preferred the M8.
Find me a SINGLE tech reviewer that had chosen the s3/s4/s5 over the one x/m7/m8. Just one.
You won't, for whatever reason... u just won't.

Posted from my caseless GS5. Because I believe in myself.

By who's definition?
The small community of tech heads rhat are constantly switching, flashing, tweaking phones and counting milliseconds between page loads?
Or the numbers?
The numbers say that removable batteries are better - Samoled diaplays are better - Memory cards (which is why htc brought it back in the m8) are better - IP67 is better - buncha features that may or may not get used is better - Touchwiz is better! Lol.
Argue about whatever samsung does to get their numbers...but one thing for sure..theyre keeping them. N theyre getting stronger.
Numbers dont lie.

Posted from my caseless GS5. Because I believe in myself.

Even though it's not in this article, the iPhone lacks all of your fallacy laden talking points, but outsells nearly any individual Android device.

Posted via Android Central App


And I was taking him seriously...while it's a contrasting opinion of mine... Until he said Touchwiz is better...

Posted via Android Central App

I don't know the numbers but I would guess by the numbers I see in the wild, out sells by a number?

Posted via Android Central App

@Habib - im well aware of how well the iphone sells compared to any individual android. Had that been a part of the topic of discussion...but it wasnt.
Now consider the fact that when people think android they think Galaxy. All of those 'fallacy laden talking points'...become selling points. Features will always sell man.
@dumbcow1 - yep, and I stand by it too.

Posted from my caseless GS5. Because I believe in myself.

....dude seriously. I've mentioned from the start that the iPhone was not mentioned originally. Then you just repeated the same thing to me like your name is Polly.

It's typical though. An itemized list of reasons that a device sells are always presented as gospel, using crapshoot logic. That is until the "iPhone" due to its success and lack of those tangible attributes, renders all of it moot.

So to save face, it's either the classic response of:

"oh.. I wuz jus talKen bouT Andr0id fones y0" {{{Cop out}}}


"well it has 2 be duh reason cuz it $ells so much since it has those features" {{{FALLACY}}}.

Prime example is that since the HTC M7 is made of aluminum and it didn't sell as well as its competition, then its "obvious" that people don't like or care about metal fones....y0. Well the iPhone is metal and it sells, so people must like and care about metal fones...y0. {{{SuperSt00pidFallacy101}}}

Posted via Android Central App

Polly here again,
Wow..Fallacy, moot, crapshoot...impressive! Must have a hard time keeping the ladies away.
We disagree, plain and simple, which is okay. I'll leave you to your metal/iphone fetish, you leave me to my S5 which can do more than the M7, M8, and Iphone 5 combined.

PS. There was a cluster of typos in your response..numbers where letters should be..misspellings..etc...just thought I'd let you know.

Posted from my caseless GS5. Because I believe in myself.

@Touchperception - Oh hell yeah im a Samsung Fanboy!!...loud n proud..thru and thru. The most interesting capabilities on any device by miles. Tried to leave em, nexus 5, moto x, m8...bored me to death. Plastic n all.. i get way more bang for my buck. List whatever device your using..or that you think is better...then ill list a buncha features and reasons. .or "gimmicks" as youd call them..that my phone can do that yours cant.

Posted from my caseless GS5. Because I believe in myself.

Samsung is good. I've had great experiences with both the S3 and the S2. If I were to spend the big dollars .... It'd be the S5.
Sent from my Nexus 5.
Posted via Android Central App

So with that mentality Miley Cyrus (or whoever sells the most albums) is the best musician in the world. Get outta here....

Posted via Android Central App

@Skyway - I see your point, but I was arguing the point that just as easily as someone can list a set of reasons why the m8 is better, one could easily use a list of reasons why its not. Sales figures dont equate to quality, I understand. But it isnt meaningless.

Posted from my caseless GS5. Because I believe in myself.

Without evidence of some anti-samsung conspiracy in the tech world, the reason why you can't find one leaning for S5 is simply because of the overall performance and experience.

VZW Moto X

Amazing how we can still recommend a device with a sub par camera on android in 2014. And the DSLR comments get as old as they are bulky to carry camera wins out over speakers for me. Not to mention 160 grams is more than I want in my pocket.

Holding to see if the S5 Prime make an appearance...?

Definitely a preference thing. I prefer the Sense software and I think the One is a beautiful phone. I don't print pics so the camera is ok with me. I actually get compliments on the pics I take with the One (viewed on screen) and have had Samsung and iphone users ask me to send them my copy of low light pics because they can't get a decent shot. I believe that if the One was 8 megapixels it would blow the Samsung away, but it's not so like I said, it's all preference. They are both great phones.

If the M8 had 8MP - it wouldn´t be that good in lowlight anymore.

HTC dropped the ball here: they should have the 4MP camera AND a 13 or 16MP camera - instead of a 4MP and the stupid useless 3D gimmicky camera!

That would be something.

Hmmm. My wife and I are both going to upgrade our phones to AT&T's Next plan because we can get 10GB of data for the same price that we get 4GB now. I'm thinking that we are going to get one of each of these. I don't really want to upgrade my M7 One, but we need to upgrade because her phone is destroyed. However, I don't mind having the M7 sitting as a backup.

That's what my girlfriend and I did. We were both using the m7 and we both upgraded to the m8. Now we have m7's as backups

Posted via Android Central App

Oh, for those who have the HTC One M8:

I was playing around with the camera and noticed a lot of blur from the light in my office. I looked down at my lens and noticed a smudge. Wiped it and everything was good. Check this when taking pictures. Seems to make a difference outside, too.

Every time I pick up my HTC One M8, I feel like I'm using a premium, well crafted device. Also, the software and battery life are superb. It may not be for everybody but it's definitely for me.

Tried them both, liked neither but I'd go with GS5. As soon as I picked up and held the M8 I didn't like how thick, heavy and large the phone felt in my hand. One handed use was a pain. The GS5 on the other hand was light, thin and easy to hold and use with one hand. Specs, camera, etc, nothing else matters if it doesn't feel good in use.
Posted via Android Central App

My choice is neither. M8 just didn't feel right in my hand and S5 is not much of a upgrade over S4. That said they're both great phones. Just not for me.

Posted via Android Central App

If Samsung made bloatware able to uninstalled and offered some themes that affected the looks in settings, etc they would have the world by the balls....the balls!!!

Quite frankly I have a moto x and wouldn't pick either one of these phones, htc's downfall is their camera and the design of the s5 looks like an s1 only bigger. It's a shame neither company can admit their downfalls and improve, but then again you'd never have a reason to pick up the s6 or m9....ugh

That´s the funny thing: everyone is blablabla Samsung bloatware - but the fact is, there is not much! Most "bloatware" must be downloaded first from the Samsung store - even some of the camera mods are NOT pre-installed.

The S5 has even the same amount of free storage as the M8!

But fanboys just don´t care about facts...

Same amount of storage?..get your facts straight before trolling...

Posted via the one and only...HTC (M8)

What do you mean?

The 16GB Version of the S5 has 10.7GB free internal storage.
Way up from the 9GB the S4 had.

Do you say the 16GB M8 has significantly more?

He meant that in the US, there is no 16gb model around. All the carriers picked up the 32gb version only.

Posted via Android Central App

Both phones are great but let me say this, the camera on the m8 is not bad, people really over analyze that. Sense 6 is the best layer over pure android that I've ever used, I had a gs3 and 4 and I always rooted and installed Cyanogenmod. But in the end everyone get the phone that makes you happy.

Posted via Android Central App

BTW: SHAME on BOTH - Samsung and HTC - for starting with crappy 16GB!!!

Yes, they both have 32GB versions, but if you want the phone at launch, or via carrier - you practically couldn´t avoid the 16GB version.

A 600$ phone should NOT have 16GB IN 2014 - END OF STORY

Great. Good for you. But shouldn't you have the same opportunity on every carrier and in every country?

M7 had minimum 32GB. Note 3 has minimum 32GB. (I think there is a 16GB Version now - but it wasn't at the beginning.)

Hell - the 2 year old HOX had 32GB minimum. Don't you think 16GB is a step backwards? Some apps have up to 5 GB now.

But what you're forgetting is the s5 16gb is the same price as the m8 32gb. Also on launch day when I got my AT&T m8, they didn't even have the option for a 16gb version

Posted via Android Central App

I have red most of these comments and I have had experience with both an HTC 4G LTE and a s4. I owned the HTC longer. The galaxy has always been said to be a better phone than the HTC. My experience though has been that the HTC has had a better screen and taken better pictures than the Galaxy. S4 camera in my opinion sucked and I hated how there was tons of stuff that I couldn't remove on the phone. One big reason I miss my HTC is because it had beats audio and I listen to pandora while in the car and it made a night and day difference. With my next upgrade I think ill be going HTC again. Im familiar with it, I dont use my camera alot, but listen to a lot of music and would love those dual speakers.

Well I already have the M8. I think the camera is great for my purposes. If I need a real camera, I have my DLSR. I am coming from the S3. I love the M8's build quality, battery life and I think Sense is refreshing coming from TW. I didn't think I would use it but the TV app and the IR blaster are amazing.

I think AC is greatly underplaying the in hand feel of the One, which is JUST TOO BIG for most people. It is only .2" shorter than the Note 3 and only has a 5" screen. If you want to move up from a G2 (which I own and would never consider) then it is .35" Taller, much worse camera (no comparison with the OIS 13 MP shooter) and no noticeable in performance with the G2 probably still having better battery life. For a handset that is 9 months newer this is supremely disappointing.

I'm not sure how many other ways we can say it's really tall. Because it is. The curvature helps a lot. But it's really tall.

Did I mention it's tall?

Plastic isn't horrible but they S5 is a slightly repackaged S4. The chrome sliver trim is tacky. Camera's are good enough for any photo situation. 16 mega pixel is overkill really.

I used to think AC offered fair reviews, but this now beyond a joke!...How much is HTC paying you for these clearly one sided articles? or are you just their biggest fanboy?....Have you ever asked yourself why normal consumers pick GS5 over the M8? maybe its because the screen and display is much better on the gs5, or the fact that water resistance and dust proofing is a great feature or the fact that the gs5 comes with about 100 more features than the m8 or the fact that the camera blows it out of the water?
This is not to say i dont like the m8, its a great phone but honestly it has just become ridiculous now, like you have been hired as part of HTC marketing team!

How is it obviously one sided? He compared them side by side and in most categories he says they are very very close competitors and at the end says he has a slight lean to the HTC m8. Oh and the average person buys the S5 over the m8 because of marketing. We buy what we are told to buy.

I went with the Galaxy S5 because of the camera, water resistant and the screen, not because of marketing. Not every galaxy bought was the result of marketing.

If you have spend the time they did testing both phones.... You would understand..

Posted via the one and only...HTC (M8)

I had a HOX. Hated it and got a S3. Then I had a M7. Hated it and got a S4. No way I am getting another HTC phone. They food me twice. It's already shame on me.. .

I'm trying to follow your rant. You think the M8 is a great phone? So to justify your outrage over the "obvious" bias of AC you must feel the GS5 is the greatest technological achievement of the 21st century?

Posted via Android Central App

Not for the first time - I look at the Samsung and HRC flagships of the year - and don't like either of them much.

I use a Note 3 at the moment (which has problems, but somehow works for me). No need for a new phone this year. Perhaps by Mid 2015 there will be a phone I almost like. Possibly an LG . . . But who knows . . . . it may not even run Android.

"the M8's IPX3-rated splash resistance won't take you very far." Guess you didn't see the video of it submerged for a long time and was still fully functional.

Touche :P I didn't see that part above. I read the bottom line section. The sentence after the one I pasted was "The GS5's weaknesses are more nuanced."

I had a Nokia once. Feature phone. It felt in the toilet. I got it out after a few seconds. I took the battery out and let it dry for about a day. Then it worked again.

About 3 weeks later it was dead. Corrosion all over the inside.

Don't believe that kind of videos.

I'm eager to see what LG has to offer. I haven't tried them yet. Tried HTC left them for Samsung when the note 2 came out, currently on the note 3. I love this phone but looking for something new. LG or Motorola may get my money.
Posted via Android Central App

I don't do contracts anymore so neither one of these phones are worth it for me. Nothing eye popping about either one. The inflation of cell phone prices is ridiculous. There is no other product you can buy BESIDES a smartphone for upwards of $600 that will be obsolete within a year. The extra $400 I had 2 months ago I spent on a Ps4 which will be relevant for at least 4 more years and I get a hell of a lot more enjoyment out of than a repackaging of last year's s4 and m7 features. So why spend the $650 to feel like a dummy next year when all anyone will be talking about is the s6 and m9. My next phone will be Motorola's next offering (a company who gets it) or the one plus one.

Posted via Android Central App

$600 sounds like a lot but it's worth it for something you can use all day every day for so many uses. And you'll never need to buy a camera, ipod, GPS, alarm clock, wristwatch, less carrying around of computers... Actually more money goes to the carrier... well over $1,000 a year easy for most people. But if you keep unlimited data you can skip buying newspapers, magazines, DVDs, even broadband internet and cable TV... (OK you might break some rules to get all that, but it's not difficult).

I agree nothing eye popping about either new one. These phones have been very good since 2012. I still like my two-year-old model (HTC EVO LTE) so much that I don't even want to change it yet. I think some Galaxy S3 users would say the same thing. The ONLY thing I wish I had out of all the stuff on both of these is the speakers on the new HTCs.

I honestly would take a moto x or nexus 5. Love the n5, the moto x not so much because I got a moto g and most of the features from the x and the new moto phone is coming soon. I also own a galaxy s3 that's my back up phone. I guess that's why I'm not impressed I own the last true game changing phone (it started the big screen craze and nfc) and the Motorola G is not the heavyweight champ but it DEFINITELY is the Middleweight

Posted via Android Central App

i am curious about people who don't do contracts - what carrier do you end up using? one thing that drives me nuts is that at the end of your 2 year contract with carriers (us carriers anyway) they don't lower the what' the incentive NOT to get the $200 contract phone?

For me form must follow function, not the other way around. Unless we're talking women's lingerie, then it's form over function, but not by much. Or maybe with lingerie it's "form IS function". I'll have to do more research in that area.

Good review although I like the S5 better. First review I've seen that doesn't have the Galaxy screen as the better screen and using both I'm a little surprised you called it a draw. Regardless well done.

I made the choice and went with the gs5. The camera killed the m8 for me. I haven't had a 4 megapixel camera since like 1995 or so. I always keep my phone in a case so the aluminum is not a deal maker. The phone (gs5) so far is awesome. Does everything I need it to and the fingerprint scanner is cool as heck. Works great with the last pass app.

Posted via Android Central App

Everyone puts a case on their phone anyway so design is irrelevant. GS5 for the win!!!
Posted via Android Central App/My Galaxy S5

Did you guys that not only does the M8 have an sd card slot, but a camera on the back, and front! Wowzer

Posted via Android Central App

I've decide that the "real world" is more accurate than Android Central (sorry bout that) and in the real world Samsung S5 is winning by a land slide....I wonder why?....Hummm

Because normal people are idiots and know shit about phones. They buy what ever the useless carrier store guy tells or based on some fancy galaxy ad on TV.

Posted via Android Central App

I wonder where Samsung got it's my magazine thing from?.. looks an awful lot like blinkfeed! but you fanboys will never admit that... sense 6 all the way!

Posted via Android Central App

Nobody uses that magazine shit and they stole the idea from Flipboard. I wish I could get rid of it off my note 3. Most annoying "feature" about this phone.

Posted via Android Central App

It works very well on the HTC one. I've didn't use it extensively on the S5 but it seemed... Roughly implemented.

Posted via Android Central App

M8 all day, Also, Most people who take pictures look /show them on their phone or pcs, So to me I'd take low light and software features over Megapixel.

Posted via Android Central App

For me the M8 is the best looking smartphone ever build. Those designers did an outstanding job. Lets hope HTC improves the camera quality in the next iteration. A compact version with same internals and design would be my choice.

Galaxy S5 hands down. Most trusted product review sites - Consumer Reports, GSMArena and The Wirecutter say GS5 is best android smart phone you can buy in 2014 spring.

Oh shit... I forgot wirecutter said that...that means it has to be true and not just an opinion... /s

Posted via Android Central App

1) The wireless charging adapter is live on Samsung's accessories site now.
2) Samsung is better than HTC in terms of long term support. The latter dropped the One X from its KitKat plans, which is ridiculous.
3) Samsung gives you more screen with less bezel. The M8 has a huge "chin" that HTC tries to hide with a black bar that looks like part of the screen but isn't. I guess a lot reviewers are falling for the trick.
4) Good luck holding onto an aluminum body with anything less that perfectly dry hands. I can see a lot of dents and scratches from drops in M8 owners' future.
5) What some call TouchWiz' feature bloat, I call not having to hunt for 3rd party apps to do simple but useful stuff.
6) The GS5 has USB 3.0, which allows for fast file transfers from your PC.

In the end, it was the GS5's IP67 rating and Multi-Window capability that hooked me. That latter makes your phone a lot more useful than usual.

HTC guarantees updates for two years unlike Samsung... Oh, and break your screen and let us know how that works out for you...

Posted via Android Central App

I've never broken a cellphone screen, ever. Samsungs are built to be survive drops (plastic does a better job of this than metal).

As for guaranteed updates, I'm on the VZW Edge plan now ... all I have to worry about is updates in the 1st 12 months. After that I can switch to a new phone anyway.

Plastic absorbs impacts much better than metal does. Plus Samsung phones are designed to gracefully and reversibly disintegrate (the cover and battery come off) when dropped, which dissipates impact energy and prevents it from going into the screen. Therefore, it's pretty tough to break a Samsung screen unless you're really stupid or trying really hard.

I dunno dude, i've dropped my M7 atleast a dozen times thinking "oh snap, i just shattered my screen" and every time it walks away without a single scratch or dent. HTC builds seriously durable phones that, you know, actually feel premium.

I didn't say the HTC was necessarily more prone to damage, I was only saying that a cracked screen is unlikely with a Samsung flagship.

I also don't care for premium feel. I just want my phone to be light and easily gripped. You can refer back to the article for the comparison between both phones on that last point, def don't have to take my word for it.

M8 is a clear winner , but im gonna hold out for the Oneplus maybe with that price i could get the Moto360 too

If I had to pick between the 2 it'll be definitely S5. But this year I'm going with the G3. Can't wait!!!!!

Posted via Android Central App

Samsung Galaxy S5 for me til something better rears it's wallet snatching head & so far HTC isn't it IMO.

Since everyone seems to be hung up on the cameras on these devices, let me say I had both phones in my possession in a real world situation and the GS5's 16mp makes little to no difference.

Sure, you can zoom in more once the picture is taken, but when you zoom in and it's all smudged and looks like an oil painting, what does it matter?

What about the rooting/bootloader differences? Samsung's KNOX crap has put a serious damper on unlocking your phone's bootloader. That is a HUGE deal to a lot of people, but I don't see it mentioned in these comments. If you don't think it's a huge deal, you will when something goes wrong and Samsung won't help you due to the KNOX counter being tripped.

While the HTC already has S-OFF achieved for all variants so any unlocked or tampered flag can be reversed with a simple adb command. No comparison on that front.

HTC has proven 2 years in a row that it can run circles around Samsung when it comes to optimizing software. The GS5 still somehow feels laggy when doing simple tasks like swiping from one homescreen to another.

And weeks after using it, I'm still laughing at the plastic ribbed "chrome" sides of the GS5. I cannot wrap my mind around the thought of anyone on this planet thinking it looks or feels nice. Just a total slap in the face to their customers and smart phone enthusiasts around the world.

This battle goes to HTC in a landslide and it's not even close. If you're within your time frame, take back your GS5 right now while it is still running (relatively) smooth and get your M8.

Well said! I for the life of me can't understand why anyone would remotely think that the GS5 feels nice or is even in the same league as far as build quality as the M8. You can say the M8 is a finely crafted sword and the GS5 is a plastic utensil. That's how much of a difference quality wise the GS5 is from the M8. Then there is the bloatware called Touchwiz that completely ruins what could have been a nice device. There's no denying that the M8 whips the pants off any device on the market today whether you want to accept it or not.

Sometimes something is so obvious that it stops being an opinion and turns into fact. Check out some YouTube videos showing time and time again where the M8 outperforms the GS5, whether it be opening apps, opening up the task switcher, etc. And my bootloader comment was also a fact, not an opinion. The camera comment is opinion, but if you zoom into your GS5 pictures and think that blotchy oil painting detail looks good, then more power to you I guess, I would hate to live life with your eyes. And if you think that plastic edge around the GS5 is anything other than an abomination, I have nothing to say to you ever again.

Well said! I think most here have their hearts set on brand loyalty. If they truly did there homework they will see the facts. For example I was told at my cell company store that they get in lots of Samsung or GS phones for repair. But again all you have to do is some homework and see that the M8 is simply a better phone overall.

Didn't like the review. There's about three sentences about m8 and the rest talks about the s5. Wonder which one greased this guy's palms?

It's cool HTC has won the internet again. If it's not selling much then in the words of Gary Oldman it's just a bunch of "Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah".

I hate that we live in a time where most people determine what's best by what sells the most or has the best commercials. By that logic, McDonald's makes the best burgers the world has ever seen!

I'm not that passionate about what other people do with their money as far as tech goes. It's consumers money so how they make they're purchasing decisions is their business ALWAYS. Companies just have to work harder to win over consumers especially the smaller companies like HTC. Average people will go with well-known products versus testing the waters with an unfamiliar brand. It's their right so let's get off our high elitist horses and enjoy what you enjoy whether it's popular or not. I never said the S5 was better than the M8 because Samsung will most likely sell more.

Nothing elitist here, just an enthusiast who's tired of seeing Samsung put out essentially the same phone year after year and be rewarded handsomely for it. Your reply to me was much more thought out and I agree with it, the 1st post seemed more like something a Samsung fanboy would say, using HTC's commercial as a joke against them while citing nothing other than sales. Carry on.

Samsung isn't the only phone maker doing it but one of the few that has been successful with it. HTC or Sony didn't release that different of a device from last years model. It appears LG is going to do the same with G3 and possibly Moto to follow. My original comment was a little flippant but not far from the truth at all. Also to be completely honest that commercial is a joke and they should be scorned for it.