Samsung Galaxy S4

RadioShack is ready and waiting to give you your Galaxy S4 this coming Saturday

The Samsung Galaxy S4 will be available for purchase for Sprint and AT&T at RadioShack this Saturday, April 27th. The highly anticipated device has been garnering a lot of attention recently now that we've finally received solid release dates.

RadioShack has also announced that it will offer accessories for the S4 and a deal that specifies if you spend at least $30, you will get a $10 off coupon for future purchases. This is pretty much guaranteed if you purchase a new S4. It also offers a trade in policy for past devices, so you can get some money towards your new purchase.

If you're on Sprint or AT&T, you'll soon be able to purchase a S4 at RadioShack. Who will be be in line this Saturday? Tell us in the Samsung Galaxy S4 Forum!


Reader comments

Samsung Galaxy S4 available from RadioShack April 27 for Sprint and AT&T


I priced matched at Best Buy with radio shack and got $50 off. I am just waiting for Best Buy's sell date since I have the buy back program. Should be a free upgrade I hope. Hopefully the 32GB is on sale at the same time.

That's just ignorant. I'm really tempted to get the HTC one for this fact alone. Why does it have to be 50 dollars more, is it the 32 gig model?... Doubt it.

Actually, It is the same price if you buy the siv on or the htc one in the store. I pre-ordered the s4 at sprint and paid 249.99, but it didnt make me pay taxes on it. If you go to a store and buy a 199.99 phone your going to pay taxes on the $600 retail price which would be about 50-60 dollars. so in the end you end up paying pretty much the same.

That doesn't make any sense. Your comparing a subsidized priced phone to a non subsidized price. Taxes on the subsidized 199.99 phone will only be 20 bucks max. And besides that it's the principle of it. Why do all the other carriers get thiers for 199.99 but sprint customers have to cough up an extra 50!i know sprint is hard up for money... But come on!

Preorder it from costco. I did for $199.99 and got a free accessory pack (even tho I'm only interested in the extra charger and screen protector) and free activation. I may have to wait up to an extra week to get it but I think it's worth saving $86 for the one week wait.

so radioshack will also sell it for 249. At least people know they have another place to buy it from in case their local sprint store or bb is out of stock.

I spoke to my RadioShack guy the other day and he said they get shipments on Friday and Wednesday, and alluded that he'd sell it on Friday.

Any potential buyers out there might want to look into this...

I bought my HTC One and I am happy with it. The camera way better than SGS3 and the GNote2 Camera in daytime or in low light.