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It's the day after the official launch of the Samsung Galaxy S III, and here in the UK it's the day that many eager consumers were hoping to lay their hands on Sammys prized new flagship device. We're well aware of the issues, which sadly may find you waiting a while longer or looking a bit harder to find one. It might though be worth heading over to Three UK, who has launched the device this morning, and is now available -- in white at least -- online, and in Three retail stores. 

The Galaxy S III can be yours on a new 2-year contract at Three, for the low low price of free on the One Plan, which will run you for just £34 a month. For anyone not familiar, the One Plan delivers truly unlimited data, and tethering to boot. You'll find the presser after the break. 

Samsung GALAXY S III - available now on Three.

The Samsung GALAXY S III is now available on Pay Monthly from all Three stores or online at

The Samsung GALAXY S III is inspired by nature and designed for humans. It has a stunning design with gentle curves, is easy to hold and comes in marble white and pebble blue. It’s able to make calls by simply moving the phone towards your ear, tags your Facebook friends automatically after taking a photo and can wake up from the lock screen with a simple voice command. Add to this a screen with stunning clarity and colour, superfast processing and you get an amazing experience all round.

The Samsung GALAXY S III has a large 4.8” HD Super AMOLED screen which brings videos, web pages and games to life. Boasting Samsung’s first quad-core processor, the GALAXY S III is also incredibly speedy, so people won’t be left waiting for their favourite TV programmes to stream or apps to load. In addition to the powerful processor and stunning screen, Samsung’s flagship device has a big battery life too, so people can make the most of this phone and its features.

Nigel Field, Director of Devices at Three said: “From top specs, top design and intuitive features, the Samsung GALAXY S III is an incredibly well thought out smartphone and really does have it all and along with our highly competitive One Plan, we’re confident that customers using the Samsung GALAXY S III on Three will have the best experience.”

The Samsung GALAXY S III is available for free on Three on The One Plan for £34 per month, offering a fear-free mobile internet experience, with a guarantee of no surprise out of bundle data charges.


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Samsung Galaxy S III now available from Three UK


Why no announcements like this for Singapore folks. It has, and is available here. By law all phones must be unlocked here for those not in the know. I'm not all that interested in this phone (OneX is rocking my world) but, don't want my Sammy devout friends to feel left out. It seems its either Samsung or iPhone here, which is sad since HTC is marketing the One X like nothing I've I've ever seen before.

Edit: First!

...and probably worst!

That One Plan sounds lust worthy considering what we have in the states. What would it take to get that kind of plan from one of our lovable, huggable, & precious carriers to do a plan like this? Don't say Sprint has this. I wish they did. I also wish their network wasn't so lacking too.

Plans are better darn near everywhere than the US. Often, buying phones outright gets you perks not equality sans contract...meaning if I pay full price for a phone here in SG, I get double the min/text if I had signed a I end up paying S$40/mo ($32USD) for 200min/1000txt/12GBdata. Or I can sign a contract and double my monthly price for 2yrs and only pay 0-S$300 out of pocket initially. Pretty choice.

I thought the One plan specifically excludes tethering although it is "unlimited data use" for the phone itself as Senor_ward states.

How 3 can tell the difference is moot point but I think the editorial by androidcentral is incorrect when related to the One plan. Yes the SIII does tethering and yes you could use it on the One plan but I think tethering is specifically excluded in the One Plan terms and conditions. If you want to tether you have to get a MiFi dongle and buy data on a PAYG basis (using pre-filled and refillable SIMs).

Checked with Three and the One Plan DOES allow tethering - unfortunately I don't seem to be able to correct/delete my original post. Was obviously confusing it with one of the other 3 packages with "all you can eat" but NO tethering!

Pre-ordered a white handset over two weeks ago and was expecting it today, however they've saying they have a supply issue even for the white version. My local store received all their allocation today (but no surplus). Have been told both that it'll be tomorrow and also that they have no idea. Hmm, I suspect that latter!

Can you cancel the pre-order and get one from store? I remember the GNex launch on Three, it was much easier and quicker to go into a store and get one

I had exactly the same thing. Mine wasn't even a proper pre-order, the guy on the phone assured me that, as a loyal customer of 6 years, I'd be getting the phone the same day that Three did. Did I balls.
Called an hour ago and was told I'd get it on the 1st of June.
le sigh

Even better, the courier actually did try to deliver it today! So I guess the 3 systems have no clue as to whether they've fulfilled an order or not!