Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7

Samsung today has announced the newest addition to their Galaxy Tab line with the Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 at the IFA Conference in Berlin.

The Galaxy Tab 7.7 features a Super AMOLED Plus display, runs Android 3.2 and sports a 1.4 GHz dual-core processor. It is also incredibly thin, measuring 7.89 millimeters accompanied by its weight at just only 335 grams.

The Galaxy Tab 7.7 is also the first tablet to support Samsung's Game Hub.

Here are more details:

  • 7.7-inch Super AMOLED Plus display
  • 1.4 GHz dual-core processor
  • Android 3.2 (Honeycomb)
  • Full 1080p HD playback
  • 5,100 mAh battery
  • Supports microSD up to 32GB
  • Supports LTE and HSPA+
  • Samsung Game Hub
  • Voice call support

A very slick device that we can't wait to get our hands on. No price or release date yet, but as soon as we know, you will too, so stay tuned. Check out the full press release after the break.

For more, see our Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 Forum. Also, be sure to join us after the jump for the press release and more images!

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Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7, World's First Mobile Tablet Featuring
Super AMOLED Plus Display Unveiled at IFA 2011
Pioneer of the 7-inch mobile tablet introduces next generation Galaxy Tab, delivering the ultimate in viewing quality and portability

BERLIN – Sept. 1, 2011 –Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd., a leading provider and innovator of award-winning consumer electronics, today announced the Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7, the world's first tablet to feature the brilliant Super AMOLED Plus display. The powerful Galaxy Tab 7.7 with a 1.4GHz dual core processor measures just 7.89 millimeters thin and weighs only 335 grams (12 ounces), making this tablet one of the most portable devices in the market.

"The new Galaxy Tab 7.7 demonstrates Samsung's commitment to offering consumers the most choice in the mobile tablet market," said JK Shin, President and Head of Samsung's Mobile Communications Business. "The Galaxy Tab 7.7's ultra-thin design and WXGA Super AMOLED Plus display are impressive differentiators in the tablet marketplace and pillars of our ultimate goal of meeting a wide variety of consumer needs."

Brilliant Super AMOLED Plus display
The Galaxy Tab 7.7 is the first tablet that incorporates Samsung's Super AMOLED Plus display technology, delivering brilliant, high-contrast colors and a beautiful, crisp viewing experience. The Super AMOLED Plus display allows for a wider range of colors with greater separation between lights and darks, making images incredibly vivid.

Sleek Design with Ultimate Portability
The Galaxy Tab 7.7 provides ultimate portability and viewing quality within the Galaxy Tab portfolio, featuring a brighter display combined with a thinner and lighter design that easily fits in your jacket pocket or purse. The elegant, linear design features a stylish metal casing and rounded edges for a sleek look that's comfortable to hold while you're sitting or walking.

Impressive Speed, Power & Battery Life
The Galaxy Tab 7.7 features HSPA+ 21 Mbps network for faster uploads and downloads. It also supports Wi-Fi Channel Bonding, bonding two channels into one for improved network connection and data transfer at up to twice the speed. The device is powered by a 1.4 GHz dual core application processor for fast web-loading, seamless multitasking and superior multimedia performance. Thanks to a 5,100 mAh battery providing up to 10 hours of video playback time[1], the Galaxy Tab 7.7 does not sacrifice battery life for its ultra-thin design.

Latest 3.2 Honeycomb OS with "Samsung TouchWiz UX"
The Galaxy Tab 7.7 is powered by Android™ 3.2 Honeycomb, Android 3.2 has been optimized for a 7-inch tablet with a new compatibility zoom mode. This optimizes applications that are not designed to run on larger screen sizes, so they fit on the entire screen without distortion. In addition, the tablet supports MicroSD cards of up to 32 GB for direct media files transfer.

Samsung's TouchWiz user experience is designed with a Live Panel menu for customizing the home screen of the Galaxy Tab 7.7 with digital pictures, favorite Web sites and social network feeds.

In addition, the TouchWiz UX includes a "Mini Apps" tray of commonly used features such as task manager, calendar and music player which can be launched while other major applications are already in use. The clipboard feature allows users to copy and paste texts and images.

Powerful Multimedia
Galaxy Tab 7.7 lets you enjoy video clips without limitation, featuring 1080p full HD playback, DivX included multi codec and Micro SD. The device also includes Universal Remote Control functionality, allowing control of the entire home entertainment system – TV, Set top box, DVD, Blu-ray player, AV audio system – from one device.

Samsung's Hub Services offers easy access to content including games, eBooks, music and more. The Galaxy Tab 7.7 is the first mobile tablet to include a pre-loaded Game Hub, complete with easy social games, all delivered with lightning fast graphics. The Galaxy Tab 7.7 also features access to Samsung's Music Hub service, which offers 15 million songs for preview, download and play. The Readers Hub service features a robust library filled with more than 2.3 million books, 2,000 newspapers and 3,000 magazines in up to 49 languages, and Samsung's Social Hub service aggregates email, contacts, calendar and social network connections into a single interface.

Voice and Video Support for Better Communication
The Galaxy Tab 7.7 offers both voice and video calls for better communication. There is no need to bring a headset and BT for voice calls. In addition, it is possible to call privately in public places with Receiver Mode.

Google™ Mobile Services
The Galaxy Tab 7.7 is preloaded with the full suite of Google Mobile Services including access to more than 250,000 applications on Android Market™, Gmail™, Google Search™, Google Maps™ 5.7 with 3D maps, and Google Talk™ with video and voice chat.


Reader comments

Samsung announces Galaxy Tab 7.7 with Android 3.2 and a Super AMOLED Plus display


I love the specs except for the size... Screen resolution would be nice to know. Hopefully this will be the first Super Amoled Plus device with decent pixel density. Not to say that the SGSII isn't a sexy ass beast or anything.

Resolution has been announced, 1280x800. Pixels won't be as dense as the SGS2, but way better than any other tablet on the market.

They also have the RGBW screen with a very high resolution, it's basically a ten inch screen with a dpi of 325! I saw a picture & it was displaying fruits & one of the fruits seemed to actually be half way sticking out of the screen, incredible!

This is the One for me. Nice and small so I don't look like a prat on the go but big enough to watch films in bed.


They really went all out on this one. It looks absolutely amazing, I defiantly want to get my hands on one to see that gorgeous display.

Where is the 8.9" tablet? Or have we forgotten about that already??? What's next, 11", 12"......Any bets on what percentage of these all these products will be updated regularly? Why not just focus your energy on a few products and make them great?
I do think if they price this right, this may be a hit for people looking for that size/e-readers...but they won't

$200? You've got to be insane, it's not some crap Archos device. We're gonna see this run a good 400 for the wifi only, maybe more since they added the sd card and samoled

And then it will fail. Look at the blackberry playbook. People have it in their minds that the smaller device should be cheaper. They have to look at the market and see who (nook, amazon tablet) the competition is and what price they sell for.

The Playbook failed because it is a Blackberry and sucks monkey balls. This Samsung tablet on the other hand is great!

It's interesting that most of the newer tablets are coming with something other than Tegra chips.

Is the new TI OMAP or Samsung chip that much faster or does it have to do with any shortcomings Tegra had with the initial Honeycomb tablets?

Tegra 2 was hyped up a lot, but noone really seemed to run with it beyond the initial release of Honeycomb tablets and a few phones here and there.

I want honecomb on my original galaxy tab. this tablet it's nice. Buy I'm not getting a new one. Why mine works great with gingerbread. I just want a tablet os on my tablet.otherwise it's like using a big azz phone

This is the perfect size tablet even Goldilocks would be proud to own. I wanted the 8.9 but I like the size, weight and the fact the it has a SD card slot and a Amoled screen. I will wait until ICS ships on one...hopefully the price will be right.

Samsung is really starting to up its hardware design game. Recent devices such as the Series 9 ultraportable, Galaxy Tab 10.1, and Galaxy S II were a new step in design for them and now the 7.7 continues this trend of awesome looking devices. We use to complain a lot about their low quality materials, but I think they're doing a lot better now. More on how Samsung devices are starting to look a lot sexier on my editorial column:

Will this Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 be release/sold in the US? I haven't seen any post that confirms this yet. I hate the fact that the 8.9 tablet did not have the MicroSD card slot. I hope they don't strip it out on the US version.