Nexus 7 FHD

Heads up, folks. You can get a black Nexus 7 2013 — of the 32GB variety — for just $169.99 on eBay today. It's refurbished, which means it's not brand-new. But you can't really beat this price.

You get a 90-day warranty along with it.

The question on the tip of everyone's tongue, however, is how long before we see this guy get replaced?

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Refurbished Nexus 7 2013 just $169 on eBay


Great price for a gift tablet! Got a couple bdays coming up for a tween & a teen. I'm all over this.

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Original n7 has almost had its run I wouldn't get it now even as a gift

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Wonder how the batery will perform, could be better go for a new one, me personaly watching LG G pad, new one close to this price in UK, 16 GB though

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Won't buy another Asus tablet ever.
Horrible quality control and even worse customer service. It's not anecdotal experience (I had w 2) but it's a very common trend.
Good luck to all.

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My original Nexus 7 had screen lift and I had to go through 4 Tranformer Prime tablets to get one without dead pixels, dust under the glass or other screen issues.

Although my first Nexus 7 2013 was perfect I would not be upset if Asus did not manufacture the next one as I do not have a great track record with their products which seem to mostly have issues with the screens.

My 2012 N7 was great until It started getting extremely slow. Then I basically stopped using it. I never had any build quality issues with it though. It was purely hardware, and mostly that crappy Tegra 3 chip.

The 2013 N7, I still have and use almost daily. It's an awesome tablet and it improves upon the 2012 version in just about every single way. I actually don't think I will be upgrading this tablet and probably won't need to upgrade until the 4th Generation comes out. (But I probably will upgrade before that, just because, you know, light, color, balance, aperture)

These have enough complaints Brand New.. And just 60 - 90 days from being able to purchase a 2014 model.. No way..
Just use the time to save up another $70.00 bucks and go for a Factory Fresh 2014 edition.

Don't think I could by another Asus product. Have the Transformer 700 and its nothing but problems. Sometimes I think it worse then when I had Windows Vista.

I just ordered this... we'll see about the quality.
Whenever I go to Bestbuy, the well used and handled Nexus 7's on display all appear to be holding up swimmingly.
I have never owned a tablet, if this thing turns me on, I'll looking into the higher end stuff.
(I'm using a Note 2 phone right I do kinda have a tablet, I guess)

I would say it doesn't matter if and when it gets replaced. It's still an awesome tablet, I use mine every day and I've never had a complain. How much better could a new one be? Maybe an 8" screen I suppose, but as far as an 11incher goes, the 2013 Nexus 7 is close to perfect.