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The Samsung Galaxy Tab is coming to America, HTC unleashes some sexiness on Europe, Angry Birds gives way to Fruit Ninja, plus a bunch of your e-mails and voicemails.

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Android Central Podcast Episode 30


I'd be very surprised if Samsung didn't know the pricing for this device. The fact is that they're running a BRILLIANT PR campaign by slowly leaking information and re-enforcing the Tab brand in the public eye. By the time this is ready to launch, people will be VERY aware of what the Tab is, and quite a bit of demand will be generated.

If you take a look at the amount of discussion this thing has around the web, Samsung is certainly making the right moves with releasing information. Consider that the Archos tablets (and all the others) were fully announced (including pricing), and are now rarely discussed.

I believe if they were going to price it competitively they would have already announced the price. But since all they are doing is hyping it and showing its capabilities there set to bring it in with a ridiculous price. This is the same S**T Sony pulls. Leaked photos, leaked specs, roumor,roumor,roumor, press conference with all the questions people want answered not answered, week before release the price comes out at 1 million dollars.