Nexus Wireless Charger

Get your fancy magnetized charger in more places globally

Google's second-generation wireless charger is now available in a handful of new countries. As announced by the Google Play Twitter account, folks in Australia, India, Japan and Korea can get their hands on the Qi-compatible charger that also packs magnets to keep your Nexus 5 stable during the charging process.

Pricing and shipping costs will of course vary across countries (it's $49.99 in the U.S.), but we're never going to turn down expanded availability of accessories from Google Play. Hit the Play Store link above if you're in one of the above countries and want to get your hands on the first-party charger.

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Nexus Wireless Charger now available in 4 new countries


Does this work with the Nexus 4, and if so, does it work better than the Nexus 4 charging orb? Mine basically connects whenever it wants to (usually takes 4-5 attempts), NEVER if the battery has at least 90% juice, and usually stops charging at about 96% for some inexplicable reason. Basically, it was a waste of money.

Wireless charger is cool. I have a nexus 4 and a RavPower Qi wireless charger. Simply put it on the charging pad and everything's done. It charges the tab automatically. Get it from Amazon for about $45.

Works wonderfully with the nexus 5, bit more cumbersome with the Nexus 7 - harder to find the charging sweet spot.

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