Google Nexus Q

This will affect, oh, maybe five or six of us, if our un-scientific poll is any indication, but it appears that preorders of Google's Nexus Q are now shipping.

The flip side to that, of course, is that Google has delayed the retail release of the Nexus Q to add some more functionality. But if you did slap down $299 -- which Google's not even going to charge you now -- look for your Nexus Q to be headed your way directly.

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rpankoe says:

Google's not charging that now?? I'll take one for free. :)

kwh32901 says:

I got the email saying it shipped, but it looks like I was charged for it.

yankele says:

Too late bro, this free price tag is only for those who pre ordered it. Now I wish I did, but I was waiting a few months and more real usability before buying... I guess now I'm forced to wait anyways.

The word directly at the end made me read this whole post over in Jules Winnfield's voice, am I the only one?

xolanir says:

So the Q glows cylon red too?!?! Nice!!!

SpookDroid says:

Red Ring of Death maybe? :P

SpookDroid says:

So Google makes these NEARLY at a loss... and now they're giving them away (if you pre-ordered)??!! Talk about aggressive market push... Nice! :)

bplewis24 says:

I'm happy to be one of the 6 that pre-ordered :)

Woldebeest says:

Got mine today :-) and I never win anything!

LadyDi says:

And all this time I thought it was a phone *slaps forehead*