Smartphone March Madness

Laptop Mag's Smartphone March Madness continues, and the Nexus One's taking on the Palm Pre. Seriously, folks, get over there and make this a no-contest, m'kay? [Laptop Mags]


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Nexus One takes on Palm Pre in March Madness


I am an Android fan and currently own and use 3 Android devices. With that being said... I am so voting for the Palm Pre Plus. My Pre executes flawlessly on my "Top 5" important features/usabilities list, something Android and the N1 cannot do just yet. Android rocks and I will never give up my Droid but I miss the Pre every time it is not with me.

And in the Android Tournament the Nexus One is destroying the MyTouch 3g so far its 142-27

But the Motorola Droid is getting upset by the Samsung Moment 108-92 so the finals may be the Nexus One vs the Moment unless the fans step in and save the Droid remember vote here:

And once again we have broken our own site visits record for the third straight day so we wanted to thank everyone again you guys are the best.

or just go to

Of course I voted for the N1 against the Pre on Laptop Mags, but on Android Tournament (even though I know the N1 is a more powerful phone) being a MTG3 owner, I just had to go with the underdog on that one... Maybe when my contract runs out.

guys jump on this. the nexus 1 is losing to the pre for goodness sake. just vote for android's gladiator. so we can see it go up against the iphone. and then fight android's king the "DROID"

The Pre is such a crappy phone. If you say the OS is nice I will friggin slap you. I probably got more "Too Many Cards" with just 1 friggin card open than I do Force Closes (especially now with 2.1 on my Hero). The only reason the Pre is winning is because of more users, not because of the device is better. The Pre is a year older (announced at CES 2009), has crappy hardware to match its crappy software. Absolute joke.