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The release date in the UK for the Google Nexus 7 tablet is creeping closer and closer, day by day. You can now pre order the new Android tablet from The Dixons Group which includes: Dixons, PC World and Currys. All three websites are currently showing the device as being expected in stock on the 19th July which is pretty much when we expected it.

Priced at £199 they are clearly only stocking the 16GB version which makes me wonder how popular the 8GB one will actually be. Have the retailers come to the same conclusion as many consumers that 8GB just isn't enough in this day and age?

The Dixons Group are only allowing pre-orders on their sites, which means you can't reserve one to collect at a local store. I wonder when we will see the Nexus 7 in person standing proud on the shelves of our shops? Lets hope very soon after the 19th.


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Nexus 7 now available to pre order in the UK from from the Dixons group


8GB would suit me down to the ground since I wouldn't use the storage for videos or the like, only apps and some media such as pictures. Even then, with no back-facing camera, it would only have images that I'd taken with my phone and synced to Dropbox.

It's been available to pre-order for a while now, in fact it was very popular to order from there recently as there was a free discount voucher that could be applied, as well as cashback from the usual cashback sites. Unfortunately the voucher has expired now.

Didn't they always plan for retailers to have the 16GB size only? I swear I remember reading this on here somewhere.

Sooo.. when does europe get it?

also. is this gona be the same with Gnex 34 GB? that isnt available in europe.(wel not at the start)

would be a damn schame.

The reason they went with the 16GB model is likely because this is the only model on which Google can profit share with them. Don't forget that Google makes nothing on the 8GB model.

I suspect that in most places, the 8GB model will not be available through normal retail channels.