Nexus 7 dock

Looks like we might finally (finally!) get that fabled Nexus 7 desktop dock. When last we saw this white whale, it was being unboxed a wee bit early, presumably snagged from an Asian retailer. Now, you can preorder it from B&H Photo for $39.99 each. No word on when, exactly, it'll ship, but this is another step in the right direction, even if it's not going to hit "early December."

Preorder the Nexus 7 dock from B&H Photo; via Ausdroid


Reader comments

Nexus 7 dock available for preorder at B&H Photo


Better a third party retail seller sell these because if Google would, it would turn out a complete disaster.

Hmm, wasn't really all that interested in a dock but I might pick this one up.

Question, why B&H? I mean nothing against it, it's a great store (bought a pair of headphones there, and just ordered a Blue Snowball mic today), just seems weird that a local New York retailer gets the first preorder instead of all the chain-stores...

Well, now it doesn't even give an option for pre-order so there must be some demand for it. Hopefully we'll see it on sale at other retailers soon, as the site now shows expected availability date of December 30th.