Nexus 5

Subsidized for $50-150 or $450-500 outright

Canada isn't the only place seeing expanded Nexus 5 availability today. As revealed in the carrier's launch-day press release, today's the day the Nexus 5 arrives on Sprint. Sprint's own site has the 16GB model for as little as $49.99 on a two-year plan, but only if you're switching an porting a number across. Elsewhere, Amazon and Best Buy have it for the standard subsidized price of $149.99. Amazon's selling the device on its own for $499.99, while Best Buy has it for a little less — $449.99. Sprint itself doesn't appear to be selling the N5 without a contract.

A quick refresher — Sprint's Nexus 5 is the same LG-D820 model sold on the U.S. Google Play Store that includes hardware support for other GSM, HSPA and LTE networks. It's unclear whether Sprint's subsidized version will be locked down in any way, though if you have a U.S. Play Store Nexus 5 you can activate that on Sprint. Naturally you'll pay more for a SIM-free Nexus 5 through Amazon or Best Buy than you will from Google, however with a waiting period of several weeks on the Play Store, doing so might get the phone in your hands a little quicker.

Anyone picking up a Nexus 5 on Sprint today? Shout out in the comments.

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Nexus 5 now available through Sprint, Amazon and Best Buy


Just received mine from Google play, shipping was a lot faster than I thought.

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Lol.. How is it deal to sign the contract? It's a deal to buy off contract from playstore and save on monthly plan cost by using a carrier like T-Mobile.

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Exactly +1000... Makes ZERO sense to not buy a N5 from GP store. Cheaper than ANY carrier/3rd party vendor AND get the Tmo $30 plan, your golden. Sprint plans, well, can't comment there, but all I gotta say is good luck with them. LMFAO!

If changing carriers is NOT an option, it's a great deal. If you are going to be paying the same over 24 months, why not pay the least amount for the device.

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Thank you for saying that! I feel some us dont feel the need to change a carrier every couple of months. What is the advantage if I already have a cheap carrier?

It's not cheaper to buy it through a carrier. It may be less out-of-pocket up front, but by the time you add up the up front cost and the monthly subsidy, the total cost will be more than buying it outright from Google.

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Yes, it is cheaper, because bringing your own device does NOT lower the monthly cost on Sprint. So you either bring your own device and pay the same for a plan, or you get the subsidy for the same plan. How is that not cheaper?

Furthermore, some of us get deep discounts on our plans, so my monthly on Sprint is the same as an unsubsidized T-Mobile plan. Couple that with a subsidized phone, and I am absolutely paying less overall.

Actually, Sprint does have a no-contract no subsidy plan plan, and it's cheaper. Look it up, $60 for unlimited anything, even minutes. If I didn't have such a large discount on the regular plan I'd be considering it, there's plenty of cheaper plans out there but I don't think any are fully unlimited and unthrottled.

My 23% discount puts Sprint's regular base plan (on contract) at $64 tho, so I might as well stick with it. I still bought the Nexus 5 from the Play store for $400 (64GB). Why? I'm in the middle of my contract so I can't renew and get it for $150, I do have the option to go with One Up or whatever they're calling it but that only works out in your favor if you're 100% positive you'll swap phones every 12 months (my EVO LTE lasted 15 or 16 before I got the upgrade itch).

Besides, in a couple of months I could buy a phone on contract (with the renewal discount) and resell it for a profit if I wanted to make up some of the cost, not that I really need to. I'll probably be keeping the Nexus for a while, and in all likelihood I'll stay with Sprint too, but now I have the option to try Tmo/AT&T next summer.

So yea, there's still plenty of reasons to both stick with Sprint (LTE's all over the place in Puerto Rico) and even to buy the Nexus unsubsidized regardless. Honestly, the number of people that can't look past their little bubble...

Edit: Also, my Nexus was tax free. It'd cost way more thru One Up if I decided not to keep it for two years...

You say you bought a 64 GB Nexus 5 for $400. Does that blow the credibility of your entire post? As well as all of your posts?

I obviously meant 32GB, simple mistake when you're using the same numbers all day. I couldn't care less if you really think that invalidates every other fact I stated, but it's pretty childish.

Not always correct. For instance, my brother and the rest of my family is on a sprint family plan with real unlimited data. he just jumped on this and at worst, if he decides to cancel his contract on the 15th day, he's out $400 for a Nexus 4 instead of $350. Except he only paid tax on $49.99 and not $349, also made up some of the difference with the free prime shipping.

But, lets forget all of that for a moment and say he's going to sign up for 2 years and keep this phone for two years. He's paying about $56/month which is much cheaper than what I'm paying on t-mobile AND he has the phone subsidized in his month cost whereas I do not.

I cannot speak for everyone but here is my plan

upgrade on 12/1 at best buy for $0. $150-$100 (price matching amazon) - $50 from mobile freedom.

my bill is ~$36 a month when divided off from my family plan with my brothers.

I think $864 for two years beats $1100 ($30x24months + $380 for phone from GP)

Some people can't afford to pony up $350 outright. $50 to get a device that stacks up against your $200+ subsidized devices is a much better deal for them.

Sure, contracts suck, but guess what? If they weren't working they would have already gone away. They aren't. Ever.

I don't disagree with that, but well informed or not, unless someone has been planning on buying this phone for the past year and has had the wherewithall to sock away money for it at every opportunity, most people don't have a disposible income of $350-$400 to drop on a piece of tech. Do you think people that go out and buy video game systems do so on impulse? I would venture to say the majority of them who buy these things on impulse either do so on credit (which is idiotic): the rest have been have been planning to do so since the release date was announced, and they've made adjustments to their lives accordingly.

Also, not everyone has the luxury to leave a carrier, for reasons that sometimes go beyond simple contract obligations.

I agree but for people living outside the US, the only way to obtain the phone is through online retailers like Amazon. Obviously if you live in the USA the most logical thing is to purchase it off the Play Store or on contract . Nexus phones just don't have that geographical reach that it should and it's a hassle to import one if you don't reside in the US or UK.

Edit: It's still a darn good deal as an unlocked phone though compared to say... a Galaxy s4

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Smh. I ran downstairs to login to my account. Before I logged in $49. After $ says you have to go in store to see about the one up program.

No you will pay crazy amount for the next 2 years and be in contract with useless carriers.

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You'd pay over $500 when you add the price the contract adds.

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Because you get tons of Amazon gift cards from work as rewards and perks? Pretty much free money so paying 20% more isn't a big deal.

Actually, it does on its individual device page. It's listed in the price breakdown for the rebate. Sprint is asking $449. It doesn't state whether it's for a 16 or 32gb. I wouldn't spend an extra $100 because the Play store is backed up.

My Nexus 5 is sitting at home ready for me to unbox it! It's also making my boyfriend jealous as he has to wait a few more weeks to get his :p

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I went into the Sprint store this morning and was told that this version will not work on the other networks. The guy read it off the box.

Which means Sprint might have carrier locked theirs. If that's so, it can be unlocked after it's paid off.

The tech/sales person is WRONG! The phone will work with AT&T as well as T-Mobile. It's exactly the same phone sold through the Google Play Store.

That would be great but I just want to be sure. If the Sprint service in my area does not improve I want to be able to take this phone to ATT in June

I bought my N5 from the Google Play Store and activated while in the Sprint Store after the tech told me that I wouldn't be able to... This is new ground for Sprint and its employees, just be patient and enjoy your new phone!

Lol yeah I bought mine yesterday at Sprint and paid full price. The sales guy didn't even know what phone I was talking about, I literally had to walk him to it.

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Lol yeah I bought mine yesterday at Sprint and paid full price. The sales guy didn't even know what phone I was talking about, I literally had to walk him to it.

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When you make your move, check out Gophone. I am loving it and saving a bunch of money.

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I think your sales person is uninformed. To my understanding there are only two versions US - European/ LG- D820- LG-D821. " A quick refresher — Sprint's Nexus 5 is the same LG-D820 model sold on the U.S. Google Play Store that includes hardware support for other GSM, HSPA and LTE networks. (Likewise, if you have a U.S. Play Store Nexus 5 you can activate that on Sprint.)" If Sprint is suggesting otherwise that's shameful.

"I've also watched c-beams glitter in the dark near Tannhäuser Gate."

It really seems like noone has any idea on this one. I went to another Sprint store and there happened to be an LG rep there who knew basically nothing about the phone. The rep in the store told me it was a Sprint specific phone and the packaging suggested that as well. That's the only think that worries me is that the box says it was built for the Sprint Network.

I didn't read through ALL of the replies, so excuse me if this has already been addressed.

I literally just activated a Nexus 5 from Best Buy (Sprint model) on T-Mobile, no problems.

The only issue I had was there isn't a tool included to remove the SIM tray. Got that sorted, removed the Sprint SIM, and put in my T-Mobile SIM from my GS3.

I'm currently using the Nexus 5, no problems.

Edit: The box from Best Buy doesn't have any mention of Sprint on it. The SIM that was included was a Sprint SIM, obviously, and the manuals were from Sprint as well.

Hmmmm... May have to go check on this today. I ordered one through Google Play last night but they're 3-4 weeks out. If Best Buy matches I'll get one and cancel my order.

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This is speculation, but even if they were willing to match the price in the first place, they often will not match if the item is out of stock at said other place.

I have my doubts because of what it says in their low price guarantee as far as it needing to be a designated major online retailer. It lists several, none of which is the Google Play store. But who knows, could be one of those things where it depends on the employee you're dealing with.

No, they are only selling the 16GB. You can buy the 32GB from the Play Store and activate it on their network though, assuming you can manage to track down a SIM card from Sprint.

That's great issue I'm having. No one has them locally, and Sprint has them on back order. I've found that calling is useless, I wasn't actually assisted until starting an online chat with Sprint International.

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I had to go through the same thing with my HTC one I bought off of eBay. None of my local stores had a hem in stock and calling the normal customer service was of no help. It wasn't until I was connected with international services that I was shipped out a sim card.

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That's the problem I had. No sprint stores carry the Sim card yet. That's why I switched...

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Sure they do, they just don't carry them in bulk and the employees have no clue. It took like half an hour to get mine but the employees went out of their way to figure it out, I'm pretty sure they just pulled it from another phone or something. They gave me the SIM in the large credit card sized card it comes with, but it had been previously removed from it (they gave it to me taped down with scotch tape).

Good thing I didn't wait for Amazon in the hopes of saving the taxes and shipping. It would've been about $62 more and I wouldn't be on my 5th day of ownership now.

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You can say that again. This means that T-Mobile will most likely increase the price also by at least $100. The playstore is still the best place to get it. Unless best buy price matches off contract phones. I know they stopped price matching on contract phones at beginning of year.

Went in to a Sprint store yesterday with my play store N5 to get a SIM and activate it. They had the N5 in stock but no SIMs. When I asked them how they activate them they said they can't. I watched a salesman try to sell one to a customer and explain that he couldn't use it on the Sprint network yet.

After calling Sprint to get a SIM mailed to me they said it would be at least 10 days and the warehouse was back ordered on SIMs. Nice launch Sprint, they are a joke of a carrier.

Meanwhile my N5 is working great on Straight Talk.

Yup. Stuff like this is the reason I plan on ditching sprint after 20 years

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yup i was with Sprint since 2008 and i just ported away. they were a good value but AT&T GoPhone is now so much better.

Just keep it on straight talk or take it to tmobile. I just ordered my an xperia z for tmobile and will be ordering an n5 for the wife to replace her one s. I will be testing out my tmobile account all week and making my decision on paying the $110 etf I have with sprint.

Yeah, if Sprint doesn't fix the LTE issues plaguing a lot of people with the Nexus 5 I am gone after my contract expires in March. I'll just use this phone until then on the horrible 3G they have and switch to T-mobile. There is a reason Sprint is the one of 4 major carriers losing customers and this launch is really highlighting it.

i would like to see some accessories show up in the retail stores. i have my eye on the Nexus 5 OEM wireless charging pad. i'd like too see it show up in the Play Store too.

I'm curious... Does anyone know if someone on the Sprint Family and Friends plan with an eligible upgrade can get this phone for the $50 deal?

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Not true. They seem to be tossing that "discount" around but it's just a discount. the phone is $100 if you're upgrading. $50 at BB

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The TMobile 30 dollar plan is amazing. I was really skeptical about going prepaid but very happy with the decision now. If anyone is skeptical, the best part about GSM is that you can try it out a month and if you don't like the service you just pop in a new SIM and be on your way.

I don't know if this is true but another blog reported that Tmobile told them you had to buy the Nexus 5 from Walmart and activate it on Tmobile website to get this plan. They were saying if you bought from Google Play you would not be eligible. So just double check. I assume if you're already on the plan, you could just switch your SIM

Because I've yet to see it mentioned, RadioShack has them priced at $129 with a 2 year agreement. That's the black 16gb, but my local store didn't have any in stock as of yesterday. They're supposed to be able to order the white model by the end of the month, too.

This is still on Sprint, of course.

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I tried switching my note 2 to my nexus 5 with sprint with no luck. Sprint stores don't have the Sim cards required yet. So I took my number and went to Att pre paid.

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Nexus 5 + SIM card only providing 3G - no LTE

3 days ago in Nexus 5
I should preface this with the fact that, yes, I am in an area covered by Sprint's LTE network

Yesterday I went to a Sprint store (not a third-party, 'authorized retailer') who activated my phone and provided a SIM. Phone works fine for the most part, I can place calls through Sprint's network and receive data -- however I can't access anything beyond 3G. I never get an LTE signal, despite there being good coverage most places I have been. Using SignalCheck Lite confirms that I have 'No Connection" to any LTE networks.

I have gone into Settings > Wireless & Networks> Mobile Networks > Network Mode and have tried both "Global' and "LTE" for preferred network modes. I have also updated my PRL/system profile.

Do I perhaps have the wrong SIM provided by the Sprint store? I have a SIMGLW206R

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I would call customer service and make sure that the sim card was sent to the system correctly.

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If that person enters *#*#4636#*#* then changes the mode to LTE only the LTE will work, however you lose voice doing that. It is something on Sprints end not allowing some people to get on LTE if CDMA is enabled at the same time.

*#*#data#*#* (get your msl # from Sprint) select LTE and edit enable LTE bands 25 26 and 41. That will get it going.

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I was hoping to get it through Amazon. Seeing as the want their cut to, i'll just pass on them to. Yes we all want this phone, that doesn't mean we have to take the butt hurt from them.

Don't buy it at Wirefly unless you want a nasty surprise. They are actually selling the 16GB, but have it listed as 32GB along with a bunch of other incorrect specs. As an added bonus, when I called their customer service to try and help them out they hung up on me.

Has anyone tried activating a Sprint Nexus 5 on another carrier? I know they are supposed to be the same but I'm curious to see if Sprint locked the SIM down.

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Picked up a Nexus5 @ Best Buy this morning... I'm going with T-Mobile pre paid. Anybody need a Sprint SIM? LOL (it came pre loaded with one)

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Send Me a pic of the Sim card to see of its the same one I was sent by sprint if not I would like to get it from u ?

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What's going on with that price bump on it? Isn't it 350 and 400 at Google play without contract? Just wondering.

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You're right. It's greed on the part of Sprint.

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I don't see the Nexus 5 on Amazon - I only see cases. But why would you buy it from Amazon if they're charging more than Google Play. If you're gonna buy from a website, buy the cheaper price

I can confirm for sure the Sprint Nexus 5 sold at Best buy works with AT&T. I bought one today and made sure it worked before walking out the door. Only thing is that it doesn't bring a sim ejection tool because it has a Sprint Sim inserted already.

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They are backordered from Sprint. Sure they will ship them for free, but it will take several weeks to get it. If you aren't using the provided sprint sim, you could sell it on eBay.

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Did the employee tell you that the Nexus 5 is locked to Sprint?
I had gone and they told me that. Did you also order from the Best Buy website and pick it up at the store?

Picked up a black 16gb from best buy Friday morning, they only had 2 in stock. I traded in my wife's old 4s so it was free. Really enjoying the stock android experience.

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Do you have a link to Amazon because I cannot find the Nexus 5 anywhere on their site when i do a search - only screen protectors come up. And are they matching Google Play price