Red Nexus 5

Odin Mobile sells wireless devices and service for the visually impaired, and just started carrying the Nexus 5. For $399, subscribers get the handset and a month of usability support over the phone, though you can skip the service and save $40. Devices are preloaded with a smattering of accessibility apps set up, which is a nice touch. One of them is Talkback, which is actually baked into Android, and allows users to get audio queues about which apps their finger is hovering over.

Unlimited plans start at $40, which you can sign up for at Odin Mobile’s web store. Do you guys know anybody that’s blind and has issues with using their phone? How do they get around it?

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Nexus 5 now available from Odin Mobile, speciality carrier serving the visually impaired


Visually impaired doesn't necessarily mean totally blind. It can also mean that I see shapes and colors, but have a hard time seeing texts and smaller items.

Thanks AC for keeping in tune with disability/impared community.

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My sister is blind and I'm not sure anyone in her community uses anything but an iOS device. All evidence I've seen is that Apple is about 1000x more dedicated to accessibility than Google. An iPhone is actually very usable, right out of the box if you're totally blind. It's amazing.