Red Nexus 5

Red model pictured as fresh information comes to light

It's looking more likely this morning that Google and LG could release the Nexus 5 in additional colors, after a flurry of online activity in the past 24 hours. First came videos and pictures claiming to show the new colors in the Google Play Store, though these showed telltale signs of being little more than Photoshop jobs based on existing renders. But since then the first compelling photographic evidence has emerged, and one reliable individual in the smartphone community is saying there's some truth behind the rumors.

Firstly, Vietnamese outlet VietnamNet has today published a photo of a "sample" version of the Nexus 5 in red, adding that it'll become available along with a yellow version in late February or March. The shot shows a very bright shade of red, not unlike the color used on some Nokia Lumia phones, on the back of a Nexus 5 with black accents. While this sort of shot wouldn't be impossible to fake, it looks a lot more like what we'd expect from a red Nexus 5.

Meanwhile MoDaCo's Paul O'Brien tweets that (original) colored Nexus 5 leaks are "nowhere near representative" of the "actual products," saying that there are "surprises to come." And for sure, the red Nexus 5 photo out of Vietnam looks nothing like the earlier renders. We'll have to wait and see what lies ahead, but for now the possibility of new Nexus 5 colors landing in the next month or two seems plausible.

In the meantime, hit the comments and let us know whether you'd pick up a Nexus 5 in red — or yellow, or any other color.

Source: VietnamNet via PhoneArena; @PaulOBrien


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New Nexus 5 colors looking more likely following latest leaks


Wonder if they'll let me trade my white one for a coloured one. Or at least let me change the white shell to a coloured shell

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The answer to that is no way in hell. That would be like Audi letting you trade in a 6 month old car because they have a new color. Its utterly ridiculous to even think this would be an option.

The answer to you is: there is 'no way in hell' that you could be ruder.

In actual reply to you, Mo ZedEl, there no way that they would let you 'trade your phone in for a new one'. What COULD happen (but again, probably won't), is they let you send your phone in for a nominal amount and they will change the backing for you.
What will probably happen is that replacement backs will become available on eBay and such. You could buy it there and somehow replace it yourself.

No need to be rude, impule101.

I agree with you.

And as far as rude or not, sometimes people need to wake up out of fairy land. Stupid entitlement society thinking.

A couple weeks after release you will be able to find genuine replacements on ebay in the color you want. Removing the back is easy. I highly doubt google would change the front to a different color so simply swapping the back for a different color would be easy and cost around $25. I think I paid $25 for mine and it is genuine and even came with the vibrator which is attached to the cover.

It's a similar shade of red, but the bumper adds a lot of bulk to the sides of the N5 that's not present in this shot.

I would definitely like to trade in my black nexus 5 for one with a yellow or a cool dark purple one...but I wouldn't want it have that glossy finish that the white one had...from the looks of the pic it looks like that won't be the "case"(get it?!? Lol)

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I had a white and a black N5, preferred the white (sans white earpiece...but whatever) for a bit of a change and it's hardly "glossy." Not QUITE as soft touch as the black, but it's soft touch nonetheless. Just saying.

I know what u mean Contejas..maybe I'm a bit biased towards the black one haha...and thank you,thank you ZackMack7 I'm here all week lol

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I won't get my hopes up. With my luck it will only be available as the non-US model ;).

It is a nice color though.

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If this cubes true, I'll be glad that I didn't buy the nexus 5 yet. Blue, please!!

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I always find myself a little tempted by color options, but then quickly reverting to basic black when it actually comes down to it. Somehow those bright colors make a phone look like a toy to me, while my black Nexus 5 looks like the monolith from 2001: A Space Odyssey! Just because I use it to watch funny cat videos doesn't mean it isn't full of mysterious power and ready to jumpstart the next big evolutionary change in mankind...

I too am in ove with my black on black Nexus 5 even bought a black bumper..... but then again my closet is filled with nothing but black shirts and grey jeans..... hahah

That red is just a little too bright. I like the red HTC uses (Evo, DInc, Rezound, DNA).. THAT with black trim would be the shit. Real talk. I actually wish the black one came with red trim. I would sell mine which is in perfect condition still and only a month old.

Nice, but I pretty much hate this trend of additional color options months after a device is initially released. I tend to prefer the new colors. I guess it's a great way to boost later quarter sales. However, I'll likely wait to buy my next smartphone rather than being one of the first to purchase if this continues.

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I hope there's a blue one. I would stop being a holdout on Nexus phones and buy one if they offer it in blue.

I thought it would have been kind of cool if they'd released the Nexus 4 with a variety of glitter colors on the back. It would've looked pretty slick with the white glitter replaced with dark red or dark purple, I think.

I like this renewed trend of color options but I do wish it would be at launch they offer things like this. Then again I haven't got my Nexus 5 yet so now I just have more options to think about. :)

I like my power tool Black. , No reason to invite theft. Now if they would just admit that the R speaker is not there and replace the old (or new really).... I might trade it for another color

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It's taken two months to decide if I want a Nexus or not so finally I ordered the 32gb black, should have waited longer. New colours on the horizon might have swayed me from the black nexus.

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This looks more like its just a N5 with the OEM case that is already available in red and yellow in addition to black and gray. The edges look more squared off similar to the N5 with case, I have the OEM case in gray

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Wonder if this marks a move by Google to turn the Nexus line into a more consumer relevant device. I can't imagine they would do that and still not move to heavily market the Nexus line as a mass market item.