Mystery phone

Like our tipster, at first glance we were sure this was a stretched out LG Optimus S when it showed up in some Sprint training materials with no explanation or even a hint attached.  But after a closer look at the buttons, and the area where the screen ends towards the bottom, we're pretty sure it isn't. 

We know that LG has something in the works for Mobile World Congress, but the leaks we've seen of the Optimus 3D don't match up either.  It's not the Optimus Black, or the Optimus 2X that we are currently fondling have for a review either.  In short, we have no idea what it is.  It could be some sort of crazy render -- we've all seen those before, but Sprint has been so quiet about their 2011 line-up we have to wonder if this is something we'll see at their Magical event on Feb 7.  In the end, we decided to share it so we can all discuss it together.  Hit the Android Central Rumored Device forums and share your conspiracy theories and thoughts.  Thanks anon tipster! 


Reader comments

Another mystery phone destined for Sprint? (Or just random presentation fodder?)


I wonder what it is....

Either way, MY superbowl is tomorrow, haha.

Cant wait to see what Sprint's coming out with.

Come on you guys, it's just the Optimus S except the buttons are in a different layout. It's probably just bad Photoshop.

The Optimus S has the Sprint logo on the top and the LG logo below the screen. This device also looks thinner.

I'm all for Android, but does anyone else have a problem with all these phones having different button layouts?

Yep, right here! I'd like to see 2 things standardized in Android: the Android buttons and stock Android skin option on all phones.

Very possible it could the the Optimus 3D or 2x with a different casing, much like the Sprint version of the HTC Hero was different than TMO's.

The buttons being different is a minor annoyinance, but not that big of a deal.

I'm amazed by how similar the form factor looks (whether it's stretched out or not, this is what it looks like), it looks like an LG Rumor form factor, which was a horizontal flip with QWERTY keyboard and a smaller screen when you flipped it open. Maybe an updated, Android version of that?