Netflix for Android tablets

We told you it was coming on last week's podcast (just another reason you need to listen to the Greatest Android Podcast in the World), and today Netflix has made official its redesign Android tablet app. Gone is the scaled-up phone app, and arrived is a tablet-optimized UI that gives you better access to movies and TV shows.

The update's not just for traditional Android tablets -- the Nook Tablet and Kindle Fire will get in on the game as well.

Source: Netflix


Reader comments

Netflix launches redesigned Android tablet app


I find it very laggy on my Xoom. I do like the popup information when you tap on a movie. Always seems to be an issue with developers anymore. Looks nice but preforms bad. Guess I can't complain. They do not have to make it at all

I am still seeing the same thing (version 1.5.2) on both my Xoom and Nexus One, both running stock Android. Is the new version described in this post supposed to be available in the normal Android Market?

Haven't checked the update yet on my Toshiba Thrive, however we have every right to complain because we PAY for the service. Netflix is obligated to deliver an app that works flawlessly, no excuses !

Has anyone else had an issue with aspect ratios? It seems when I watch TV shows the image is cropped, and often times the title credits or characters will only appear partially in the frame. It's is pretty irritating....almost like the video is coming off Netflix in 16:9 but the app only allows 4:3 viewing.

Anyone else see this? I'm running the app on my Sony Tablet S.

I'm seeing the same thing on my Sony Tablet S. I was just searching to see if there was any work-around for it since there doesn't seem to be any in-app settings. I'll probably try contacting Netflix support to see if they have anything to try. Will post back h here if I hear anything.