Galaxy S5 and iPhone

Get set up and running with these handy hints!

If you're picking up a new Samsung Galaxy S5 and moving from a past life with an iPhone, then there's some questions you might have. Firstly, welcome! We hope you enjoy your new Galaxy S5, but likewise we know that changing platform can be daunting at first.

But we're here to help. After the break you'll find some helpful links, tips, tricks and apps to help you get up and running before you really start to explore.

On your old iPhone, there's every possibility that your contacts, calendars and email were handled by iCloud. Moving to a Galaxy S5 will require a Google account and with it a Gmail account. But that doesn't mean you need to totally leave behind all your iCloud stuff, at least, not to begin with anyway. It's easy to move your contacts over to Google, as well as sync your iCloud email account and calendars to your new Galaxy S5. Check out the links below to see how.

Also, when it comes to iCloud email, popular iOS mail app, Mailbox, just launched on Android. It handles both Gmail and iCloud, so while the method linked above works just great for the stock email app on your phone, Mailbox is also worth consideration!

When it comes to your media there are also a few things you can do to make life easy. If you're a long time iPhone owner then you've likely got a lot of music in iTunes, right? No matter, getting it onto your new Galaxy S5 is pretty straightforward.

If you're completely halting using your iPhone, then naturally we'd recommend manually backing up all your photos to your computer. But if you want access to them all straight away on your new Galaxy S5, perhaps consider using a cloud service. Dropbox, Google+ and Flickr are just three of the popular options which have similar support across both iOS and Android. But there are plenty of options out there.

You'll also want to take action to turn off iMessage on your iPhone as soon as you can before firing up your Galaxy S5. A known – and exceedingly frustrating – issue where folks can't get messages because iMessage tries to intercept anything sent to you from an iPhone. Luckily, there's an easy fix which we've linked below.

Hopefully that helps you get up and running and covers off the basics. Many of your favorite apps and services from your iPhone will be available in the Google Play store and if they're not, there's likely an alternative. If you've picked up any tips and tricks of your own in the moving process, be sure to share them with us in the comments below!


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Moving to a Samsung Galaxy S5 from an iPhone? Here's what you need to know!


Isn't there an issue with moving away from imessage as well? I seem to recall people not getting text messages after the move.

Posted via Android Central App using an LG G2.


Definitely worth putting in the article to turn iMessage off before switching. Just forgot to do so before I switched into my Moto X and now I'm having texting problems.

Posted via Android Central App

and turn off iMessage on your daughter moved to a moto X a few months ago! She loves it! Especially since I send her some spending money with Google Wallet!

Another thing this story could have talked about is Smart Switch that Samsung offers (or HTCs if you were to buy a One). Smart Switch is an Android App that Samsung developed that will pull everything from an iphone including your iCloud data. Super easy, and takes hardly anytime at all.

Yeah... and they have recently updated Smart Switch so that it can pull all of your information directly from iCloud, iTunes, or any other Android device.

Samsung Smart Switch is definitely the easiest/best way to move all of your info over from your previous device.

Posted via Android Central App

Yep. The only thing that still needs to be done manually is pulling iTunes music from iCloud and into MP3 formats, but there are apps that can sync that as well, DoubleTwist comes to mind right off. Everything in the article is an over complication and completely unneeded.

Actually, you can backup your iPhone into iTunes and any DRM-free music will be transferred using Smart Switch. It won't transfer from iCloud but it is supposed to work with an iTunes backup file.

I can't verify this as I've never used an iPhone and I refuse to use iTunes, but based on what I've read it should have that functionality.

Would be hard for me to ever switch platforms. I would imagine not many people do or the people who do have not really purchased many apps. I don't know how much money worth of apps I have bought but to have to buy it all again on another platform wouldn't be good.

More people live in both camps than you might think. I know many iPhone users that have a Nexus 7 because you can't beat the value. Conversely, I know many Android phone users that own iPads and think they are the bees knees as far as tablets go. Google has made a fantastic effort in making sure their Play content is accessible across platforms. Sure, in-app purchases aren't available in iOS, but I can access all my books, music, and movies via my wife's iPad.

Or three camps! Lol! The windows 8.1 update is pretty sweet as I am hoping the WP 8.1 will be also. Makes it easy to move between devices. Just wish I could clone the SIM card so I would not have to switch it!

Sent from my Moto X!

Or three including BlackBerry!!! Or maybe that's just me...

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I definitely share your sentiments because I don't like the iPhone but I like the ipad and currently own an ipad 2. I've got a samsung galaxy note 3 which I absolutely love because it doubles as a tablet when I'm commuting and much more convenient than the ipad. But when I'm home the iPad's larger screen is better for browsing or watching videos while sitting on the couch. The only gripe I have with the ipad is that since the upgrade to IOS 8 the performance has degraded significantly.

I switched and it was easy. HOwever if you do have a lot of expensive apps, then that is part of the cost of moving.I am looking to restore notes data. Not sure which way to go.

I just recently switched to a Galaxy S4 from an iPhone 5s, and I can say that this is great advice. I still have an iPad mini, so I do still use iCloud heavily. With that in mind, I got Smoothsync for iCloud Calendars and Contacts. Each sync connector lets me use my iCloud account on my GS4 easily and quickly. I then unchecked the Contacts and Calendar sync for the Gmail sync account. I do use my Gmail account for email.

Dropbox has always worked great for me for cloud storage of photos. I used it on my iPhone 5s, and it works even better on the GS4, since photos automatically upload to dropbox as soon as I take then, even without opening the Dropbox app. On the iPhone, you have to open the Dropbox app for the upload to begin.

One thing to remember about iMessage. If someone texts you to your new GS5 at your phone number, and you have another iDevice like an iPad, make sure to uncheck your phone number in iMessage settings on the iPad, so that texts go to your GS5 instead of your iPad. I know, haters will say, just ditch the iPad, but some of us like both our GS4 and our iPad.

Don't worry about people telling you to ditch the iPad. The main advantage of Android is choice, even if that "choice" means using an iOS device, too. Welcome to Android.

I've had this problem too. I switched from an iPhone 5s to a Note 3 and turned off imessage on both my iPad and iPhone before making the switch and I still have people finding it difficult to text me without first trying to send it as an imessage :-(
Posted via Android Central App

Uh........i have to go the opposite. Work just handed me a nice (not) green 5c. From a note a 5c....Our company went from google to apple mobile apps. I'm on vacation this week and have refused to activate it to the last second! They did however say i can keep my note 3 and do as i wish with i may be that guy again with 2 phones.

I usually am drinking while posting here.....sorry

What we need is a New Article that tells us how to go from a Samsung TO iPhone.
With the advent of KitKat and it's 4.4.2 the joy and simplicity of Double Twist just transferring music & movies into the SD card IS GONE!!!!
Sure you can still do a work around ...if you want (and now HAVE TO) take the time to do it.....but who would willing buy a product that makes you life tougher.
Google said we had a choice..... "Make it Easy...or Secure" then they made the choice for us.
As soon as the 5.5 screen IPhone 6 comes out....I'm going back to "Easy & Safe" although I did enjoy the days when my Samsung 3, 4, Note 2, Note 3 were that way.
They sure know how to ruin a good thing.
NOT SAMSUNG'S FAULT...although they could patch it instead of forcing those that love third party programs and want choice from having to Root a phone to get it.

You really believe the iphone 6 will come two MUCH larger sizes than the 5s (being 4.7"/5.5" screens)? Cooks isn't jobs but I'd prepare yourself for a surprise. Same rumor every year...

That is probably why there might be bigger iPhones. Cook isn´t Jobs, who was rather stubborn and stuck in his ways.

Does this also mean you'll be paying $100-$200 price for the increased storage models on the iPhone? If a 16 GB Samsung didn't satisfy you for your music storage, then a 16 GB iPhone won't be any better. Have you tried purchasing the 32 GB model phones on Android devices, or is that also not enough for you? If that's the case, then it means you're willing to pay $400 for a contract phone or $850 for a non-contract phone.

Posted via Android Central App

I think you may be over-reacting just a bit, here.

Apps *can* still write to the SDCard, they are just limited in *where* they can write. There were/are definitely some apps that needed to be updated to deal with the change and 3rd party file managers are going to be an issue, but there is *no* reason that any app can't transfer movies and music to your Android device's SDCard on 4.4.2, so long as that app is written properly.

You are, of course, welcome to jump ship and go it iPhone. But how, exactly, is that an improvement on this situation?

Let me get this straight, you are leaving android because you loose SD card features as a function of choise to iPhones because of what again?....... "iPhone 6 at 5.5" will have SD Card features and gives you tons of choises?"

You can download an app called Smart Switch that helps with migrating. An insert came in the S5 box about it.

It'll explain how to get it and what it transfers.
Posted via Samsung Galaxy S5

Am I the only one who finds it a little funny and a lot sad that, after all the lawsuits, Apple made iOS 7 look more like TouchWiz than TouchWiz already looked like iOS 6?

Samsung makes the switch from iPhone to Galaxy even easier for you. Just download the Smart Switch Mobile app from the Google Play store. It will connect directly to a user's iCloud account and pull down all your data right onto your shiny new Galaxy phone. It's like magic!!

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We at Samsung also have an app that is available in the play store called Smart Switch where all you have to do it sign in to the apple I'd and it will port everything over.

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Nice, helpful article thank you!
Wish I had had something like this three-four years ago when I switched over to Android! :-)
(Even back then, DoubleTwist was especially helpful early on to get the music moved correctly.)
You might think of doing a similar piece for moving from Windows phone, too!

I just bough an S5 (I've only ever had iPhones before this) and I cant get my laptop to recognise it? I have a Macbook Pro. I've got an SD card in my S5 as well but it just never show up as a connected device? Even that Android Transfer app just keeps saying that it's not connected...... Can anyone help me with this? Learning to use an Android is almost like learning a new language!! haha

Make sure you don't have Kies installed on your Mac. I had the same problem. Uninstalled Kies (not by dragging it to the trash, running the launcher and clicking uninstall) then voila!!

Is it possible to transfer my paid apps from iTunes/4S to my new Samsung G5? I don't want to have to buy several all over again.

Hey guys. Just picked up an s5 yesterday, so very new to all of this. I used smart switch to bring my iPhone stuff over to my Samsung. Unfortunately, anytime I try to delete old text messages in the samsung texting app the "deleting" menu pops up and stays stuck in a loop until I manually close the app. Any suggestions?

Be careful when you transfer your iMessages because I transferred 30,000 messages because I never deleted them and it made my galaxy s5 HORRIBLY LAGGY and it would crash when I tried to delete the messages so if you can, try to delete some of your messages from your iPhone (or set it to one year on message memory). It was a huge pain in the butt and I would definitely not recommend it.

I have an iphone., and I am getting ready to switch to a Samsung s6, is there anything I should do ahead of time, to transfer everything over?