Motorola Droid Bionic

While we wouldn't have blamed you for thinking ICS was the end of the road for the Droid Bionic, a Motorola Support page now indicates that a Jelly Bean update is on its way in Q2 2013. The handy little tool that Motorola introduced last year to help people find out about upcoming updates on their device reveals the information when selecting the Bionic from a list of support devices. As pointed out by Droid-Life, prominently at the bottom of the page it listsĀ "Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean) upgrade rollout expected to begin Q2 2013."

Now that's a pretty darn vague window, if true, to have the update "start" somewhere in the next three months, but we're not going to look this gift horse in the mouth. If it does come true, there are going to be some seriously happy Bionic owners out there.

Source: Motorola


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Motorola support page indicates Droid Bionic to receive Jelly Bean in Q2 2013


Like it or not, but 2013 has turned out to be the year of the updates so far for Verizon.

With our two year contracts starting to run in May, this should make the three people still using the Bionic by July happy.

This isn't a huge surprise. The bionic has been a terrible phone but at least each update it gets better. The hardware is meh but was incredible when it came out.

I still have the Droid bionic. Just upgraded to the official ics after house of bionic thingie (thanks). I would take jelly bean but my contract is up in September so I dunno I'd stay with this phone.

LMAO..what a friggin waste! About 1yr/3months too late, stupid VZW. I bet they will only get like 4.0/4.1 JB... LOL! Dropped this phone like a hot potato for my awesome Nexus 4. F the carriers and their stupid holdups. This phone's hardware is sorely outdated and lagged so f-ing much when I had both phones for 2 months before finally jumping Big Red. Good riddance!

That phone was a piece of crap when I got it and I ended up sending it back for a Rezound. I'm sorry but I got sick of re-downloading apps that kept disappearing every day and using a 3rd party launcher on it was weird to say the least. It's nice that it's getting JB but it should've been a better phone to begin with and maybe I woulda kept it.. My contract is up this summer/fall so it's not like I woulda enjoyed it too much anyway smh..

only takes a year to get a small update.

Sorry but not acceptable at all. It is motofail for a reason.

12 months to do a small update is not a good excuse. Hell it is said that Verizon moto phones seem to be the only ones that get any support and even that is crap.

Lastly one can expect how they treated the Atrix 4G. They will wait until the end and magically it will be no update and support ends at 4.0

Psh...running CM10.1 with a kexec kernal. Rocking 4.2.2 and could care less what moto does at this point.

Guess my experience is a little different. The issues w/ the updates aside, it's been a great phone w/ no issues whatsoever. I certainly hope to spend a little quality JB time on it before I'm due to upgrade. After seeing my wife's Razr in action for the last year...all I can say is I'm glad I didn't wait for that garbage.

Yup, gonna hate it forever and keep saying it is a POS no matter what you or anyone else says that seems to "love" it and love VZW's brown eye. LMAO. While everyone else moves on to better phones/software, have fun staying back 2yrs+

What about it was a POS? obviously if you compare it to today]s standards it wasn't the best but thats any phone a year and a half ago. I got it the day it came out never had a single problem and only got rid of it because I cracked the screen and Asurion sent me a Razr. Not everyone wants to early terminate their contracts so they can have the latest and greatest only for the next best thing to come out a week later.

Sidenote: didn't the forums used to have a "Tip Us" button? We were talking about the update to the status page in our Bionic Jelly Bean thread back on 3/22. :)