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Long-suffering Motorola Droid Bionic owners, your Ice Cream Sandwich update has finally arrived. The Bionic, which has languished on Gingerbread since its release last fall, is today being bumped up to Android 4.0.4 via an over-the-air upgrade.

Reports from the Android Central forums indicate that the Bionic ICS update is now being sent out the masses, following a short soak test.

Unfortunately, it looks like the phone isn't on Motorola's Jelly Bean update roadmap, so Bionic owners will be running 4.0.4 for the foreseeable future. Regardless, ICS is a significant step up from Gingerbread, so Bionic owners will want to grab it right away.

If you're still rocking a bionic, hit the comments let us know how you're getting on with today's update.

Source: Android Central forums


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Motorola Droid Bionic Ice Cream Sandwich update now rolling out


Alex, pls edit your post...Bionic IS getting JB as shown in the link you posted:

DROID RAZR M (XT907) -- before 2013
DROID RAZR HD (XT926) -- before 2013
DROID RAZR MAXX HD (XT926) -- before 2013
DROID 4 (XT894)
MOTOROLA XOOM WiFi-Only (MZ604) -- July 2012
MOTOROLA XOOM WiFi + 3G/LTE (MZ600/MZ602) -- Q4 2012

glad to see that Motorola's priorities are clearly outlined, and the Atrix and photon lines are still taking a backseat to Verizon's offerings.

Nexus or nothing from now on...

Motorola posted on Facebook that it would. And seeing as it's not a huge change over Ice Cream Sandwich, I don't see why they wouldn't put Jelly Bean on it.

by the time they would give it both key lime will be out and no one will own the device anymore. it's a waste of time.

so you went from "it will never get jb" to "by the time they would give it..." which is it? Aren't you one of those people who always said it would never get ICS in the first place? The skepticism seems unfounded in light of recent events.
Incidentally, no crap it'll be after the next version, that's just the reality for the overwhelming majority of non-nexus devices. And most of us will definitely own it, there's still the very fat end of a year left on most people's contracts if they bought the phone when it was new.

that post is not worth much. Look at the Atrix 4G. Moto promised ICS and last minute we got an FU. Sadly none of the bloggers are not giving moto and other crap over this.

I'm actually hoping Motorola doesn't deliver on JB and I'll instead get the $100 credit so I can upgrade for less to a new model when my contract comes around in the few months.

You realize that you have to give them your phone too right? You might as well sell it for more than $100. It's actually a pretty crappy deal to give it to Moto for $100.

I hope the Bionic users receive an appology for this god awful phone. Also, under google we should see JB

The Bionic was good, but I have to say I am very happy Verizon traded mine out for a Nexus because of the Bionic's data drops.

The high-pitched whine from the initial release of the handset is back with the new ICS (.246) update. Audible using wired ear buds with no inline volume control.

The phone is much improved, however, with ICS. Speed is good. Responsiveness good. Battery life good.

Unfortunately, the high-pitched whine and flaky dock functionality put a damper on things.

I have fewer problems with the lap dock and Webtop 3 than the old Webtop (can't see keyboard or didn't detect dock or crashed & restarted after being removed from the dock). I like the new Webtop much better than the old one, but I liked the side scrolling on the vehicle dock mode better than the new vehicle dock.

All in All, I have to say it is almost the phone I really want, and closer than any others I have yet found. I am really going to miss that lap dock when it's time to move on.

I've got no whine, but I will say something is eating up lots of battery life and when I check my running apps I seem to be running pretty low on RAM. That's odd for 2 reasons, on the .232 leak I always had about a solid 300+ mbs left and now it's at about half that, yet performance doesn't seem to be suffering at all.
I've got no issues with the lapdock at all though.

I had to factory reset in order to get my update. kept getting a pop up message saying "updates are unavailable at this time, try again later". lets hope this makes my ics experience better.

Had the same issue with mine. I never got the last two mini-updates/bug fixes earlier this year because I didn't want to do the hard reset... but ICS was finally a reason to do it.

I'm gonna throw this out there. If you guys haven't tried out the new CM10 or AOKP jelly bean... You're missing out. Its incredibly stable! Seriously. It was just released last week and I've been running it. ITS AMAZING. didnt even bother with the new update

Does anyone know how to increase the font size on Facebook??? I have the Bionic and with the update my font size decreased. I have changed the entire system settings to large font size but Facebook did not increase. Help???

Congrats guys. My Photon just threw itself off a tall building.

It clearly pays to be a Moto owner on Big Red vs. Big Bird.

I'm in the "middle " of the ICS upgrade but my phone seems to be stuck on "updating media database". It has been this way for at least 2 hours. I'm in a building with suboptimal but adequate signal strength. Anyone else having the same experience?

mine took forever, too, to finish the database update, about a half-hour. Otherwise good. Nice they took out the gray area at the bottom of the screen. New UI, tho (well, what did I expect, yes...). Just wish I had known I was getting ICS earlier, would have jumped on it faster...

I received the update yesterday afternoon and my battery ran dead while updating my media database, now anything using sounds is FUBAR'd. My alarm clock doesn't work, the phone will vibrate but not ring, all audible notifications do not work. When I try to listen to an MP# in music, or adjust my phones ringtone, the process locks up. My battery life has been decreased this AM as well. Any suggestions??

My update hung up for an hour and a half on "updating media". I pulled the battery, the phone booted up with jellybean, without any ringtones nor access to ringtones. I did a factory reset and that fixed everything. The phone booted with jellybean and runs like a charm.

The Bionic is terrible....I got mine in March 2012 after my last Android phone (HTC) stopped functioning after an Android update. The first Bionic lasted about 2 weeks until the headphone jack stopped working, my second Bionic (the refurbished replacement) lasted until this morning.

I received my update a few days ago (actually could have updated about 2 weeks ago, but I kept clicking "no" because I was scared of the update. I finally got tired of seeing the update accept box every time I looked at my phone and clicked "yes"). After the camera froze this morning my phone won't even boot, it just gets stuck on the screen that says "Droid".

I was planning on going to get an iPhone this afternoon, being down on Android since my last 2 phones bit the dust after an Android update. Maybe this one is a MOTO problem though......who knows......

ICS update is working GREAT so far on my Bionic. Had to to a hard reset since my Gingerbread wouldn't connect to System Update -- seems like a lot of other Bionic owners had also been getting the "Check for update not available at this time. Try again later" message. I hadn't even gotten the .905 update from last spring because of it.

ICS is SUCH a superior platform, and the 4G signal issues I had with Gingerbread are gone -- 4G all the time now. So glad I didn't jump ship to an iPhone!

My only complaint: half the pictures and videos on my SD Card went corrupted when I updated! Bizarre... only my stuff from March-September 2012 went bad, media before March or after mid-September is still fine. Lost some good pictures!
Anyone else have this happen to their SD card?