Moto G

Developers now have access to open-source components of what makes the Moto G tick

There are two keys to success using Android if you're not Samsung. One is building a good phone that everyone can afford. Two is supporting it and giving the third party developers the code they need and deserve to tinker with it. Motorola now has both covered with the Moto G, as they have released the Kit Kat update kernel sources.

This $199 smartphone is already a steal. If the community gets behind it and there are pages of tweaks, hacks and ROMs built for it, everyone is going to be happy. We like it when everyone is happy. Hit the links below to get your source code on.

Source: Sourceforge; via Motorola


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Moto G Kit Kat kernel sources released


Cm11 modified by team baked. Quite stable

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Why would anyone read the column when they can just come straight to the comment section and post something?

The 8GB model shouldn't even exist! 5.5GB of usable space is not enough. Of course Verizon only carries the 8GB model, this alone should tell you something.

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So if someone wants an inexpensive phone and doesn't need much storage they should just suffer because there's no room for them in the tech world? It always amazes me that people want to eliminate choices.

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If there's no room for you there,there's room for you here and we'll leave the lights on for ya.

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Speaking of tweaks, hacks and ROMs, it would be cool if somebody came out with a wifi-optimized "experience" that people could load on a $100 CDMA Moto G to make an iDroid Touch or minitab.