Kevin, Phil, Derek, Daniel, and Rene discuss RIM's new CEO and what it means for BlackBerry in 2012, the unstoppable Android, iPad 3 vs. Windows 8 tablets, Chinese working conditions, and apps and your privacy. This is Mobile Nations!




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Mobile Nations 14: New BlackBerry boss, unstoppable Android, iPad 3 vs. Windows 8


Listened earlier this morning.

You know I have to applaud Kevin for being so enthusiastic about RIM and Blackberry as a whole, but I can't help but think that he is a bit on the dilusional side when it comes to RIMs chances of taking the 3rd spot with BB10 or any of its hardware. Up until now, they haven't shown any signs of progress in attempting to innovate or move their platform forward.

I can only speak for myself, but my mobile OS's of choice are:

1. Android
2. WP7
3. iOS
4. dumb phone

That said, I believe that people don't have this "love" for RIM/Blackberry because I feel that they can only be sold the same hardware/OS with a different name so many times before bitterness sets in. If you look at a Blackberry device from 3-4 years ago and compare it to a device in the present, you will see that not alot/enough has changed. This is where Apple excels with its industrial design and the Android side excels with variation and choice.