We have taken a look at the Lenovo IdeaPad A1 tablet in the past, and the forums have been building up in anticipation of its arrival, and that time appears to be now. Lenovo has made the IdeaPad A1, the little brother to the IdeaPad K1, available for order on their site starting at $199 for the 2GB model, and $249 for one with 16GB of storage. Is the $199 price tag enough to make you overlook the fact that it runs Gingerbread, or will you be passing in favor a Honeycomb tablet?

Source: Lenovo; Thanks, Dan!

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raremage says:

Can't imagine why anyone would think it's a good idea to release a tablet with Gingerbread at this point. Lenovo seems to be making some very nice tablets, but this doesn't make sense to me.

Dark_Blu says:

Gingerbread, this close to ICS release? Don't be too shocked if there are no long lines for this Tablet. And if the idiots making them do the same stupid pricing structure for ICS Tablets, don't be too shocked if they don't move very many of those, as well.

are you sure the $199 model is 2gb? I thought it was 8gb?


betsuni says:

Looks like it is a 2 gig according to Lenovo.

Found an old review, yep 2.

Still for that price it is tempting for some I bet.

I wonder if they removed the sd and MicroSD slot too. No mention of it in the specs.

jdlothar says:

Looks like they left it in...

Micro-USB connector, microSD card reader


So 2GB isn't the end of the world.

jediman says:

Lenovo is junk

sweeneyte says:

The A1 is a few bucks cheaper than the HTC Flyer but I think the Flyer gives better value based on the specs.

The Flyer has a faster single core processor (1.5Ghz vs. 1Ghz), more RAM (1G vs. 512M), 16G storage plus microSD. The Flyer cameras have higher resolution. I've been testing a Flyer and it seems very responsive, no noticeable lag, and I'm used to the responsiveness of my EVO 3D. It runs most everything I've tried. The screen is beautiful. It's supposed to be able to do HDMI output with a micro-USB adapter. The Flyer runs GB and with Sense it seems just fine. I think it's supposed to get Honeycomb which may improve the digital pen usefulness. The Flyer price is competitive at $299 at BB, just $50 more than the 16GB A1.

wdustin1 says:

why do they put 2.3 on tablets or 2.2 for that matter? its not like honeycomb cost more THERE ALL FREE!

takkun1946 says:

Because the source for Honeycomb isn't available at this time, though Lenovo does have a Honeycomb tablet.

In Lenovo's case, I would think it is due to the single core (Honeycomb was developed on a dual-core platform and probably isn't compatible in it's current iteration to support single core) as well as not having Google's blessing on the device. This device, sans market and Google apps makes me think that it was an early device they were working on and didn't release for a while. Now that the parts are cheap enough, it would seems it's the... "well, we've got this. Lets just do it for now" type attitude towards it.

Jaysus says:

the Lenovo website says it has Android Market access. http://www.lenovo.com/products/us/tablet/ideapad/a1

takkun1946 says:

A friend from work bought one for his dad. There are 2 (what I think are rather major) issues with it.

1) No Android Market support. This can obviously be worked around with Amazon and other means, but I still like the Google Android Market myself. With a bit of "hacking", he was able to root and install a few things to get the market installed and working.

2) The screen has terrible response. You have to put quite a bit of surface area in order for it to respond. 3 out of 5 attempts to "gesture" around would fail.

So if you dig trying to hack around with the device (and can read Chinese -- seems currently only the Chinese forums have root/ROM info on it right now since it was released in China/HK first) then this one should be OK at the price point. At the price point I've even thought about picking one up just to mess around with, even though I already have a Xoom and Nexus S.

archielee says:

this can't be correct. Android Market along with Lenovo's own is specifically stated on their website for both the A1 and K1 tablets. Besides that, they are just now taking orders for the A1 so it wasn't available prior to now and won't ship till the end of Oct. So I don't see how your fried could have purchased one for his dad and 'received it' in order for you could say there is no Android market support.

Scooter74#AC says:

Perhaps Takkun1946 is a Troll or just trying to be obnoxious - as you said nothing has shipped to the US so unless someone picked up a lookalike, overseas version etc. There is no way for this info to be anything but trash talking.

Scooter74#AC says:

Apparently you are talking about someone purchasing one from overseas because the unit hasn't shipped yet to the US, and are you certain it's the exact same unit?

DWR_31 says:

Quit putting phone OS's on tablets!!!!!!

This is why Honeycomb isn't open-source right now..

Jaysus says:

UPDATE: Lenovo is selling the 2GB version for $229, not $199.

GilMomma says:

I just ordered one from their website and the site offered a coupon code for the 16GB version that brought the base price down to $199.20

Free shipping, but after tax the grand total was $212.15