Xperia Z3 Compact

Set for an official unveil at the IFA in a day's time, press images of Sony's Xperia Z3 Compact have leaked, giving us a look at the color variants. In addition to the black and white variations, the Xperia Z3 Compact will be available in red and mint colors, as detailed in the images below.

As for the specs, Ausdroid claims that the Xperia Z3 Compact will feature a 4.6-inch 720p screen, 20.7MP camera, 2.5 GHz Snapdragon 801 SoC, 2600mAh battery and a nano-SIM card slot. We'll have all the details from Sony's launch event tomorrow, so stay tuned to Android Central.

Source: Ausdroid; Via: XperiaBlog


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Leaked press images of the Xperia Z3 Compact reveal new color variants


Still 720p. I thought it would be 1080p. Think of the performance though :)

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720p should be just fine on 4.6" screen. I'm pleased to see flash further away from camera, presumably to get rid of flash bleed, which was horrible with Z1C.

Seems like body size is fairly close to Z1C, just less empty space at top & bottom.

They look so cool. But I have a question. Since these phones are unibody how can you replace the phone battery in say 2 years when it gets weak?

You can: 1 - disassemble the phone yourself. It's unibody in the sense that the back isn't made to be open easily by consumers, but it can be opened ;) or 2 - take it to Sony for them to do it for you.

Haha im not that wealthy to replace phones in 2 years.
And about the battery they get weak as in its not gonna be like how it was since day one.

Yeah I guess batteries last forever in your phones huh.

Batteries only have so many charge and discharge cycles before they wear out really bad and loose charge very quickly.

Many many many many people keep phones for way more than 2 years. We seldom do contracts in Europe so when people go ahead and give the equivalent to $900 for a phone, it's not to last only 2 years. So your point 3 is not at all valid for general consumers.

Nice. And thank God for the nano-SIM because I was already forced to switch to one and that way I won't need to ask Vodafone for yet another card.
I bet the only thing "ruining" the phone is the 16GB of storage but hopefully Sony has put in the update they issued to correct Goggle's idiotic decision regarding the SD card capabilities.

I'm buying this phone.

4.6 inches is compact these days, apparently.

Looks pretty good though. 720p and a 2600mah battery could mean great battery life. Maybe.

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According to the rumours the 4.6" are in a phone that's 12,7cm high (same as the Z1C). The iPhone 5S is 12,4cm high with only 4". So if these rumours are true, then the Z3C is indeed still Compact. Specially in these days, yes.

And yes, I think it will have great battery life. The Z1C already has. Plus, with the rumoured Super-stamina mode, it should go into 2 days of battery life on normal usage.

This will be my next android device. I just hope Sony dialed back the heavy handed skin. I don't want to be sharing my google now swipe up with some Sony crap.

I had the original z1 compact. 720p is good on a smaller phone. I was consistently getting 7-9 hours of screen time with more than a day total on a charge. Solid phone, great camera,water resistant. If it has LTE for AT&T this time I will definitely get one.

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Like it, looks like the bezels are not as huge as they tend to be on Sony devices. Will consider this. Has everything I want spec wise and size wise including sd card. Main thing will be are they using a good quality screen ie something like the z2 and not the one from the z1 which was terrible. My other concern is I've never been a fan of the Sony ui but it has seem to have gotten better and Yeh launcher can always be replaced. Definitely on my list of possible buy.

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I had the z1s and that really kiled sony for me so i thought but this looks nice i love sonys ui there camera's are great just the updates and getting to tge us market. I would love to give them another shot no asf ill see if it comes to the us

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Why do ppl speculate this as the Z3 Compact and skip the Z2 Compact??
With the internal fairly close to the Z2, doesn't it make more sense to call it the Z2 Compact?
Just wonder... all revealed tomorrow....

I really like that copper. Hope the Z3 comes in that color but the compacts usually get the random colors. I'm a hoping...

njo¬°! acApp

Agreed, the copper Z3 looks stunning, even the light green is nice, but it looks like Sony went with brighter colors for the Z3 Compact.

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