HTC Desire

The HTC Desire (see our hands-on), one of the more popular Android phones in Europe, is officially headed to North America. Telus, the Canadian mobile provider, has officially announced it will soon carry the device. HTC has said that it wants to bring the Desire across the Atlantic, and Telus will be its first step. No word yet from Bell or Rogers on if they will be carrying it as well. 

No dates or prices yet, but this is great news for Android fans living in Canada. The Desire is a high-end phone that is very similar in specs and features to the Nexus One. [Telus] Thanks, jaycop!.

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patrixl says:

Sweeet! Although wasn't it said that Google won't be selling the Nexus One in countries where the Desire is available? Or is my memory making this up?

decyphersmc says:

Since the Nexus One is officially banded for Rogers (but is said it work on Bell/Telus/Wind), and since Rogers hasn't done anything about selling it with subsidy and *gasp* 3-Year contract, I doubt a Nexus One will be sold in Canada.

That said, I'm happily using my Nexus One on Rogers. It was only a little difficult setting up the APN.

Prof-KOS says:

Yeah, I've got my Nexus One on Telus after the Milestone debacle. Same thing with setting up the APN. No biggie though.

Finally! So excited for Canadian providers to be getting some legit Android love. Totally ditching my HTC Hero once this comes out.