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There's some great discussion going on in our forums about the Google Nexus One, including questions about using it unlocked on AT&T. And that brings us to the following poll. Let us know which way you're rocking the Nexus One, check out our Nexus One FAQ, and then join in the discussion! 

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sjcea says:

OK so how does one setup a wifi voip setup on the nexus one !!! This would be a HUGE help for me !!! Help Please !!! is there something in the App catalog that allows this ???

MaxLaw says:

Google is our friend! The top result by Googling "wifi voip setup on the nexus one" lead to the following (although I have no idea if this works or not):

Martin says:

Your poll only covers US users. Don't forget this is available in US, UK, Singapore and Hong Kong. You should have added an option for "Non-US 3G - and it's darn faster than yours".

lol. Point taken. Just don't make fun of our health care, m'kay? :)

harm says:

@Martin..couldn't have put it better lol ;)

In Fort Worth TX, my N1 gets decent 3G coverage is always near peak speeds.
Using the Speed Test app from the Market, my fasted download was:
0.91Mbps down
0.39Mbps up
180ms ping

Stilicho says:

Sent mine back. Useless piece of crap. Milestone better in every way except occasionally for speed.