So it seems the unleashing of Android Tablets has began. This one come from the CeBIT trade show in Germany, showing off HiVison which is a Chinese PC maker 7-inch Android Tablet. While it's not the most amazing tablet the price alone has us saying "wow."

"The tablet runs Google Android and has a 7 inch, 800 x 480 pixel resistive touchscreen display and an 800MHz ARM11-based processor. It comes with 2GB of storage, 256MB of RAM, 802.11b/g WiFi. You can add Bluetooth, 3G, and GPS support with USB peripherals. The batter is 4200mAh which should provide up to 6 hours of run time."

This device could sell for as little as $100, though there is no word yet if there are any Western distributors. Video after the break [via liliputing]


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HiVision shows off 7-inch Android Tablet -- cheapest we've seen yet!


Possibly a device I'd like to install into my car. For around $100, it seems like a device to at least give a shot, right? Looks like Android 1.6. Hopefully that is not the case, since 2.0+ has been out for quite some time now- upgradeable?

Are you sure this is an Android device? Looks like they are running something called Andriod. Maybe it's from that Nokla company? :)