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Typing on a tablet can be a bit of a challenge. It's not as finger-friendly as a smaller smartphone, and it's not as tactile as a traditional physical keyboard. Swiftkey has long been one of our favorite keyboards, in no small part due to its excellent text prediction.

Swiftkey's tablet keyboard does something new in that it splits the keyboard in half, with half the letters at the far left, the other half at the far right, and a numerical keypad in the center. It takes a little getting used to, to be sure.

But the text prediction remains top-notch, and dual space bars make things that much faster. We'll give this keyboard the what-for when Android tablets are officially released (and the app, which is still in development, is ready). For now, check out the video.


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Hands-on with Swiftkey for Android tablets


It's a normal keyboard, but with word prediction based on the pattern of words you normally use. While Swype is great for predicting the letters you wanted based on the basic line you're drawn, this is good for predicting the sentence you wanted based on the words you type (or select).

On a 7" tablet, Swype is great in portrait mode, but once you switch to landscape, it loses a lot of its appeal, as you're now dragging your finger up to, well, 7 inches per letter. For a 10" tablet, I don't think I'd bother with Swype--this Swiftkey and the Thumb Keyboard it was modeled after seem like a better solution to me.

Will this be included with the current version of SwiftKey that people pay for or will you need to buy a second version to get it for tablets?

That's what I'm wondering. I read this story on and it seemed like if you bought it today for $1.99 you'd get the tablet optimized app. I bought them app and tried it out, was still the old version.

I decided to keep it (as if I don't have enough keyboard apps as it is), but I really hope those who have bought the previous app won't have to re-buy.

Echoed. I'm also wondering if this version will only run on Honeycomb. I'm saddened by the fact that my lightning fast Elocity A7 may never get HC due to multi-touch, but I would still like to run this new keyboard format.

Very interesting, will take some time getting use to for sure. But I think this is a better way to do the keyboard rather than just having a giant keyboard.

looks like they did the same as Thumb Keyboard of Beansoft. The nicest thing of that keyboard is that it has optimized layouts for all tablet sizes, so not only 10"

You guys should really review that keyboard as well.