Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 (2014).

With the new ​Galaxy Note 10.1, Samsung finally ups its tablet game

The original Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 had a storied path to release. Originally unveiled at Mobile World Congress 2012 and later redesigned, it arrived last fall to mixed reviews. Since then, Samsung has focused on mid-range tablets in the Android space, with the one major exception being the Google-backed Nexus 10.

So as the Korean manufacturer unveils a new Galaxy Note 10.1, what’s changed? Well, as it turns out, quite a lot. And the 2014 Galaxy Note, as it’s being called, is a better device for it.

Unveiled today alongside the Galaxy Note 3 and Galaxy Gear, the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 Edition brings Samsung’s leading smartphone technology to an Android tablet. It’s packing a ridiculously-detailed 2560x1600-resolution Super Clear LCD display and high-end CPUS — Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 for the LTE version, Samsung’s homegrown Exynos 5 Octa for others. As is the case with the Note 3, this is backed up by a whopping 3GB of RAM.

The tablet’s external hardware has also been re-vamped. Like the Galaxy Note 3 it’s sporting a “faux leather” plastic texture on its back panel, encircled with a faux-stitched trim.  It might look a little weird on a larger device, but the feel in the hand is significantly classier. It still feels like plastic, just not grimy, slimy plastic.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 (2014).

Centrally situated is the Note 10.1’s 8-megapixel camera, and along the tablet’s edge is a silo for the S Pen — the stylus which sets Samsung’s Note series apart from other tablets. Slightly larger than its smartphone equivalent, the Note 10.1’s S Pen functions in the exact same way, with a button located where your index finger sits.

The front of the tablet is dominated by that large, super-high-quality screen, and beneath the display (at least in landscape mode) you’ll find Samsung’s three-button setup — a clicky home key, flanked by capacitive menu and back buttons. There are obvious advantages to doing your buttons this way — for one, you lose less of that gorgeous screen to on-screen buttons. But it also makes the Note 10.1 less easy to use in portrait mode.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 (2014).

On the software side, the Note 10.1 is a very close match to its smaller sibling, the Galaxy Note 3. The tablet runs Android 4.3 Jelly Bean and Samsung’s latest TouchWiz UI, including all the fancy new pen stuff from the Note 3, and Gear Manager for Galaxy Gear owners.

The short version is that Samsung’s added a bunch of new software capabilities to make the S Pen easier to use, and to encourage users to get the most out of it. Pull the S Pen out of its slot and you’ll be presented with an “Air Command” menu, letting you choose between common stylus-centric features and apps. There’s one for taking a screenshot and drawing on top of it. Another lets you take actionable memos — for example, phone numbers and email addresses will be recognized as such.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 (2014).

Also on the “Air Command” menu, Scrapbook lets you cut out clipping from apps including the browser and third-party apps like YouTube, and arrange them in an organized categorized virtual book. And all that stuff is searchable through the new S Finder app, which can intelligently interpret written language in notes, and filter based on time, tags or location data.

Similarly, multitasking can be accessed through the traditional multi-window setup — effectively splitting the display between two fullscreen apps — or through the new Pen Window feature which lets you draw a window with the S Pen and then drop an app into it. From there, the window can be maximized, minimized into a tiny icon, or closed entirely.

If this sounds familiar, it’s because things work just the same as they do on the Galaxy Note 3 — as such, you’ll find more on these new S Pen features in our Galaxy Note 3 preview.

The S Pen remains the Note series’ main point of differentiation, especially in the Android tablet market dominated by mainly interchangeable slates. But even if you’re not going to use the S Pen all the time, the new Galaxy Note 10.1 looks to be a strong Android tablet offering in the large form factor space. It’s taken Samsung long enough, but finally it seems the manufacturer may have conjured up a winning combination of top-level hardware with a few stand-out software features. We’re eager to spend more time with the new Note 10.1 when it arrives later in Q3.

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Hands-on: Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 (2014)


Was somewhat interested in this (have the original Note 10.1), but just like the Note 3, not liking that back cover at all! Not to mention the flat ribbed edges (easier to grip I'm sure), the flat end of the S-Pen and the physical home button (original has all on-screen). All in all, fugly! :(

I will be pre-ordering my GN3 tomorrow on Verizon and it will be in a case so the leatherette backing is a non issue for me.

As for the GN10.1 2014 Edition, I will be snapping one up as soon as I can. Already ditched my other tablet (critics abound, free just didn't cut it for me) and will gladly get this one. So glad I waited for IFA and didn't get the 2012 GN10.1.

Darn, I was really hoping for the 12.2 to be launched....

Posted via Android Central App on my Note 2!

Does anyone know if this will have he ability to have different user profiles?
This would be a great feature since we would only have one tablet in the house, and the ability to have your own profile would be a convenience.

Posted via Android Central App on my Note 2!

I wonder if there is any 3rd party support options. It's part of the native Android 4.3 platform, just odd that Samsung doesn't support it.

Well as always a quick Google search yields answers to the questions in life. On the Google Play store there is an app called "User Manager / ROOT (FREE)" by Ramdroid and of course User Manager / ROOT (Pro) for $1.94. The dev is supporting Android 4.2.2 since multi-user support is in 4.3.

However I emailed the Dev to suggest he look at supporting it on the tablets that do not get support since they are non-nexus devices like the Samsung Tablets.

I would encourage others to do so as well.

This information is false. I have this device and it doesn't have multiple users option. Touchwiz has disabled this option from Jelly bean.

Niether does apple...

Let me explain if you want a computer with multiuser support you have it... Why, cause it has disk space and processing power to handle it..

Tablets don't, maybe in the future.

Imagine, lets say 3 people use One tablet. All of which may share different applications and some will be the same. It has to allocate disk space and memory for All users to be active at the same time.

NO tablet does this.

Nook HD does, but mainly what you are doing there is reading. It shuts one user to reload another user. Mind you if it was a full fletch tablet, imagine the issues... So that is why NO tablet has it yet.

OH Windows tablets do, but in reallity its not a tablet, it a computer... Hope that answers your question briefly.

And don't be a troll, you look like you might be an adult, apparently a not well informed one... But that is what WE are here for RIGHT?

Yes it does, i just bought one this week and during the setup it ask for a user name for the owner and states that additional profiles can be created so it can be used by more than one person each with their own settings, but only the first person (owner)can make some super user changes

+1 hopefully there still working on it. Maybe for Christmas. Getting rid of my N10 for a 8 inch tab. Really wanted to see a 12 inch Note for home.

Multi User support? really? Just stop downloading stuff you don't want anyone to see on the families tablet and just keep it on your phone.

multi user is about more than just what you download. I'd love to have a user space that matches (or ideally syncs with) my phone, and let my wife and kids have their own space so I don't have to worry about anything getting messed up

Well done today Samsung! Great new phone, awesome new tablet, and you added a watch :D


I like it a lot! Definitely my front runner for my tablet upgrade. Now I just need to see what Asus is offering. I still have the original Transformer and love the hell out of it, but I definitely want something new.

I HATE that leather look and the physical buttons. Enough to make me not buy it honestly. I guess that's kinda extreme but I want my high end devices to look it. If it was real leather OK cool but to make plastic look like leather? They design this on party night when they were all drunk? Lol

If you're lucky, HTC will make one in aluminum, which will make for a better fashion accessory, for those of you with low self-esteems, who need that kind of thing.

What's wrong with wanting stuff that you use probably everyday to look good? Looks play a big part for instance when I buy a new phone. I would never buy a dull and plastic looking Samsung when there are much more stylish choices with similar specs.

How's the gas mileage on your 100% metal vehicle? Surely you wouldn't drive anything with plastic on it since plastic always makes you look lower class. Like those hideous new Ferrari's and Lamborghini's. Plastic never has and never will look good. Which is why I fastened an old radio flyer metal wagon to some old school metal wheels and I ride it down the hill and then push it to my work. I look so awesome in it. Everyone's jealous.

Who doesn't put a case on their devices? I just assumed everybody did. Guess not. I've always had a case on my Transformer and could care less what the back of the tablet looks like.

Not a single phone of mine has ever seen a case. I don't torture/drop my phones. The closest to a case I've ever had are the flip covers but they don't protect/hide anything.

So, this is the tablet that lets me rest my hand on the screen while drawing?

If so, I am in. What sort of speakers does it have? Can tell from the from the pictures.

Posted via Android Central App via HTC One

Motorola Droid Bionic Has Been Stolen

I think the original Note 10.1 did that already. I'm not sure what app you're using, but most offer the option to turn off pen input (at least Sketchbook Pro and Layerpaint do).

I was planning to buy this but seeing it has the stupid physical home button I'm going to wait for something else. Really just want multi window support...

How is that? I already have a Nexus 10 and this will likely be $400-$600. I really hate the physical button especially on a tablet where you will use it in landscape and portrait. That's the great thing about Android... You can generally find what fits your needs and style instead of just accepting what one mfg makes (i.e. Apple).

When you find another 10" Android tablet with an active stylus and full HD+ screen get back to me.

If I wanted a tablet with a stylus I wouldn't let a physical button stop me from getting it if everything else was great. That's just silly and more than a bit immature.

The Toshiba Excite Write Tablet has same high resolution and a stylist running on a Tegra 4 with on-screen buttons. I don't see how my preference for not wanting a physical home button is immature in any way. Do you understand what that word means? If you favorite car was only available in red but you hated red you would still buy the car? I certainly wouldn't...

Honestly, yes I would buy the car. Something not looking great is but a minor annoyance at worst to me, and if the car offered functionality above and beyond the rest that I really wanted the feature set would easily seal the deal even in a color I don't care for. It would have to be exceedingly ugly (poop brown or something) for looks to sway me from features, and even so I could always get a paint job afterwards (which, as a metaphor for tablets, would be either a skin or case). That said I do like physical buttons as they save the high res screen for useful things like web pages and video while button bars just waste screen area. I would prefer a solid aluminum back I guess, but the plastic is not really a bad design either and it certainly isn't going to affect my decision to purchase one or not. The S-pen, super HD screen, and microSD storage is what makes this a high end device for power users, not superficial things like what it looks and feels like. An iPad is still just a shiny brick in terms of feature set.

It gets bad reviews as it does not have much in the way of stylus features. Especially compared with Samsung.

I bet the cheapest version of the 2014 Note will be at least $500. This thing is the best android tablet you can find until the next Note comes out. It has everything: pen, sd card, high resolution screen,...

A home button is a deal breaker? Man, you are a picky buyer. Look, you're never going to get a tablet that has everything perfectly to your tastes. Would you care to explain what it is about a home button that you don't like--curious minds want to know. And I'm not making fun of you--I'd really like to know.

Well first of all I don't thing a centered button on a 10 inch tablet is very idea even if Google now thinks so... I generally run an aftermarket rom to get the traditional tablet UI as it's a much nicer reach. As for the physical button it's just stupid as it requires pressure, not just a touch. When something is a hard reach and you have a tablet/phone balancing in your hand or on your leg pressing the physical home button sucks, a cap button or on-screen only requires a touch. Last issue is using it in portrait, although I prefer landscape I do use portrait and having the button on side is not only dumb but inconstant.

If I didn't have a great tablet already I would consider this but would have a hard time paying this kind of money for a table with a physical home button. I already have a Nexus 10 and it's mostly used for web browsing so it's just not worth the expense to upgrade unless it's exactly what I want. Toshiba has the Excite Write tablet with the same high resolution screen, stylist, and on-screen buttons. I don't think it has multi-window through so still not perfect to justify an upgrade...

BTW: I had an S3 and now an S4. I like Samsung products overall but really hate the physical home button. Ran AOKP on my S3 for a long time because of this. An alternate rom is an option for this tablet but then you lose all the Samsung software features. Maybe if they come out with a 12 inch tablet I'll justify it even if it has the stupid physical home button. Kind of hoping LG comes up with a nice 10 or 12 inch tablet as they are really stepping up to Samsung and they always use on-screen buttons.

Yes, I wish that Samsung would stop with the home buttons. I like the Note series, but I may have to stick to the 2012 Note 10.1 without the home button, as I like that better.

apparently you do not understand the device, most people don't... If you get soft-buttons, you loose your screen real-estate, then instead of 10.1 you'd be probably accessing 9.1 of screen, uhmm

Oh, and when that software fails, and trust me it will... Good luck trying to do anything with it. Like resetting... Your choice..

Soft. buttons get hidden when it's necessary for them to do so: immersive reading, watching video, or playing games. The fact that they allow the tablet to be used both in portrait and landscape make them superior by default.

Oh, and for resetting when things go wrong you use the power button.

I was really looking forward to this to replace my old galaxy tab 10, but man do I hate the physical button plus the capacitive buttons. Those are the same biggest gripes I have about my S4. Can we please lose the buttons on phones, and tablets, they aren't needed! The capacitive buttons on the S4 are two sensitive I frequently hit them when playing games by mistake with my palm.

They are located on the left and Right sides of the top end in standard landscape mode. I have only had mine for 24 hours now but I like that when it is sitting flat in my lap there are no sound distortions from placement...portrait mode with button on left place the speakers on top/bottom which is a little awkward but nothing that rotates can be perfect so...

The first decent full sized Samsung tablet but with that same unbelievably ugly, horrible, no good, awful, fake leather trim. Must be a South Korean thing.

Call it Gangnam Style.

I know what you mean about the back. Good thing you can't see it when you are actually using it.

I actually like having physical buttons on my S3, though I'm not so sure about using it on a tablet but the point that you get the full screen is a very good one. I'm guessing that using it in portrait is going to be a PITA!

The only question I have is how much of 4.3s feature set is in here? I'm thinking mainly about the multi-user + restrictive apps mode which is one of the best things about 4.3. Overall I like Touchwiz (apart from when it lags!) so most of the updates look good though how many features will be used day to day remains to be seen.

The looks are so-so, it definitely cannot be called desirable. With all the hundreds of devices they release every year, why don't they create "beautiful" editions specifically to target the fashion conscious?

Other than that, it looks like the best tablet Samsung have ever made, the specs are top notch and it builds on what was a very good 1st edition. I want one!

"With all the hundreds of devices they release every year, why don't they create "beautiful" editions specifically to target the fashion conscious?"

They do. It's called an iPad.

I'm sure they are laughing their asses off in Cupertino right about now. The iPad 4, a year old tablet, smokes this and the iPad 5 which is lighter, thinner, and faster is out within a month. With actual tablet apps.
This Samsung tablet will be in the bargain bin at Costco like the rest of them.
Hopefully the next Nexus 10' tablet will be made by someone other than Samsung.

Guys at Cupertino are definitely not laughing at the rate of iPad market share decrease. Samsung is on 2nd position, just behind Apple. And they are increasing market share much faster than Apple. They did it with rather bad products. Imagine what they could do if they tried more. I think it's fair to say they are starting to warm-up now.

BTW, App situation isn't Samsung's fault. Ask google to educate devs. Samsung had to create it's own Twitter app for tablet just for this purpose.

It really doesn't matter who is at fault and if this matters the iPad certainly has more tablet apps however I'll add that on Android all apps scale properly so even standard phone apps work great and look fine, sure not as good as a tablet optimized app but the opposite is not true on the iPad and likely why developers worked so hard to make tablet optimized apps. In addition anyone I know with a 10" tablet uses it 95% online, period! Chrome syncing functionality with all my devices (desktop at work and home, laptop, and cell) phone is absolutely priceless! In addition it's very easy to add flash support to a Android tablet if you want to view flash sites. I have used both and a good Android tablet like the Nexus 10 is just simply a better Internet browsing device, not to mention all the other customization you can do (widgets, custom launchers, on-screen buttons, custom keyboards). I helped my mother in law buy an iPad and I thought it was best for her because she is simply dumb as a rock when it comes to computers/electronic devices and her neighbor has one so I was hoping they could help each other...

This tablet basically has the same specs as a N10. Add multi-window support and a Stylist and other then stupid Samsung buttons the iPad 4/5 has nothing on this. Wide-screen is a better format, plenty of tablet apps on the Play Store and honestly 10" tablets are used 95% for Internet browsing so I couldn't care less if the iPad has more "tablet" apps. Everytime I use my mother in laws iPad 4 (providing support) I can't wait to use my Nexus 10. To this day I still can't get over how stupid it is that on an iPad you can't long press for numbers. Granted Google only recently released this on the Google keyboard but at lease I can run a third party keyboard on an Android tablet. I really have tried to like the iPad as it's a nice piece of hardware but the OS is just so limited and plain that I just can't stand it. To each his own!

How is it same specs as N10? Apart from display resolution, what else is same?? And, I am not even saying anything about display quality. Display quality in N10 isn't that good.

It's a 10 inch tablet with the same resolution so it's very similar. Actually really prefer the front speakers on the N10 and IMO there is nothing wrong with the N10 display as I don't notice any light bleed at all. Sure the stylist and multi-window options are nice but for the cost I can't get over the other shortcomings (physical home button and no front speakers)...

I have the original Note 10.1 and aside from Screen Resolution, it runs circles around the newest iPads. My entire in law family has ipads ranging from the 2nd iteration to the newest, and my Note does everything they try to do, faster. Sure, they have some apps that I wish I could have (like 3-d Home Builder) but I have some they wish they could have (S-Planner, S-Note).

Please feel free to educate yourself before posting.

Interesting....I'm in the same position, I've got both the 10.1 and iPad 4. My iPad 4 'runs circles' around my Note...and it pisses me off. It would be very cool to see developers start to pay attention and develop for the 10" Android tablets. It's a very sad situation right now....and the iPad 4 is fast as hell! The Note, plenty of lag (still) that needs to be fixed. Hopefully with these beefed up specs including more RAM will be the determining factor. Android overseas (I'm in the US) is huge! Developers wanting to crack those markets will make a sh!t ton of cash developing for 'Droid tabs...including the larger phones (every once in a while I run in to an app that won't load on my GNote 2 because it's a 'phone' app and not a 'tablet' app---very bizarre, anyone know the way around this?)
Right now---regardless of Samsung gaining ground (which was bound to happen, as no one else initially was doing anything with tablets other than the crappy Dell offerings and the Xoom), Apple is still well ahead in both quantity sold and profits made, as well as online impressions and App Store development profiteering. Hopefully some of these new, high rez tabs from Sammy, Sony, et al will bring these numbers of developers back to producing high quality software for the Droid tablets. Man, when it comes to software for the iPad, specifically for the iPad not an enlarged phone app---the quality is mind blowing. Especially if you're into creative work; music, video/photography manipulation, flight planning and routes/charts (I'm a pilot and use my iPad now as a redundant flight manual and Jep charts/weather updates)....even art work, where these Notes should BLOW the iPad out of the water with the digitizer. If Apple adds a digitizer and a stylus option, that could put another pound of hurt on these Notes. We'll see next week (or October) when the re-designed iPad 5 hits the shelves.
To say the iPad is for non-techies and lacking the speed, power and/or efficiency of it's counterparts is about as ignorant a statement that can be made. Though with the competition, it helps everyone. Problem is, App Development is essential to making the tablet a usable, functional daily driver

We might not be on the same page in the usage of the term: "Runs circles around". I for example, am not talking about speed of the processing or overall power. I am talking about usability and functionality. I know iPad fans always mention that Android doesn't have a lot of tablet optimized apps. But I really can't begin to care. I've used the apps on iPads and yes, they look great. But i've never gone back to my Note and felt like the apps looked terrible. I'm not a huge mobile gamer so maybe that's part of it. As far as productivity apps, the Note has great app options that look great and function very well. I would love an iPad for just games or web browsing. But for actual school, work, notes, meetings, data entry, email, I would get extremely frustrated using the iPad. Apple does an incredible job with media consumption. No one can argue that. But the Note isn't as much about media consumption as it is about creation. And that's why for me, the Note is an unbelievably better option than the iPad. Also, ever since I dropped TouchWiz and installed Nova, the Note also does run circles around the iPad in terms of processing speed and power. My wife's uncle was using my Note last sunday and he is a HUGE Apple fan. And I was watching what he was doing and he was flipping through home screens and the app drawer and i could tell he was doing whatever he could to detect lag. But there was none. I do agree that app development is very important, but it's not true at all that the apps have to optimized specifically for tablets like iPad users like to tell themselves. It's a fun, warm fuzzy thing to convince yourself of, but it's simply not true. If it is that difficult for them to figure out how to be productive without their iPad apps, they need to learn how to properly use some of these top of the line Android tablets and they'd be pleasantly surprised. And productive.

I am shopping for my 1st tablet to use for business.
I just looked at the specs for the 2014 Galaxy 10.1 and they look substantially better than I-Pads specs. Faster processor, larger screen, more RAM, more drive storage, better screen res., etc. I was just about to start shopping for the 2014 Galaxy.
I don't understand why you think the I-Pads specs are better. Can you explain in specifics. Thanks.

Maybe the air headed fashionistas can't see the obvious feature set that this brings to the table, but anyone who wants to actually use their tablet for doing things and not just showing off to other overly fashion driven hipsters at the coffeeshop should be able to see that a true drawing and writing stylus (with proper palm rejection) is a truly amazingly useful thing on a tablet this size. Also, it's widescreen, so it's better for video content than the iPad. It also runs a much more feature-packed OS that actually allows the user to do things without being treated like a delinquent child in rehab. Seriously, now now little Jimmy you can't sideload your own apps, that could be *dangerous*, here, buy these overpriced ones from our store! Trying to do anything remotely outside of the basic browsing/facebook/iCloud use cases on an iPad ranges from annoying to impossible, especially for things like connecting to your own servers, network shares, local drives, etc. Android makes these all a breeze.

Apple need not worry, the children still need their status symbols, but Samsung does have a remarkably useful product here and honestly it looks to be the most feature-packed Android tablet yet. I really do want one and will pay the premium price for those features.

Only speaking from using my current Note devices, the S Pen does not work on the capacitive buttons. This makes the use of off-screen buttons only important in terms of screen size. You actually lose the ability to use the pen for menu functions in the new one. Also, true palm rejection would be awesome, as long as multi-finger gestures are still recognized. We'll just have to see.

The Galaxy 10.1 original has and doesn't have palm rejection. In apps like Sketchbook Pro its an option to turn on within Sketchbook Pro and works quite well. You of course can also go into the android settings menu and set it so it only accepts input from the pen. Annoying but useful.

"We want palm-rejection..."

Aw man. Are you kidding me? First the girls rejected you and then your own palm. What's a guy supposed to do?

No, please no! The previous Notes were actually nice to look at. These are hideous in my opinion, although I know many will disagree.

The only plus to this hideous tablet is that it will bring down the prices of older tablets. Waiting for the original Note 10.1 to get to $199.

Posted via Android Central App

G-Pad 8.3.
Now You're Talkin.
Just watched GSM Arena's Review of the LG-G2 (Finally someone that knows how to show it's features..) and it sprung me. I was not going to get another Flagship Phone but now I must have the LG-G2 and like you, maybe the G-Pad 8.3 later this year. I currently own the Tab 3 8.0 and yes sometimes the cap/physical buttons do get pressed in landscape accidently.. I had a 240 bowling game going and lost it because of that.. pissed me off!

Just give me that Android 4.3 on my original Note 10.1 and I'm good for now.
I may look to trade up later.

Posted via The DARK Android Central App on my Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1

Do you see the Lag starting at about the 2:00 mark? That's exactly what happened when I owned a Nexus-10 for all of 10 days last December.. When the Exynos A-15 was suppose to be the "Be All End All" of CPU's.. but the high Res screen still caused lag from time to time.. the same lag I see the Note 10.1 and the Note 3 video from earlier today show.. Fragmentation and Touchwiz are the issues here.
I just watched a Video on Youtube of the LG-G2 by GSM Arena and Snapdragon 800 / Adreno 330 in the LG-G2 shows ZERO Lag as it should.. This is so sad for Samsung.. Even with the new devices touting 3 Gb's of Ram.

Laughable pleather and wtf button on the WRONG side of the device. Sigh. Still, considering the lack of real top shelf android tabs, this may have to do.

Well, considering this is better than any iPad hopefully "it will do". Otherwise you're out of luck. If people want a tab to do nothing more than internet browse, then get a freaking laptop. If you want a tab for an awesome portable work tool, nothing beats the Note 10.1 series.

Genuinely curious---How is this 'better than any iPad'? Not sure I'm following. I own both---as well as a GNote2, I'm not at ALL happy with the Note tablets, ESPECIALLY in comparison with the iPads and the plethora of apps and software available regardless of what you're 'in to'....from art to business, music to photography, video to surfing, name it. Other than the stylus (which you can buy for the iPad)---the iPad 4 trounces these Notes. Samsung MUST step up their game, figure out how to better optimize T/W for the tabs---get rid of some of the BS bloatware features and somehow, some way garner interest from developers for optimized tablet apps. Sorry---but you're completely out of touch with technology if you consider this being 'better than any iPad'. That's an ugly fact (I'm an Android fan---I appreciate and own both iOS and Android devices)---and I'm hoping like hell that it'll change, again---primarily with development support, secondarily with Samsung somehow figuring out how to make these pieces not glitch, lag, force close, etc. It CAN be done. Apple is doing it with 1GB of RAM---For some reason, Samsung continues to think putting more memory, faster CPUs and GPUs in these guys are going to make them fly----but they don't, they never do! Is it the frosting layer of Java on top that is causing this? I don't think so, IMHO---it's all the BS Samsung continues to 'think' they need to add for functionality. Hopefully this is the exception to the rule, we'll see. I've got to play with one in person. I've owned (still do actually) the Xoom and both Note iterations. Maybe 3 IS a charm---again, we'll see. But to consider this 'better than the iPad' is silly---ignorant---and just false!

Typical Apple fan response. But if you're ready to actually think, read on. The iPad stylus that you can buy isn't even remotely in the same ballpark as the S pen. If you think it is, please don't talk to me because you obviously haven't done your research at all. I will not get into it with you on what you've heard other people say and now you're regurgitating it. I will however, explain why this is a better option for people who actually need to do work on their tablets. The S pen offers a whole new experience for a tablet. It is not a stupid fat tipped stylus that is nothing more than a simulated finger tip. When you can achieve over 1000 levels of sensitivity with the S pen on a tablet screen, that opens up a whole new world of options with Note taking, art, and creation of graphs, charts, etc.. The iPad simply CANNOT meet the same level of creation the the Note 10.1 series can. I know it is VERY difficult for iPad disciples to be humble enough to consider there might be better options out there, but this new Note has a better screen, better input options (s pen as well as finger like the iPad), it's got the same storage options but with the option to expand to even more removeable storage, and the OS is far more complete. Sure, they iPad doesn't lag with only 1 GB of RAM, but that's because it has nothing to do. You can talk all you want about TouchWiz, but if you messed with your Note devices at all, you'd know that you can use launchers that make these things fly.
I'm not interested in a debate with someone who refuses to see beyond his iPad. Your whole argument is: "Touchwiz sucks, and the iPad can have a stylus." Well, the crap stylus you can buy isn't anything close to an S pen, and launchers remove every negative thing you just said about Touchwiz. So please come up with something else if you want anyone to actually believe that you're right. Your tired, old arguments that work with the elderly, and apple fans don't work on people who actually know better. What you're saying is very outdated and completely incorrect. You enjoy that 99 cent stylus though. And keep telling yourself (and your Apple fan friends) that it isn't the exact same thing as using the tip of your pinky finger.

iOS absolutely sucks for anyone "in to" technology. It may be great for other things, but it completely dumbs down the OS to a point that doing any file management tasks on the device is a complete joke, it can't connect to LAN servers, it relies on iTunes and USB sync for just about everything outside of the iCloud, it has a clumsy and needlessly expensive programming environment that is just designed around paying Apple and the closed App Store ecosystem, it's incredibly restrictive, Apple actively fights against those who want to make the most out of their own hardware, it's closed source (which means it almost certainly has backdoors in its security), and the UI is years behind Android's (no widgets, very basic homescreen, multitasking is bleh, browser is adequate at best, no Flash). If you don't use any of this the iPad may be a great tablet, but for the stuff I use my Android for there's not even a hint of competition, Android wins hands down.

I Thought they were going to announce a 12.1 Inch or something as some rumors said, Now I'm reconsidering Ativ 500t again :/

Nice tablet, but the placement of that home button will make it awkward to use.

And please, tell me it DOESN'T make calls.

Why is making calls a bad thing? I read somewhere that it could, but from a design standpoint it makes sense. They're basically reusing the Note 3 internal design here and that's designed to make calls. The Qualcomm variants have the LTE voice modem integrated (as that's Qualcomm's big thing, SoC integration) and will likely be able to do voice if provided with a voice-enabled SIM. This in no way hurts tablet functionality, so if you don't ever intend to use voice on it, it does not affect you negatively in any way, shape, or form. Since when is adding features a bad thing? I'd rather have unused features than not enough features, and Samsung seems to be the only one who agrees and makes feature-packed devices. Everyone else is going down the minimalist remove everything and conform to the crowd design and it sucks. Customization and features are the reason I use Android.

I think I'm gonna get this for my daughter so she will finally give my nexus 7 (2013) back!

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@ Alex Dobie

Thanks for the cool post.

this new Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 (2014) is a very cool stuff from Samsung. tab should be like this powerful now a days. But the display ppi is too poor, they should start internal storage from minimum 32 gb in suh type of high end tab.

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This is a real hard working pad. The amount of stuff you can get accomplished on this pad is limitless. This is faster and more capable than 90% of most laptops. Samsung has pushed this tablet over the top. I will be buying this tablet along with the matching Note 3. That will make one great looking package. My only question is what color, won't be pink I can guarantee that. I usually go white but that black Note 3 is a real looker. I don't care what any of these haters are yapping about Samsung should change their name to Innovator. They are without a doubt the leaders in all innovation in this field. Thank You Samsung.

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I only wish Samsung would make a desktop dock with a battery and extra ports. I love the keyboard dock on the Asus transformer tf701t, but the note 10.1 outshines it in almost every other way.

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Speaking of keyboards, does the on-screen keyboard allow Swipe?

Are there keyboards available for the Note 10.1 that have the same tactile feel of a desk top keyboard?