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For you Fring users out there, a new update has just been released. Here's the changelog for Version

  • Improved Connectivity
  • Voice Improvements
  • Better Stability
  • Hide GSM buddies
  • Hide offline buddies
  • Disable fring mood (in IM)
  • Disable fring signature (in IM)
  • Nexus One Support
  • Motorola Milestone audio fix

You should see the update pushed out anytime now. You can also get Fring in the Android Market, or by scanning the bar code below. New to Fring? Find out what it's all about here.

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Reader comments

Fring client updated for the Nexus One, better connectivity


The UI is just hideous though, although maybe a bit better after this update. Nimbuzz still seems like a far better alternative to me.

I was a beta tester for the version that came before this. The fring beta on the DROID did SkypeOut and SIPout fine (aside from major latency). This new version has the same old SkypeOut and SIPout problems. Going back to the beta.

(it is also strange that the "call terminated" blip comes through media audio while the phone audio comes through the phone audio. So if you have your phone audio directed one place or with one volume, the call terminated blips will continue to be directed elsewhere)

Great update allowing ability to hide phone and offline contacts. That alone makes the program much more user friendly.

The UI is still very much like a cartoon and clients like Nimbuzz and iSkoot are cleaner looking. However, the call capabilities with Fring are interesting as it really opens up Skype and SIP calling. Still some issues with data calls, but I'm not sure if it's Fring or hardware/network limitations that are the cause.

Overall a great update and the potential is there to do what Skype has refused to do by making a client that is useful to users.