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We know a few of you did it. Despite your love for all things Android and Google, you shelled out $500 or more for an iPad. It's OK. It's shiny. We understand that. And despite your transgressions, we're more than willing to point you to our pals at TiPB for all the iPad launch day news, app reviews, accessories and other Apple giddiness. Go ahead. And then come on back this way for your Android fix.


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Fess up: Who bought an iPad?


Yeah. Super overhyped. Seriously, why would I even get one of these when I have a laptop that can do so much more.

Still on the fence about getting the other hand screw that im on my way to the apple store right now!

actually i am in real estate and a table 3g version would be amazing for me in business to take while showing homes. BUT not this... camera, no usb, only on AT&T... I am going to wait for a kickbutt non-apple version like the wepad or something similar to come later this summer.

I want a tablet really bad, but I am going to wait for something with Android, a camera, USBs, and all sorts of other things that will come standard on anything not Apple..

Got pulled in by the hype when the 1st Gen iPhone came out and regretted it not even a year into my contract not gonna happen again ever I hate restrictions

i would like to move to officially change the name from "ipad" to "itouch XL"

in all seriousness, i would rather wait for a google tablet than feed the apple beast. staggering that it doesnt do multitasking when the iphone can

I want some sort of Tablet, but I want to see what others come out with before picking one up because the outputs are important to me.

Besides, an iPad sounds like something you give your girlfriend when it's that time of the month for her. =)

lol @ itouch XL. Thats exactly what it is. Just something else for me to drag around!!! My Droid weighs enough.

Nope, too busy playing with my two week old Nexus One.

I *may* get the next generation iPad ( or a Android version ...! ). An iPad without a camera seems dumb.

I can knock it for two personal reasons...

#1) I'm rather positive its not going to be a good e-reader in sunlight. I can't find anything disputing that theory. If I'm putting money into buying this thing its going to be my ereader and i want to be able to sit outside in the sun and read.

#2) I could care less about a camera on the back. However, I think its a huge flaw not to put one on the front. This would be a great device for quick video calls but, they dropped the ball.

This is typical apple for these ipod devices. They only give some buzz to chew on and make you wait for the rest. Remember the whole thing about video and sms on the iphone? Good luck waiting 2+ years for missing features.

Come on people, how can you talk s**t about this amazing device? Would you really wanna lug this thing around to take pictures?? No! Its awesome for what it is. I would say try it first before you knock it.

I have a lil ipod nano, and that's the only money The apple NAZIS will ever get outta me! The Ipad imo is an overpriced waste of space!

A month ago, I mildly wanted one, having really enjoyed my iPod Touch.

Two weeks ago, I was thinking, "Meh, I have the Touch, and my Droid is on the way. Maybe, I'll wait for a gen 2 iPad."

Now, I finally have my Droid phone, the iTouch sits lonely and unused, and I won't go back to iPhone OS over Android, if I can help it... And, I can.

There are rumors of Android-based tablet computers coming out this summer for half the price (or less). I'm going to wait.

Removing my honest considered opinion from your comments isn't very open is it? I would understand abuse or profanity but removing critical feedback because you hold an adverse opinion is not wise. Shame on you.

Kevin calm down, it might just be that you're "(non-verified)". Spitting this all over my twitter feed is beneath you.

Kevin -

Read through the comments on the articles here. You'll soon see that AC is more than happy to let people complain, both about the editors and the content, pretty much unbridled.

I can't actually speak for anyone other than myself, but I'm certain that if your comment did not contain objectionable material, it was not deleted. As both an editor and an active commenter, I have "mis-clicked" on preview vs. save, or had a comment that I thought was submitted, only to find that the spam filter decided I needed to fill out a captcha to continue. Maybe this is what happened, or maybe there was another more technical glitch.

I'd like to see your comment, if you would like to repost it.

I'm reallllly tempted. In fact, if I had woken up at 8:00am instead of 9:45am, I probably would have broken down and picked one up, and here's why:

Apple has Apps. They have a TON of apps, and games, and sure most of them suck, but there are several (more than my Android) that are pretty damn cool.

For that reason alone, an iPad is more likely to succeed. I mean, we still don't have a kindle app for cryin out loud.

Yeah, no flash, no multitasking, and no camera. But you can still play more videos and TV shows on the iPad than I can on my Hero.

Looks like you forgot something.
TONS of apps only applies when Apple was in mobile market only.

Think you say "I have iPhone and there are tons of apps" to someone who's using Android or other phones. Yep, surely a great advantage of iPhone.

Now, you say "I have iPad and there are tons of apps" to someone who's using HP Slate. Guess what answer you will get?

Don't forget what market it is in.

Yeah, it's in a slightly different market. However, it runs all of the iPhone applications. Either way, both platforms are made with mobility in mind.

The slate, running Windows 7, is made with a laptop/desktop in mind and was not designed as a touch device. How many applications and games are going to run on a Slate with only touch input or make use of the motion sensors? I doubt very many, since it's still a Windows OS.

Devs will develop for the iPad and the iPhone, they already have an will continue to do so.

I thought your point was there are a lot of apps so it could be somewhat used as a notebook, which iPhone cannot really do due to small screen.

But now your point is about games, which iPhone and iPod Touch can do?

Sorry, I don't really understand.

I wanted to talk about iPad's own merit, rather than just as an oversized iPhone or iPod Touch.

I have a Netbook that does more that this iPad does , its also smaller and more portable with e REAL keyboard , more ram, more memory etc etc and CHEAPER . NO THANKS

Ill be honest, im getting one. No matter what. For a couple of reasons actually...

I just got back from playing with one at Best Buy, and i gotta say...i love it. Maybe my love for it will dwindle with the lack of things like a camera, multitasking, flash and various other things.

But even without those features, i still found my 45+ minutes with it was amazing.

Heres my reasons:

1. It was beautiful, its a slim gorgeous media machine. Plus the screen was absolutely amazing to look at.

2. Usability, everything just seemed to "flow". Sure the lack of multitasking was easily noticeable, but it never swayed me.

3. Its FAST, seriously, this thing never slowed down on me once. (awaits "lack of multitasking" comments)

4. The iPad exclusive apps, plus the revamped standard apps like YouTube and the mail appto name a few, are a breeze to use. They are better to look at and more fun to play with.

5. Its just...FUN. Everything i did was fun to do, which is a big plus for me. I love my gadgets to be fun as well as functional.

I have never been a big fan of Apple, but i can never deny that they make great products. And the iPad is no exception.

A comment in one of the first reviews for the iPad actually changed my view of it. It read: "The iPad is not so much about what you can do — browse, do e-mail, play games, read e-books and more — but how you can do it."

Dont look at the iPad for what its capable of, but of how it executes those capabilities.

Just my 2 cents.

What if I just don't care about having the ability to consume massive amounts of media at my fingertips? Is there still a use for it for people like that? Also, most of the non-ipad apps are unusable because the scaling SUCKS.

The wife and I went out this morning, and I had full intentions of parting with my "gadget fund" money to get her one. After trying it for a bit at Best Buy, she had four things to say -

This is just like my iPod. I thought it would be like a computer.
Why can't I install iTunes on it and attach my iPod?
Why did they put a big plastic bezel on it instead of extending the screen?
Do you think Android will make one that uses the widgets like on my phone?

We left without one.

I have never seen the need for so much justification of a product. That alone should show that it is a piece of sh1t. Did people need countless BGR and engadget articles to justify the purchase of an ipod or an iphone, NO! so why the need now? To justify the giving of another $500to$1000 every 12-18 months on top of new iphone/ipod/macbook purchases. I was guilty of giving apple large amounts of money for years and telling my friends how it was worth twice what they paid, but not anymore. It only takes the ability to not be blind and closed minded, and try another OS to realize Apple is not the end all, but rather good beginner electronics for the very young and old, or the lazy. And I am getting sick of all of the app talk, my ubuntu/xp asus netbook runs everything, no "apps" needed, but that was not revolutionary!

Sent from my Ivory Tower(Droid)

Nope didn't get one and don't want one. It's over hyped and over priced if you ask me. It's a freakin' giant iPod Touch is all, and yet some people went crazy over it.

Everyone I've talked to said thanks but no thanks. They said there's no way they'd pay that much for something like that.

Only reason I'd really want a device like that would be to read ebooks. I have a Kindle 2 for that. Kindle is easier on the eyes to read for long periods of time.

I also love my Kindle 2 - also, it reads fine outdoors in the sunlight. I do have an iPod Touch, and like it a lot, so really don't see the need for this thing.

Sucker born every minute !!! Thats what you are if you buy one of these waste of money , the line in NYC was ridiculous to buy one and many left the store after seeing it without actually buying , the smart people anyway

I'm going to wait for a G-Pad!!! Now, that would be awesome! Multi-tasking, google experience bundling and of course Android exclusivity! I can only hope...

I think it is mostly hardcore gadget guys and journalist who love this "shinny things". A lot of "normal" people need sexy phone, just to show up (I read somewhere that half of iphone users does not use a browser at all). But how much people will need this?
I wish ipad success, because we really need to shift UI paradigma to multitouch. But for me it is just crippled device with no real use.

Don't want one or need such a useless device. I got internet,music, videos, movies, games, apps, camera, and can download mp3s and youtube videos without ever hooking it up to my pc all on my Nexus One.

I have my Zune 80GB player,HP laptop & blackberry storm 1(which will be upgraded to the incredible or n1). Stevie j, you're latest invention may be beautiful but it's restrictive & limited for my needs. Ipad = buyers' beware product of 2010

iPads are for the wanna-be techies just like the guys who dress up in a biker type uniform are wanna-be badasses. My Mother told me along time ago "Isn't it better to be than seem to be". A big part of business however is about perception, hats off to Apple in reaching the masses for profit.

"iPads are for the wanna-be techies"

Seriously? Are you that ignorant to believe that?

So if someone in the gadget/tech world that you truly look up to bought an iPad, they are immediately thrown down to the level of wannabe?

I did :)

It's better than I thought it would be but I can see how how polarizing it might be. You really do have to try it. First time you hit the "home button" it feels like IMAX for smartphones.

I really hate polls that only give predefined opinions. Can't vote. I got one, but that was because of my job. So the yes, and proud of it doesn't apply. Twits.