M7003 tablet

Let me start by saying I have not seen, held, or fondled this unit in any way.  And frankly, I have no desire to.  But when this post popped up in the forums about a $117.30 Chinese monstrosity, one of us had to react.  Since I've been closely following the development of a few Android tablets, I gleefully volunteered :)

This has so many warning flags I'm not sure where to begin.  The 300 MHz VIA 8505 processor should ensure sluggish performance and poor battery life, the 128 MB of ram will likely make you scream and kick your cat even when attempting the simplest tasks, and I won't even start on the Android 1.7 system that a magic OS fairy must have built -- because Google sure didn't.  Add in a TransFlash micro SD slot that only supports cards up to 16 GB, and the absence of all the standard Google apps, including the Android Market and you don't have something that's crippled, you have something that's dead and just doesn't know it.  The only thing this has going for it is price, and even that isn't spectacular -- spend 50 more dollars and get a used Droid Eris off eBay.  I promise you'll have a better Android experience.  Simply put, I wish I had more hands so I could give this four thumbs down.

Anyone see any reason I should spend a hundred-and-seventeen bucks to give this one a second look?  Holler out in the comments! [Euogo.com via Android Central forums]


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Euogo's M7003 Android tablet -- Why? Just, why?


$117? Hell you couldn't give me $117 to take that thing. That is arguably one of the ugliest devices I have ever seen.

Wow... never knew my one post would start off a whole article but glad it did!

I am in no way a technical wizard but i do love technology. I saw that thing advertised and had to get some feedback on what the heck people are trying to sell.

Thanks Jerry for the heads up on all of these tablets that are popping up.

Thank YOU for finding it lol. Hopefully, this saves somebody somewhere from spending 120 bucks on this ....this..... thing.

I hope this wasn't supposed to be some weird horrific piece of cap that was supposed to resemble a iPad.

Wow, ugly. Period. Correction on the CPU tho, its listed running at (633MHz), unless they changed it? Hmm.. Either way, wow... #fail

Props to Jerry for the Chappelle Show-inspired comment at the end of the post! "I wish I had more hands, so I could give those t!tt!es four thumbs down!"

Hey I think this would be great... I may just buy two, I have two brothers that would think I am doing them a wonderful service for the first two weeks and then they would finally catch on this this was nothing more then one hell of a joke. After hours and hours of frustration.

I would play a AWESOME prank on some of my "Apple" friends and tell them I bought them an iPad, secretly putting it in an authentic iPad box. The laughter would ensue eternaly!

There is a burgeoning set of such devices at DealExtreme; I'm watching with some interest, awaiting the later generations getting through the pipeline.

Sure, they're fairly awful, at this point. But consider...

  • The hardware is better than what I used to use yesteryear.
  • These are the first generations getting emitted. Give it some time for better ones to get released...
  • There's a forum, SlateDroid, where folks are actively working to make these sorts of units more usable.

I suspect that at about the point at which the price rises to $250, with the amount of:

  • CPU
  • RAM
  • Screen rez

growing correspondingly, they'll start looking pretty favorable when compared to Apple's devices, especially if they can get to the point where Marketplace works.

Sure, I won't be buying one now, but I see no need to insult them at this point.

Its a knock off iPad. LMFAO Go China stealing tech and turning it in to garbage once again. My wife has knock off purses with more functionality than that.

You guys are really harsh... it looks great for 1 of those electric picture frames that people's pictures keep rotating on from a memory chip.

Man that's even worse than my comment I have to give it to you on that. I think my mom has one with pictures of my boys in it . Which do you think is faster this frame or the one I got my mom for Christmas last year I think it was a Kodak picture frame. You think the tech wizards can get Android to run on that.

Let's all chip in a couple bucks so Phil can pick one up and tape somebody destroying it in a fantastic way. Shotgun perhaps?

They are promoting it like it is a eReader that can check your email. So the specs are not that bad for what it is meant to do. Lower CPU (300mhz) is fine for an eReader and will save on battery power. Compaired to Kindle, this thing is cheap. But not eInk either. I do not think it is bad for what it is meant to be.

Hi, man, have you ever tested this tablet? Don't just guess something, if you have a little sense of responsibility, you should have written this article after you tested it.

Really bad experience with androidtabletbay.com ( euogo.com ). Purchased a Sanei N10 dual core. After unboxing:

1) Near to the camera, in the screen, there was a fused pixel.
2) the screen is taking of from the casing near the camera.
3) THE MOST IMPORTANT ISSUE: The tablet I ordered was dual core CPU, but the CPU I received is SINGLE CORE what I paid 165,87US$ for! Also in the web was mentioned that the CPU speed is 1,5GHz and what I received is 1GHz (!) It is really slow.

No response to my emails and calls from them. After my purchasing I read a lot of posts like mine in all tablets forums and online shops...