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If you live in a cave and missed the "big" announcement of the iPhone 5 iPhone 4S, you need to have a peek for reference before we start.  Jump over to TiPb, where Allyson has a summary and links so you can watch the whole thing (if you can be bothered to install a proprietary QuickTime plugin, that is).  If you came back a bit underwhelmed, you're not alone, and it looks like more than a few iPhone die-hards will be skipping this update altogether

OK, we're done with the links and news about the iP4S -- promise.  I just wanted to be sure you all had a chance to see just what Apple took 16 months to release, and have an idea how it was received.  Now compare it to the reaction the Internet, folks in our forums, and people in general had to the Samsung Galaxy S II. 

Apple no longer sets the bar that others are measured against.

This goes beyond the Galaxy S II.  Samsung is releasing some amazing products, listening to user feedback, and delivering what consumers want.  I don't like Touchwiz.  Not even a tiny bit.  But, damn, it is smooth and fluid on the latest Samsung hardware, including the Galaxy Tab 10.1.  It's also functional, bringing things to the table that users haven't even thought to ask for yet.  Techie types are falling in love with Samsung's new products, and we all know where non-techy types look for advice.  No longer will the non-fanboy instantly say the word iSomething when asked what the best smartphone is, because until Apple can show something new, with features users have been asking for, the iProduct isn't it.

We tend to think in terms of smartphone here (we are a Mobile Nation of Smartphone Experts after all) but Samsung, like LG, sells an amazing amount of phones every year.  Numbers that dwarf any manufacturer's smartphone sales.  They are in the Prime position (see what we just did there?) to put out the product that sets the tone for the next generation of smartphones, likely running Android.  Apple can't risk that, because they have a giant cash cow they need to protect.

That's iTunes.

For all the polish and thought that goes into Apple's mobile products, they are just a front end for iTunes.  The fellows in Cupertino know that they can create buzz on a brand (and they do a marvelous job at it), but can they compete when another product comes on the scene that is simply better?  That's a risk that Apple is too smart to take.  If Samsung is able to build and sell something to make the average user want it enough to leave the iTunes universe, Apple's revenue will be hit -- hard.  Apple knows how to sell content and build mindshare.  Samsung knows how to sell a whole lot of electronic devices.  The two had to butt heads eventually, and as Android matures, that day isn't far off.  NVIDIA shows us what can be done with powerful hardware on a mobile device.  The Galaxy S II line shows us that hardware has reached a point where even less-than-optimized software can look and feel awful damn good.  When the two meet (Ice Cream Sandwich?  Maybe.), the chance to really shake up Apple's ecosystem is there.

I'm no fancy paid analyst -- I'm a middle aged father of three who happens to be a big nerd.  I have a theory that if I can see the big picture, real analysts and businessmen can as well.  Samsung is in the position to de-throne Apple, and spending the last six months worrying about legislation instead of innovation makes perfect sense to me after the recent iPhone announcement.


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Editorial: Now we know why Apple went after Samsung in the courtroom


Fully agree with Jerry and just want to emphasize the point he hinted at:

Why does it take the company richer than God 16 months to come up with tweek, when Samsung, HTC, LG can come out with new phones every quarter?

The 4S is a "refresh" model and test bed for new software. Something Apple can sell while the fix supply-chain problems created by fighting Samsung. Meanwhile they are updating their hoped for iPhone5 design for a mid 2012 launch; and don't forget iPad3; perhaps they care more about that.

Unfortunately - by mid 2012 Android will be smoother and smarter, Samsung (and others) will have stunning hew hardware and Nokia will show how lovely windows phones could be.

In tactics, the ability to make two moves while your opponent makes one, wins wars. Samsung may loose some legal skirmishes, but times change and they are simply faster.

Android's OS has improved over the years, but the software still isn't as stable or fluid as ios and it still has a way to go. You could have a beautiful device but without the beautiful software to match it doesn't do a whole lot of good
Speaking of being smarter... I would say that Samsung may "lose" some legal skirmishes... I don't think Samsung will be getting loose in a courtroom.

Hey...you don't know...."foot-loose"!!! While the Android OS may not be as stable, it's still silly to see Apple releasing stuff years after it's been out on Android while they go around suing everyone for "copying" them.

"Why does it take the company richer than God 16 months to come up with tweek"

Beacuse they have the best selling phone on the market. People LOVE it! They see no need to change the design because some nerds on the internet like something else more (I am not insulting anyone, I am one of those nerds). I am sure apple will outsell every other phone with the iP4S so they had no need to push a new redesign to the market (which costs a lot more than just upgrading the internals of their already hit iPhone 4). Apple is not going to be outsold by Samsung. Apple will be outsold by the whole Android ecosystem, but not by one company.

they just played it safe this time. and when you play not to lose, you lose. still laughing out loud on this one

to not like apple is one thing, but saying they suck is just wrong. they make quality products, that for years, set the bar in the mobile industry.. i really have to thank apple. without them, android devices wont be where they are today, they would be much much worse. now android is starting to set the bar, and apple wants to catch up.

Completely agree with you, Samsung and the other manufacturers are really pulling the stops out. Don't forget Google in all of this either, Linux OS has a lot to be proud of, Google just made it work for the smartphones.

You are right..Apple HAS set the bar so that more and more quality products are made by their competition..She always had and has quality products..BUT she shouldn't claim she is the best when clearly the past months/years she just isn't!! This arrogance is what stains Apple's face to the consumers (except the ones that aren't brainwashed fanboys of course..)

Problem is, in this industry, when you rest on your laurels ("SET (past tense) the bar..."), you become... RIM!

I like competition and Apple innovation. However, this isn't it. I'll give them a misstep given that they are going through yet another CEO transition and Jobs probably wasn't up to snuff due to his health issues. BUT they will really need to hit the iPhone 5 out of the park or become just another phone, but with the added "feature" of being a front end for iTunes.

Just my $.02...

This just in... Jar Jar Binks thanks Apple for replacing him as history's biggest disappointment.

Now now...let's not go too far.

I'd put the 4GS announcement on about the same level of disappointment as Daikatana or the Segway.

It will be decades before anything beats The Phantom Menace in disappointment value.

I just got the SGS2 and showed my mom. She was ... speechless. I also showed her the reason why my Toshiba Thrive is thick (it aint that thick). Just like my mom, a lot of people are starting to see the iChains wrapped around their ankles.

I have an android phone and ordered an Ipad 2 last week. I would never get an iPhone but Ipad is another story. You gotta admit there is no tablet on the market yet that has been done properly user friendly with the most thin profile etc. Even Galaxy Tab 10 lags when you switch between home screens let alone other things. I purchased Ipad to mostly play games on it and internet browsing and this by far is the best enterntaiment/internet device out there. I am not a fan of any OS or any particular company/maker. I am a tech enthusiast and I like to explore new things. Oh and when I'll finally get my ipad I'm gonna jailbreak it and I won't have any iChains wrapped around my ankles, I promise :)

For a second I read, ". . . my Toshiba Thrive is thick (it aint that thick). Just like my mom . . ."

And thought you were saying your mom was thick but not that thick. :-P

LOL. This is why punctuation is important, dear internet users. He even punctuated his post properly. But you (I know I've been guilty of this too) are so used to not seeing *any* punctuation, you ignore it when it's there.

The choice of 'MAIN STREAM' music is unrivalled on iTunes but it is no competition for the world wide web.

I can't speak for everyone but I love my music and if I know there's music out there that I can't get through iTunes because the corporate Apple machine doesn't see it as a money spinner or was too busy converting the Beatles then they've lost me.

Simplification comes at a cross which is why I choose Android, Freedom and Choice.

iTunes prices most of their mainstream music at $1.29 ..complet bullshit when most of this same songs can be found in Amazon mp3 store for $.99.

The nail in the coffin would be Google addressing fragmentation. Maybe with the release of ICS, Google will reveal how they plan to implement their 18 month plan of updating all devices.

if Google was smart they would integrate something like that into Google Music. That would be brilliant, having all the music readily available on your phone but stored in their cloud service. Maybe even integrate the ability to buy music albums from the market that automatically go straight to Google Music... they could really go places with what they have lol

Correct. Integrating Google music to android marketplace is the next step for Google. Imagine having the bought music associated to the account without having to put any on the phone. Have an desktop manager that automatically store offline version too. The same goes for other content.

Or you could just use Amazonmp3 which has all of this already. And it offers the ability to upload ALL of your music that you will ever have, with no charge (currently).

I have been saying that Apple thinks they can put out anything and it will sell that maybe true but I am going to pass on this half way updated Iphone 4....

If you think that's all Apple has been working on in the last six months, iPhone wise, you're an idiot! It's well recognised that they test their phones generations ahead years in advance.

Saying that, it felt good owning an Android device and watching that keynote today :-)

I thought I was the only one who saw that. RIM got so cocky believing they set the bar, and let the times pass them by, Apple is doing the same thing here , when they wake up, its gonna be too late.

If they were generations they would not have released this. I can see them switching the schedule and releasing another iphone early next year to address what should have been announced today. Not to mention their stock fell alot today which is not like apple with their stock usually going up after announcements. Plus with the new androids coming out apple will be feeling the heat competition and from their investors.

Great job Jerry, Maybe if Apple spent a little of that lawyer budget on innovation they would have a new phone to show the public. Apple is all done IMO. Their big I-Phone update is a 2nd rate Vlingo apk that has been around for years and call it innovation. Sorry Apple, I have had that for years. Bring on the new Nexus.

The main inovation that apple introduced with Siri is its iPhone 4S exclusivity (as I heard/read), before it was compatible with:

Requirements: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 3.0 or later

Acording to the now removed Siri page un iTunes http://webcache.googleusercontent.com/search?q=cache:LwmUTA-pMRwJ:itunes...

Oh, wait, that aint an innovation, but a classic way to rip off people

I found this while reading the GSMArena blog: http://blog.gsmarena.com/apple-introduces-siri-for-iphone-4s-your-person...

16 months for a better camera, siri and a better processor...and the hot thing is voice dictation. Lmao epic fail Apple. But I guess its not a huge fail because the cult following will still make profitable. Surely the Marketing team that built the hype will make the big dough because the engineers have been sleeping at the wheel.

I prefer my android device (HTC EVO 3D) to the iPhone line, and I have had android devices for years now. However, the last thing I want to see is Apple do poorly. The healthier Apple is, the stronger the market is and the harder everyone competes. Competition is great for the market, and ultimately the biggest beneficiary of that, is us. Also, Apple is one of the world's largest job suppliers. I am all for Apple success. The whole set of bickering about which devices are superior that happens at any get together the moment someone pulls out their smartphone needs to end. Choose the device that you like and best suits your needs, and let everyone else do the same. Users should stop feeling the need to "beat" everyone else.

Exactly , finally some looking at the big picture

Besides , if it wasn't for the iPhone we would've been stuck with Symbian OS

Yea I know the iPhone wasn't the first touchscreen phone or a smart phone , but the iPhone changed the myis

Why not argue and determine for yourself what you want? If consumers have no opinion, then what will producers make? Like you said, Competition IS great, and it creates newer and better and more efficient products. Debating about it is more than just talk.The consumer's desire to "beat" something or have something better drives innovation.

Not really. The competition is among the android manufacturers to make a better product than the others. I mean if it was based off apple they wouldnt continue to make screen improvements(hd,3d, etc) and up the internal specs to try and be the best android device.

You are wrong man.

Apple is a closed environment. Their products are the opposite of function. And because they have so many fan boys and mouth breathers, they have tons of clout in the market. So their products sell.

Which means other companies start to mimic them. Which means they are mimicking marketing and form over function.

Therefore we all lose out on innovations and new technologies because a huge device maker(apple) is only selling their experience. Not function. So moto and htc, and sammie are competing with polished form when all we( non mouth-breathers) want is speed, power, speed, connectivity, stronger antennas etc.

I am all for more competitors with real products. (old School Apple IIs shipped with diagrams of circuits, firm ware info, bios info included in the manual) Today Apple won't even tell you what clock speed the processor in the device you own is running at.

I wish RIM was stronger and could come to bat as a real competitor.

So, it is in the interest of us (the non-mouthbreathers) to convince the apple fans to buy products that have actual functionality.

Samsung is taking the world by storm and there's nothing Apple can do to stop it. They wasted so much time on the courts instead of making a better product. Look at them now. Even the Apple die-hards are going WTF? Apple is scared of Samsung. They haven't seen anything yet. Wait till 2012. Well written article Jerry. It deserves 5 stars.

Comments like this don't make sense to me. Having your lawyers spend time in court doesn't take away from time spent developing and engineering. Whatever Apple's strategy is vis-a-vis Samsung, their guys aren't twiddling their thumbs. We don't know what all they're working on or when it will be ready. Their developers and engineers didn't take a year off and then toss something together at the last minute. Maybe they wanted to do more but reached a deadline and had to change course. Maybe (quite probably) they know something about the competitive roadmap that we don't. Maybe they are being strategic in their releases, not blowing their wad all at once. It could be anything. The reason the speculation goes into frenzy mode pre release is that nobody knows what's happening. But the internet is full of experts who expound on it with certainty anyway.

Well you sir have just put together the most logical post I have seen on this thread. I have to agree with you 100%. Of course Apple's lawsuits aren't stopping their engineering team from working and obviously most of the people on this forum do not appreciate the genius that is Apple's philosophy.

Apple adds very little to each update and rarely makes HUGE changes to their products or services. They add very little very slowly and as a result the average user does not have to change their behaviors or have a steep learning curve at any time. That is why so many people LOVE Apple. Also, from Apple's POV if they are making record profits (which they are!) why in the world would they need to come out with guns blazing and release a phone with every single thing that they otherwise could slowly add over a couple years. It makes no sense. I am glad none of these people on the internet are running a tech company.

While I agree, they are getting "left in the dust" as it where, technologically. We're on course to have quad-core Android phones on the market a good 6 months before Apple even releases a dual core. Everyone keeps talking about how iOS "scrolls" more smoothly (which I still think is a silly reason to pick iPhone over Android) and that their apps look better, but they're not going to have that stance much longer if they keep recycling the same 4-year-old technology like they have been.

If anything, the sudden flurry of lawsuits and court battles just show that Apple is feeling the heat. I don't think time spent in court did anything to stifle innovation at Apple. They've been not innovating for a while now.

First honest article I have read today. Somehow all the blogs are pro apple/iphone and they don't seem to reflect the disappointment of the users.
Though I would say "Apple no longer sets the bar" is a bit too harsh considering they have quite a few products apart from smartphone.
But over all a good article

I wouldn't say its too harsh. Their computer empire is also not that impressive. First to focus on Thunderbolt I/O whoopdee.. it's fast but nothing supports it and USB 3.0 is just right around the corner. Its the same stuff everyone is pushing, in a pretty aluminum case.

I like the pretty aluminium case.

but samsungs pretty aluminum series latops/netbooks are almost identical.

oh no, i just started another lawsuit.

I think it's a bit overdone. Was the 3GS such a disappointment that the fanbase gave up on Apple? Why is a similar situation with the 4S being billed as such a failure? My brother's 3g is getting old and he's ready to upgrade and blammo, here's a new one all ready for him. It makes sense that they'd release new models periodically to, at a minimum, keep things fresh, just like car dealers do from model year to model year. A bit of extra chrome, a few accessories, and they call it new. Was this thing supposed to project Princess Leia holograms in mid air and fix you breakfast? In this era of software-is-king, does it matter much that the body style didn't change? If they had changed the body style but still made only the same internal changes, would everybody be happy?

I think the reason for the disappoint, here, is that everyone was expecting Apple to finally get a little caught up technology wise. Dual-core Android phones are pretty much the norm, now, and we're just a few months away from seeing some quad-core (Tegra3, anyone?) phones/tablet announcements. Apple is just now announcing a "refresh" of the iPhone4 with dual-core.

New specs: "Now Dual-Core for 2x faster speed! Dual-Core GPU for 7x faster graphics!"

My first thought is "what processor speed?" The iPhone was only running at 800Mhz. I can't find the clock speed for the 4S anywhere online. And Dual-Core GPU? Really? The Tegra2 is running 8 graphics cores. And the new KalEl (Tegra3) is going to have 12.

I think the most telling aspect of how much Apple is falling behind was when they demonstrated "Voice Dictation" as one of the "cool" new features of the 4S. That was just ridiculous.

I had my SGS2 on Sprint for one week,I did browser test on my SGS2 and on the Ipad2, both running on wifi connection, my SGS2 scored 978.... And the Ipad2 scored 738. I did used for the browser test
It`s amazing how the Samsung make up to the top of Apple products, in short time.

I forget the specific article, but this is all the more impressive when you remember that the iPad2 isn't necessarily loading all web elements (flash comes to mind) whereas the SGS2 is. Of course it's all dependent on which test you ran.

"OK! New iPhones... new iPhones... gotta be some iPhones around here somewhere. Ah, here we go! Aaaaaaaaaaaaand... nothing!?"

Here's an idea, since making iPhones is difficult--why don't you just keep using THIS iPhone. Same one. And I can just... watch you use it. Yes. That sounds much easier." -Tim "Wheatley" Cook

I just find it funny that Apple can go 1, 2, even 3 years where the devices use at least half of the previous parts and technology. Guess iTunes makes for a good distraction.

Great right up Jerry , I really appreciate that you took the time to write it

Not to be a buzzkill or a troll or anything like that ...
Don't you guys always don't judge a phone by the spec. Sheet?
Plus , the iPhone 4S looks like it have a whole new things , I mean beside the same design & the outstanding screen , everything else is new

Think of it as the Jeep Wrangler or the Mazda Miata or the Mercedes G-Class , they look the same since day one (the G-class design is the same for the past 30 years) , but they got new engines & interiors over the years

Besides IOS runs smooth on any hardware , so the Dual-Core CPU & the extra RAM are just frosting on the cake

& the average consumer will look at the new stuff , like the new camera ... etc , unlike us care about cutting egde tech.

Just my 2 cents

It's not that that we're judging it off of. It's the fact that they took a year and a quarter to only come up with only a couple of upgrades. They were even too lazy to change the design and all they really did is just add a new camera, a voice control app that has been available for years, a new processor, and iOS5 which the only last 2 that I mentioned are real upgrades. They could've done so much more within that time frame.

What is the reference to "runs smooth on any hardware"? If your definition of "any hardware" is one of the following devices, then yes:

iPhone 2G
iPhone 3G
iPhone 3GS
iPhone 4
iPhone 4S
iPad 2

Closed ecosystems are much simpler to develop for, there is a reason for that smoothness. The trade off is the aforementioned loss of freedoms that others mention throughout this thread.

Apple went after Samsung because they sincerely believe Samsung copies Apple products. Apple believes Google copied the iPhone design. Before Google saw the iPhone Android prototypes didn't have capacitive touch screens. The G1 magically comes out with a capacitive touch screen. In the smartphone industry it's common practice for companies to sue or threaten to sue.

The iphone wouldnt even be able to make phone calls if apple hadnt infringed on samsungs communications patents. Yeah, google it.

Looks like the only money apple is going to make this year will be from litigation. Lol who am I kidding there are enough sheeple out there to think this is the new hottness to keep apple rolling in dough. Did you guys see the announcement of the new iBlinders with promises to keep you paying more for inferior products while feeling less than satisfied?

If you think the iPhone and iPad are just conduits for iTunes, I respectfully think you're WAAAAY off. Apple is about a happy ecosystem that allows little user flexibility, but the ultimate in simple experiences. All of their products are parts of that in their own way. No one part is more important than the other.

Definitely agree with this article. I think Android is at the point where the hardware is oudoing the software. Not the case with the iPhone. Ice cream sandwich should even out the scale.

Before I get accused of being a troll, let me point out that I have owned 2 Android phones; the HTC Hero and the LG Optimus S, both on Sprint. I loathe AT&T, so I don't own an iPhone, but do own an iPod Touch, and have many friends and family members with iPhones, so I have been exposed to both platforms.

When comparing the two, I am much happier with the stability and performance of iOS. My Optimus, particularly since the Gingerbread update has been an absolute nightmare to use. Constant freezes, battery issues, complete lockups forcing battery removal, Micro SD card issues, unexplained application uninstalls. That being said, I do like the customizability of Android; namely custom keyboards and widgets. Those are a big deal for me, because I'm not crazy about the iOS keyboard. Maybe my problem is that I just haven't gotten a high-end phone capable of the tasks I throw at it, but the build quality of the LG isn't fantastic. The Hero was OK. The iPhone's build quality is better overall, but there's that risk of breakage due to the sheer amount of glass.

So, that brings us to today. I look at the 4S and think "Camera looks great, processor is nice, that Siri thing? Meh." But where's the 4G? I'm glad they can squeeze 14.4Mbps out of 3G in optimum conditions, but that doesn't really count. What I wanted most was a larger screen. If you're going to tout the gaming capabilities, you're gonna have to give me more real estate than that.

Jerry mentions iTunes and to be honest, I like iTunes. It's a good interface, has great selection but we'll have to see how everything pans out with iCloud. They addressed a lot of my gripes with PC-less device activation and syncing, but again... will have to see how it gets implemented. For now, I'll hobble along with my Optimus until someone sells me an Evo or similar dirt cheap or something else comes along.

Sorry for the lengthy post, folks. Had a lot to say on the topic.

Really? You may not be a troll, but you ARE trolling. Comparing an iPhone4 to an Optimus? The iPhone is top of the line, Optimus is ENTRY-LEVEL android. They are NOT going to compare favorably.

At least you understand why you haven't had a stellar experience with Android. I was in the same boat as you; I started off with the Motorola I1, Samsung Transform, LG Optimus S and a brief run with the Motorola Bravo. It want until I got the Samsung Epic 4G Touch that I realized how great Android can be.

I don't mean to be rude but let's face it icloude wtf clouds
are no think new AGAIN he has done no think more than take already available services put an I in front packaged it up in a meet little bundle and now he is selling it like its some think new !
Photo bucket is a cloude based service just add the app its cross platform for just ! 1 example.

One of the biggest problems, PR-wise, with Android is the existence of all the crap phones out there. Because it's an open software that any manufacturer can use, there are a number of devices that provide a poor experience. I got into Android with the Motorola Backflip. Still makes me shudder to utter than name, but I went and got a good phone after and now I love it. I have an Evo, Evo3D and a ViewSonic GTablet (running honeycomb) and completely plan to buy one of these new quad-core Android tablets that we should be hearing about within the next few weeks. And my poor 64GB iPod Touch that I spent so much money on is sitting on a shelf (literally. It's sitting on my book case) collecting dust.

Personally I find iTunes to be one of the *biggest* problems with the Apple eco-system, but I'll be the first to admit that I don't use it for buying music. I also have an iPod touch and I've really stopped using it largely because I find iTunes to be such a pain in the arse when it comes to loading music (that I already own) onto my iPod.

Last time I tried to load some new music (which was probably the first time in about two years) it took *literally* three tries of adding the files to the library, hitting sync, *properly* disconnecting the iPod and then discovering the music wasn't actually on my iPod.

Not to mention the whole PC activation thing. My PC died, so I had to completely erase my iPod in order to start using my laptop to load music to it. And I *did* have a backup of my music library that I created with iTunes, but when I loaded up iTunes on my laptop it wouldn't recognize the backup. I am now officially spoiled with Android apps like WiFi Explorer (browse your SD from your PC without having to plug the phone in) and the Android Market website, where I can browse, find what I want, hit go and it starts downloading on whichever device I choose (I have three, currently). Google implements something akin to iTune through Google Music and Apple is in big trouble.

//End Rant

Great write up Jerry. This was tastefully written. Two thumbs up man. I do believe the processor will make this a very good phone though I am biased and luv the new gsII.

Two words Nexus Prime it'll blow the iphone out of the water. Yes i know specs aren't everything but the leaked specs for the prime are mouth watering.

I agree with this editorial.

I was able to upload my iTunes library (playlists in tact and all) to Amazon's Cloud Drive. Using the Amazon Cloud Player app, I was able to create a NEW playlist using my PHONE (as opposed to a program tethered to my computer). As of today, even iPhone 4 users must still use iTunes to manage content on the device. That is just not acceptable. I have "iProducts" (Nano, touch and wife has 3GS) and now that they are FINALLY configured the way I like them, I enjoy using them. It is the configuring (updating, syncing, etc) of Apple mobile devices I detest.

I have an HTC Inspire. I WANT a SGSII SOOOOOOO badly. My contract can not come up for renewal fast enough.

I think iTunes is one of the best thing happen to music industry. Besides amazon.com, there are no major music online service, where you can buy music and it will integrate seamlessly with your devices. I am excited about the iClouds.

About iPhone 4S, I think iPhone 4S will be pretty neat product. No LTE/4G is a disappointment for many. But the features like Siri, iCloud, 1080p Video recording, superior 8MP camera will make it better than any phone.

Endgadget puts a nice spec comparison here (which makes Samsung galaxy S II, the best phone, But I think the real life experience will be better with iPhone 4S.)


yea DRM-riddled music is the bestest ever! NOT

"But the features like Siri, iCloud, 1080p Video recording, superior 8MP camera will make it better than any phone."

So the iPhone will play CATCH-UP to all the Android devices out now and that is enough to be BETTER than any other phone? Do you realize how absurd that sounds?

This post pretty much hits the nail on the head. I have never been an Iphone fan coz I like my freedom of choice ,I choose to shop were its cheapest or were the better products are and that just ain't apple or I-tunes (haha even my xoom refuses to type it lol)

I also like to customize my device and I don't mean just the wallpaper behind the spring board even if it did take god knows how any years. But joking apart releasing an upgraded device and only adding a naff camera or an antenna hidden under the users hand is no way to keep your loyal customers happy let alone attract new ones.

This was inevitable and poor old samsung took the bullet purely because there not afraid to inovate and with an OS like android behind there smart phone products they just can't loose especially now we see that android coming to full fruition with dare I say it ice cream sandwich.

We have already seen the outdated symbian platform wither along with nokias half baked hardware at premium rate prices (yes there market share is dwindling rapidly) will this be how the Iphone will end up shriveling into the background to eventualy blink out of existance?

The "Nexus" line of Google Android phones are big updates/changes every year, why can't the iPhone change every year ? The Nexus-One built by HTC was really cool, but then the Nexus-S made by Samsung had a gorgeous Super AMOLED screen, and Gingerbread OS, and now the Nexus-Prime looks to be the worlds first Super-Smartphone, with another MAJOR step up from the last Nexus just a year ago.

Why doesn't Apple update the iPhone all new like the Nexus series, every year ? Apple sure has the cash and engineering to do so, the iPhone4S is major letdown in that regard.

Compare the Nexus-Prime to the Nexus-S, will be a vast improvement, and just a year between releases, actually will be only like 11 months between release. And the iPhone4 comes out June 2010, and iPhone4S 15 months later, and it looks almost identical, with very little deign changes, and minor software updates that should have been there back in iOS3.

Only thing Apple won with was releasing the iPod and iPad other than that the iPhone is old and overrated now

Have yall seen the off contract pricing? $649 for 16gb $749 for 32gb and $849 for 64gb. WTF! Meanwhile you have the GS2 Epic 4G Touch for a mere $499 off contract. Comes with a boatload of GOODIES like 4.5 in super AMOLED plus screen along with 16gb of internal memory with 1gb of RAM with an micro SD slot. Ultra Fast dual core Exynos processors etc. etc etc. Compare that to the TINY ASS iPhone 4S. You save $150 off top from the 16gb iphone 4s.

WOW!! That is some crazy stuff!! $650 for one of their devices off contract! AND you're still stuck to doing everything through their iTunes!!! ppfftttttt!

i really don't know why everybody is up in arms with the new iPhone. Its specs are pretty much on par with every android phone out their...minus maybe screen size.

minus screen size
minus a removable battery
minus real functionality outside of itunes
minus you can't really do what YOU want with YOUR own device

Big deal they updated the processor, a camera & OS! Like the writer said, techies know they are hooked and love their Android, the "average guy" will know now that their is something other that "iSomething" that can give him/her a whole lot more bang for the buck!

Next upgrade... a sticker you can place on your 4s that says "almost 5." With it, you're allowed to exclusively download an app that responds to visual commands. When you flip it the bird, it says in response, "Yeah, I know I'm still #1."

Agree with the article. Have always thought so from the start of all this court battles. Apple doesn't know what do do anymore. They want to put their name on everything, so they can sue anybody that comes to anything even remotely close to it. But am hoping after today's event, their fans will realize what is going down, put down the Apple cool aid, and step into the light.

Another thing this lackluster announcement did today was make the new CEO look bad. It set the tone for Apple's future. For his first announcement, it needed to be good. Today's announcement was nothing more than some software updates to bring features that have been missing for years and a slight bump in the iphone specs. That's not good for Mr Cook. He's got a tough road ahead of him now.

This is the best piece of literature I have read so far. Deserves a Pulitzer prize. You definitely hit it on the spot Jerry.

The thing to take away from today is this: Apple won't be forced to iterate its products at a pace faster than one with which its comfortable. It won't get into the proverbial mud and wrestle Android for market share because it cares much more about margin. Apple has always maintained a niche mentality about itself and is happy with where it is. Leading the market to Apple means something different than OS proliferation. But if it thinks it can lead in any way with a screen size from 2007, Apple has misread the market and introduced a device that will fall far behind the desired feature curve fast.

Yes! A phone being released at the end of 2011, that many are using 2-year contract subsidies to buy, needs to have 4G and bigger than 3.5" screen! Smart people look at a potential purchase and ask themselves, "Will this be relevant in x months?" It's why I make this list: http://oceanmedia.net/phones.asp

Android has a chance and should be poised to takeover. The question is will they be able to convince people who do crossover to Android from Apple to be repeat customers. Loyalty is paramount. Another thing, people wondered why Apple has like 70 billion on hand to play with; this might be a reason. They have a 20 billion, 4 year deal with Sprint, so Apple isn't going anywhere soon...

a sarcastic post I read somewhere summarized it perfectly..it said

"Oh no!!! How will people know I am cool and have the new iPhone if it looks exactly like the iPhone 4!"


I can already see the comedy routines where the comedian asks Siri something and gets ridiculous answers. Having this as your key feature is going to be a disaster. The jokes will be everywhere. Antenna-Gate pales in comparison.

My wife has been a die hard iPhone fangirl (*shrugs* lol) and after today hoping for an iPhone 5 (big update) she said screw Apple she wants an Android device! She even told me she will sell her iPhone 4 and take my Thunderbolt so I can get the Prime when/if it hits VzW (fingers crossed!!!)!

Apple would have to release a phone every 2 or 3 months to keep up with all the Android phones that come out.

Nevermind keeping up. The Galaxy S2 came out four months ago, and it's still better than Apple's latest offering.

I have to agree with most of this post, while at the same time acknowledging the iPhone 4s is still a pretty good phone. I was pretty disappointed that after 16 months, this is all they could come up with was incremental upgrades. If they could keep everything like this and add a true 4G radio and a 4.3" screen, then I would be impressed, and probably be willing to give up my Galaxy S2 for one. After using a 4.3" screen for a while, it's just too hard to for me to try using the iPhone 3.5" screen for things like web browsing, and even playing games. Maybe my eyes are just growing old, but I can't see my self going back to any device with a sub 4" screen at this point.

I'm with you. Before I got a Thunderbolt, i polled people online to see how they had been liking their 4.3 screens, like on the Droid X. They seemed so big in the ads. Only one person said it was too big and they wanted smaller. One person was kind of ambivalent. And the rest all said they loved it, both those who were never concerned about size to start with and those who had previously been worried. They all said they'd never want to go smaller again. When I held the Thunderbolt in person, I thought it was just fine. It wasn't anything like the ads. It was great. And then when I traded it in for an Incredible 2, I realized I was going to miss that screen. 4 inches is not bad, and there's something to be said about how it's slightly easier in the hand, but I definitely would never want to go smaller. Screen real estate trumps svelteness by a wide margin.

"For all the polish and thought that goes into Apple's mobile products, they are just a front end for iTunes"

This is a ludicrous statement that only proves that the author fundamentally misunderstands Apple as a company. Apple is a hardware company, first and foremost. iTunes and all it's vast library of books, music, video, and apps is the front. It's a reason to buy Apple hardware. Apple takes a cut, and even makes a small profit from that, but it's not where their money comes from.

Want proof? How about their quarterly sales report: (http://images.apple.com/pr/pdf/fy11q3datasum.pdf)
$26.3 Billion from hardware sales, $1.5 Billion from iTunes (books, video, music, apps combined).

But that's only revenue you say, iTunes is almost pure profit, while the hardware has stricter margins. Fine then, lets look at their profit.


That's a slightly older graph, but since the iPhone era began, you'll notice that the iTunes slice is pretty small compared to their hardware.

I don't want to disparage Samsung, or their rapid improvement in industrial design. I own a galaxy tab 10.1, love my friend's Galaxy SII, and will almost certainly buy a Nexus Prime. However, Apple is the defacto standard in electronics design. Their products are not simply portals through which they hope you purchase content. The content is merely a draw to get customers to invest in the hardware, and the numbers irrefutably back that up. Not understanding that is to not understand Apple at all.

And I want to see Siri in the real world. Natural language response is very hard to accomplish. I have to imagine there will be problems when millions of people are trying innumerable language combinations to set an alarm. It took Watson to win Jeapordy after all.

Hate to inject some reality in this Apple bash but anyone that thinks that all Apple was working on the past 16 months was the iPhone4s is kidding themselves. A company with 60 billion in the bank doesn't spend that amount of time to upgrade a camera and put a new processor in the same body. So what happened?

The iPhone5 was supposed to be ready by now but if you look back at news reports in mid-late September there were a number of reports from different sources that Wintek...the manufacturer of the new larger retina screen that was to be in the iPhone5 was having manufacturing problems and the too many of the screens were having bubbles appear late in the manufacturing process.

Apple as most of you know does not do the actual manufacturing of their devices. They depend on contracting to other companies like Samsung, Foxconn, Wintek and others to actually make the stuff that they design.

With the falling out between Samsung and Apple, Appls has had to turn to different screen suppliers because it simply has too rocky a relationship with Samsung at this point to rely on them to make the new larger retina screens. Wintek unfortunatley was not up to the job in the numbers that Apple needed by launch date.

We'll probably see the iPhone 5 in the Spring. What Apple really needs to do next is either build their own screen manufacturing facility...a multi-year project not likely to happen soon...or they need to find a good, large scale high quality screen manufacturer to replace Samsung and make up for Wintek's deficits. Who this will be? Not sure. Perhaps LG or Sony or Toshiba. But right now Apple is a company held at mercy of finding competent manufacturing partners.

I guarantee you all sorts of sh*t has flown behind the scenes and we don't know 1/10th the story of what's been going on inside there. Between Steve Jobs being on his death bed and the switch to Cook as CEO it's probably very rocky and will take some time to iron things out. I guarantee we get the full story eventually...but likely not until the iPhone 5 actually is released. There will be a book written one day about this past year when Steve's health was failing fast and the company was rushing to bring the iPhone 5 to market. Perhaps they'll call it 'The Phone That Killed Steve'.

Actually from what I remember it was the new ipad that they were working on which they were having problems with the screen.. If that was the story with the iphone as well they kicked themselves in the butt.. They are the ones that made the relationship shaky with Samsung..

No. It was the iPhone5 just last month. The iPad probably had screen problems as well...hence more to my point that they need a new manufacturer. Here's some articles about the iPhone5 screen issue from last month.




So what we're seeing is both the iPhone5 and iPad2 had to have their retina screens delayed. This time next year they'll probably both be out. Technology doesn't always evolve without hiccups. sh*t happens. Even to Apple.

Amen. The certainty with which people prognosticate about the internal workings of Apple and their motives is absurd. "They were too lazy to do something better." Whaa? Like their guys just played nerf basketball for a year? "Yeah sorry, Steve, we really couldn't come up with anything." Nuts. The answer is that there is an answer and we don't know what it was aside from some hints such as the ones you suggest about screens.

Well written! Well-said! Loved the article. People will eventually see that the Apple "fan-club" is all hype. just hype and marketing - the real substance and functionality is with Android!

"They [samsung] are in the Prime position (see what we just did there?) to put out the product that sets the tone for the next generation of smartphones, likely running Android. Apple can't risk that, because they have a giant cash cow they need to protect... That's iTunes."

Sorry, but I dont follow your logic. Your argument is that Apple cant risk making a next generation phone because they need to protect iTunes? That makes no sense.. the best way to protect itunes is to sell tons of iphones. why wouldnt they want to compete with samsung?

Are you saying that a handset that "sets the tone for the next generation of smartphones" must run android? Obviously Apple doesnt see it that way..

So please help me understand the logic here.

Exactly. When Apple came out with the iPad it was a HUGE gamble. To say that Apple plays it safe is ridiculous. The company has taken more strategic risks that any company I can think of. This was obviously a case, like I explained above, about some manufacturing/corporate fup that happened behind the scenes that is delaying the iPhone5. I don't even own an iPhone and I can see that. We won't get the real story until later. Last thing Apple is gonna do is cause a crisis of confidence in the stock market by airing their dirty laundry in public and having the stock plummet. Use your heads people. Apple is a major bellweather in this country in technology. If they tank, a good chunk of the market will get pulled down and billions in valuation would be lost. Apple are Masters of PR. No way they are going to tell us the truth of what is going on behind the scenes. After Steve passes away...and it probably could be any day now...we'll get the story one day. We have no idea the drama that is going on in that company right now. This is hardly a case of Apple 'playing it safe'. It's most like 'let's get through Steve's passing' and get some good manufacturing partners.

While I can agree that apple seldom plays it safe, I would have to disagree on your market connection. I hardly see a massive downturn in the market if apple flops. Certainly it will be a good day for apple, but the market would simply look at the event, sigh, and move along.

Master of PR they maybe, but they better start a new show or the current reign could falter. More and more android devices are being sold world wide. iphone's have lost about 5% market share in the last year, and android ate that plus the 20% drop in BB sales, and I am pretty sure that the next set of numbers iphone will remain at the 30% mark and andorid sitting pretty at somewhere close to 40%....especially with the death of webos.

The other thing to consider is that iphone does not play well with the corporate environment. This cannot go ignored much longer as BB dominates, but some android devices are picking up steam. The Samsung Note comes to mind as a powerful device that could take corporate America by storm.

I sit in countless board meetings and I see all the directors with their BB's with fonts the size of a penny, just so that they can read the screen. Give them a 5" screen to read their emails, and touchpen to write notes on the screen...that could debunk BB as corporate juggernaut.

I don't think apple is trouble just yet, but they certainly have to stay on top of innovation to continue to compete.

Except the iPhone as demonstrated by Mr. Cook is used or being tested in over 90% of Fortune 500 companies which refutes your statement. As for the effect of Apple on the stock market. I disagree. Apple psychologically is looked upon as one of the most respected and solid corporations in America and I might ad has the largest valuation of any tech company, in fact I believe any company in the U.S. at the moment after Exxon.

If Apple truly tanked...I'm not talking a few points...but collapsed as in lost a significant portion of its value there is no doubt that the market would be pulled down. The psychology of our economy is very fragile in the U.S. right now. A major name like Apple tanking would have an effect.

Now don't get me wrong. I'm not saying one company is going to pull us into a depression and the market would recover eventually, although the tech sector might have a period of weakness. But what I am saying is Apple does not want people to be concerned with its future so they are playing things very close to the vest for a number of reasons. Their own self interest most of all. Remember once customers lose faith in a company they start to leave in droves. People don't buy products from companies they feel are in trouble.

I will agree thought that since Apple has 60 billion plus in cash they are in no danger of going out of business anytime in the near future. However they are in danger of losing their leadership mindshare and that could lead to an endless spiral downward.

I would have to agree with you....I can't wait till the Note (I think) comes out. That device might just revolutionize the entire market. Can't wait to see it in the US.

I am currently lobbying my wife to drop T-Mo and go to VWZ, as believe that they will have the best chance of getting the device. That right now is on my IT list of devices for 2012.

This is the most brilliant thing I've seen in a while... I'm glad I'm not alone with being able to reach this conclusion.

I've loved many Apple products over the past few years, and they were great. Apple redesigned the cell phone market and even die hard Android fans can thank Apple for that. But this is ridiculous. Here's a time line of what happened with Apple:

July 2010: Apple - "Hey guys, what are we planning for next years iPhone?" "Well let's pull a 3GS, and do a 4s. We can bank on the design for 2 years and save a redesign for 2012 so Jony Ives can go eat crumpets or some garbage for the next 2 years until we need him again." "Sounds like we'll make a lot of money. I'm in."

Feb 13th, 2011: Samsung - "Here's our Galaxy S II line. It's brilliant, innovative, and we gave our customers exactly what they wanted."
Apple - "Oh ****. Samsung just released a BEAST of a phone. It pretty much 1-ups our iPhone 4 concept with sprinkles on top. What do we do?" "Well we could release our iPhone 5 design this year and give our customers what they want... or find a way to stop Samsung from selling this phone in our home market." "I like plan B a lot better"

June 2011: Apple - "Well we haven't been able to ban the sale of Galaxy phones here in America. We need more time to doctor photographic evidence to make it look like they copied our design. We'll just announce iOS 5 and not make a single mention of a new iPhone. That'll keep the wool over their eyes for now."

Later that year: Apple - "Yeah Samsung just made a deal with the carriers and we haven't gotten Galaxy devices banned in America yet. Do we polish the iPhone 5 design so we can compete and give our customers what they've been waiting for for 15 months? Or go with this iPhone 4s?" "I think we can make them believe it's new and innovative. Let's go iPhone 4s"

Sorry for the long (and unfunny) rant but this is why I pulled away from Apple. They could give 2 you know whats about what WE, the people who keep them in business, want. It's the most idiotic thing I've ever come across in a business mindset. Now they'll pay for it.

I am SO happy with my Galaxy S II purchase on AT&T. I'll be even happier when the Nexus Prime comes out because I'll be able to splurge and have my company pay the S II's bill and have 2 amazing phones. Thank you Android manufacturers. You actually listened to us. We really appreciate it. And thanks Jerry for the fantastic editorial. Hope it opens up some blind eyes.

Great story Jerry:) Well only thing i dont like about Samsung is definitely TouchWiz(ios wannabe) lol and the lack of updates but as for the hardware, it is good but i do love HTC even better:D

You know what, I see the same exact thing will happen with iPad3: updated internal that will six months late, same screen with same resolution, and Siri.

The sign of Apple degeneration has been shown when their lead iPhone and Mac designers were booted out earlier this year.

When the Iphone4 came out, I thought it was extremely underwelming. People still bought it like crazy and said it was the best phone ever. The Iphone4s will sell well. Us Android fans love quick innovation, bigger and better screens, lots of options. To Apple fans, that is fragmentation. Now they can still be proud that the Iphone 3g isn't too outdated.

The reason this keeps happening is because no matter what Apple releases, people will buy it because they associate "Apple" with being hip and cool. Apple will put on a debacle like today and laugh all the way to the bank at the people who continue buying the exact same phone since its release (I mean really. Look at it, the screen, icons...whats new as of late that you can add a custom background?). Apple releases outdated phones, and are always EXTREMELY late to the party, but since its Apple they will continue to sell. And as long as their fans are blinded by it and continue refusing to utter one negative thing about Apple they will keep doing this.

And I have two macbooks, and an iPod Touch and have had iPods since the 1st gen one...so I am not being biased. It is pretty amazing stuff...I am sure everyone has 9 out of 10 friends who have iPhones. It is ridiculous but credit Apple for continuing to brainwash people with a phone that is obviously inferior to sooo many now...

For me, it's a decision that's not based on anyone else's opinion but mine. I need a phone that just works. I'm not interested in having to root and tinker with the thing to get it to work properly. My user experience with the EVO after the Gingerbread update made me want to sling the thing across the room into the wall. This is my last HTC phone, for certain.

The Galaxy S2 is a good phone, but I need a world phone and REFUSE to use my upgrade in December to buy a Gingerbread equipped phone, so hopefully Sprint will have the Nexus Prime by then and hopefully ICS is impressive and the Nexus Prime is a world phone. If not, then I'm getting the iPhone 4S and don't really care if that's cool with anyone else. I'm a musician with specific needs. Also, the iPhone has music apps (not iTunes related) that just aren't available on Android and the versions that are, quite simply SUCK in comparison.

Lets give a big round of applauds for Jerry Motherfucking Hildenbrand!!!!!

This is the best shit ive read all day!!!!

Interesting analysis. Particularly for me, as one of the things that first got me into Android is that I can't stand iTunes! I couldn't stand the interface from the first time I tried it, didn't like the ecosystem, nothing. Most of the music I want to listen to I already own on CD (and can rip), or is independent and can get through the bands' own sites. Don't need iTunes for that.

You have some good points. But your butt-hurt tone in that essay is ridiculous.

It's just a phone. Take it easy.

This is from somebody who has a Nexus One and an iMac.

How's the SGS2 better than the new iPhone? Evidence please? Faster? not really. Better screen? no (bigger, I guess) better software? I'd say arguably IOS 5 puts IOS on par with Android in the areas that Android used to be better. And the things about IoS that have always been better are still better. If I were going to get another Android phone, I'd get a Samsung. Their phones are easily the best Android phones. But I don't see how it beats the new iPhone.

The thing about Android, at least in my experience, is that stuff flat out doesn't work. Just to pick a few examples from my Droid 2: Voice over never gets what i want it to do. Vlingo sounds better but it literally doesn't work at all. If I update the app associated with the blank spot on the car dock, it forgets what app to open. Touch isn't very responsive. The phone crashes all the time.

All in all, while my Droid 2 is ok, my 2 year old iPod touch has a better user experience, is faster and more responsive, and has a better selection of apps than my Droid 2. I'm sure Samsung's latest phones are better than mine, but still...

The 4s is just a place holder until engineering and manufacturing can implement the innovations currently spec'd out on paper and the patent office. Many of you geeks and nerds know exactly what I am talking about because you probably do it during your day job.

With that said, I have a Bionic, Charge and TBolt. I was grinning the entire time because the event was disappointing. I can't wait to see the 5 when it does get released.

Why on earth do you have THREE Android phones? One not getting the job done? How many soft reboots and memory leaks do you suffer through on any of that at any given time? I rooted and hard reset this EVO to deal with that Gingerbread POS and it STILL GETS RANDOM SOFT REBOOTS!! I'm DONE!!!

One thing that iFanBoys can still say about the iProducts is the iPhone was the first true smartphone that changed the industry. Everything else is just a copy.

Am I missing something? The Iphone 5 has not been released yet and I think that will be the real competition. The 4s was never meant to be a technological leap. What really disappoints me is they are giving Sprint what will soon be a second tier phone after the Iphone 5 is released, which will not help Sprint keep customers. I can't believe Sprint wasted so much money on this. I love Android and I'm still rockin' my N1, I just caution that there may be "one more thing".

Oh clearly yes. The 5 is probably held up by supply chain issues. They needed better screens, a processor, memory and other parts (many of which would have been made by Samsung) but they just don't trust them to bow down low enough before the master, any more.

Apple = Strategy. But I think Samsung are ahead of them now; and developing faster than really Apple can. So we will see an iPhone5, but even that will struggle to keep up.

These days it is Apples business model, marketing strength and legal team that keep them going - Not superior products.

I have a confession, I like Rene and Georgia. Go and see them sledding iPad cases on the snow and tell me you didn't smile.


Meanwhile, back in Tech-World, I agree with Jerry. The sheer speed of Samsung product development must scare the pants of Apple. Unable to out-develop them, they tried to get them banned from the game!

If Ice Cream (or its successor) combines with Samsung to make the 4s look totally "last year" I will be pleased. But I still love to hear Rene imitating Jonathan Ives saying "Aluminium" and I don't care who knows it. So if Apple goes bust one day I hope Phil brings them into the Android play room for more fun

The thing most people are missing is that from the first version of the iPhone all the way up to the 4S, the iPhone has never had the most up to date bleeding edge specs and it STILL sold in VERY LARGE QUANTITIES to people who are not phone nerds and have no desire to tinker with, root, install custom ROMS, or waste a lot of time just trying to get their phones to work. THAT segment of the customer base is actually larger than the nerd segment of the market place. So, while the iPhone 4S may not impress some, it will be interesting to see how it sells. None of the other iPhones had sales problems. I doubt this one will either.

The best analysts are the ones who are not fancy. Being paid is nice if you can get it.

I agree with you. The first thing that flew through my mind is "HA! Now I know why the lawsuits are hitting Samsung" when I read about the iPhone 4S in the newspapers. Yes. I read this in a physical newspaper. I'm not sure what came over me.

Stand the iPhone 4S beside the Samsung Galaxy S II and I think you'll agree that Android has made a huge leap.

And I have a suggestion for Apple. Same as I have for Blackberry.

iTunes for Android
Blackberry Enterprise Server (BES) for Android

There's a wagon. There's a band. Join the dance everyone.

2.1 million citizens of the United States of America (in 2010) could not be that wrong. http://www.asymco.com/2011/07/12/measuring-mobile-platform-churn-in-the-...

I have an og evo and I love it! I have an ipad2 and I love it! I totally understand the posi/negi of both products. Itunes integration is a big deal. Dre beats and dsp are a big deal on the Runny I'm running right now... Wifi pickup is way better on the ipad2, but it's just flat out kinda boring. The bottom line is, Android is more fun to me and I can't just leave it behind because I need to tinker. I find even a jailbroken mac device unfulfilling... But it does work quite well I must say... Ahh the dichotomy...

I have a BlackBerry and my wife has an iPhone. I am pretty unbiased when it comes to Android (loved my Droid X, but it wasn't enough to keep me from my BlackBerry) and I have to say that this is a great article. I completely agree with your train of thought here. Great job!

With the emergence of Rdio, Spotify, Pandora, Google, Amazon, etc. as sources for music, itunes is becoming less and less relevant. I use an iP4 with Rdio and Pandora. I don't remember the last time I launched my music player with my iTunes songs on the iP4 or desktop. That being said, using itunes will no longer be a driving force to get an iPhone.

Now, it comes down to hardware and design. I do think Apple believes Samsung is stealing their hardware designs. I also believe Apple is scared of Samsung because they have the muscle and global presence to give Apple global competition.

Yeah right, Jerry! That dribble you just wrote is more like wishful thinking. Fact is Apple chose not to update the design to go with their established pattern. Hopefully you can figure it out. The specs on the new model will more than match and/or beat the Android competition, but more importantly is the new lineup. For this first time, the iPhone has models that hit all the price points. Starting with the two year old 8GB 3GS and ending with the massive 64GB 4S, and if you think the older phones won't sell, keep in mind that the 3GS on AT&T outsells all Android phones. The cumulative sales of these products is going to put a dent in Android's marketshare and add to Apple's already massive 66% profitshare. At the end of the day profits is what counts.

Features such as the notification center and voice control actually work in iOS. LOL The dual core A5 with its dual core GPU and digital signal processor, intelligent antenna switching, the new 8 MP camera with the five lens system, etc are features that no Android phone can touch. You can't even match the retina display. How pathetic is that?

In my opinion Android and its derivative products will never lead in innovation. You fools are just followers, copycats and Google is the biggest thief of corporate IP the industry has ever seen. The Oracle case has shown that to be true. Apple is bringing the fight to Android and believe me they are out to win. And they will!

Wow... Kool-aid much? Galaxy S2, Nexus Prime, LG G2X, HTC Sensation and Amaze, Motorola Droid Bionic, D3 and DX2 and upcoming Moto Droid HD and Droid RAZR. Hmmm... How about the 720p Samsung and LG handsets released or soon to be released in Asia?

I'm a Black man and I love my Kool-Aid. LOL We'll just have to wait and see how well it does against these Goliaths of smartphones. I predict it will hold its own and bests them in areas such as graphics, handset design, display, camera, ease of use, OS stability and smoothness and...wait for it...voice control and notifications. Bammm!

Apple lost the crown of "Setting the bar" when they released the iPhone 4. Since then Android handsets have been superior in both specs, software, price and performance. The iPad while still the defacto standard of tablets will soon lose its' luster with the impending release of the Tegra3 tablets as well as the Kindle Fire. By the time the iPad3 is released Android tablets running ICS with the combination of quad core SoCs from TI, Samsung, nVidia and Qualcomm will be everywhere.

Let's not forget another quiet but up and coming player in the SoC space, Ziilabs, with their ZMS-20 and ZMS-40 SoCs which are impressive as all hell. By this time next year Android will be eclipsing Apple in smartphone sales and install base and start to even up or even overtake Apple in tablet sales.

Any truth to the rumor that Apple just had a major hiring for people with sharpies to draw an S next to the 4 on all of their new phones.

Except if you look at their balance sheet iTunes doesn't make them that much. iTunes was created to help sell iPhones and iPods. Not the other way around. It's like Google Maps Navigation. That helps sell Android phones. It's not like Android phones helped popularize Google Maps.

No offence to Android but the fact of the matter is that Apple makes products with "Cool" appeal and Android doesn't. Yes, I know...I know...Android is very cool and you can do so much more with it but you have to take a step back and view the whole picture. The people that buy Apple products are the cool kids in school and the people who buy Android are the people who care about what their phone does. The Paris Hiltons of the world could care less about custom ROMs and being able to gain access to the ins and outs of their phones. They just want a phone that makes them cooler than you so they can go on facebook and tell all their friends how cool they are. The people that buy Android on the other hand are the people that get $h!t done in the world.

The iPhone is the new Moto Razr, the same people who bought every new version of the Razr now have every version of the iPhone. The people who were using the Treo and HP iPaQ back then are the people using Android now. Unfortunately for Android, Apple has the "cool" factor and no one can beat it because no one has figured out how to make the next Razr. There was nothing about the Razr that made it better (feature wise) than any other phone of it's time and there's nothing that makes the iPhone better now but those phones were cool and cool sells. There are not enough people that care about open source enough to sway the masses from the desire to be cool. That's why nothing will match the iPhone until it loses it's "cool" status and until then it will continue to be the phone that every other phone is compared with and Android will remain and niche market for the hackers and tinkerers.

Too bad Samsung ruined everything they had going for them with the awful way they handled the first Galaxy S phones. My girlfriend got me an HTC Sensation 4G to get me to shut up about my Vibrant. Never again will I buy a samsung phone. I don't care at all. They copied the iOS interface (my first comment about the phone when I picked it up) I said If i wanted an iPhone I would have bought an iPhone. I got the vibrant in optimism of getting a replacement rom on it asap. But due to the awful way samsung designed the phone (hardware and software), that took forever, and even still most of the roms were built off samsung's touch wiz, not vanilla ASOP and CyanogenMod wasn't terribly stable. Samsung ruined it, and Ill never go back. Sad to see how people forgot this so quickly.

Does anybody else find it funny that all of the overly positive Android fans here (disclosure: GS1 Captivate since July 2011) are adopting the "Windows will crush Apple" talk from 1995? Enjoy it while it lasts. As Microsoft found out, if you're not driving the hardware discussion with your software, you'll eventually be irrelevant.

And anybody who wasn't a drunken Apple hater but a true Android fan would NEVER use Samsung as their argument. These ripoff artists are going to flood the market with inferior phones (which they seem to care about as much as their pricey phones) and risk upsetting the whole apple cart (no pun intended). They don't even trust Google anymore, as evidenced by their new partnership with Microsoft.

As for you new GS2 owners, Samsung's already named the next OS update for your phone. It's called, "You have to buy a GS3 to get Ice Cream".

I don't see the disappointment but I didn't have unreal expectations and I've been using an Android-based phone for 11 months and it seems worse every month, especially after the Gingerbread update.

What I've seen is that Android needs much higher resources and power to accomplish the same thing iOS does with less. While Android's implementation of multi-tasking is more elegant, it doesn't do anything more useful to the end user but it depletes battery life more quickly.

The user interface is equivalent, but the poor response time of Android is unfortunate, especially when competing with equivalent Apple hardware from late 2008. The Gingerbread update's keyboard is almost worse than that of Froyo and not nearly as good as that of the original iPhone OS in 2007.

Samsung is lucky that Google is delivering a decent operating system for them, but they still mess it up. One Samsung product was enough for me. If they actually devoted considerable resources toward software development, I might feel differently but they put most into hardware.

The Nexus S is the closest Samsung's been to making a good product.