Motorola Droid 2

Because we haven't had a Motorola Droid 2 rumor in the past, oh, six or seven minutes, here comes another: Engadget says it has on good authority that the Droid 2 (which reportedly has been sidelined while the Droid X gets its time in the sun) will see a soft-launch on Aug. 13. It'll then get the full force of Verizon's marketing department starting Aug. 23. That not enough craziness? How about a version with a white R2-D2 on its rear end. Regardless, Verizon's certainly built up enough steam between the Droid X and its all-but-official cousin to keep its mindshare high for some months to go. [Engadget]

Update: Hey, look, more proof that it's launching with Android 2.2. We get it. We get it. [via Phandroid]

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BoNg420 says:

LOL White Droid, YUCK.

R2-D2 lol, who the hell is gonna even see that crap, you will most likely put a phone case on lol. Maybe you can get a clear one...

Sonicaholic says:

LoL yes white phones do look yuck and go a dirty yellow after a week or two...

An R2-D2 edition Droid 2? The Vibrant came with Avatar preloaded, why not have the original Star Wars preloaded on the D2? Loved the comments @ Engadget over this.

hotkoko says:

thats cool

dcreed says:

I wonder if, with it launching with 2.2, that means us lowly Droid I users will get 2.2 around the same time.

Sonicaholic says:

I was thinking the same about the desire once I seen the post about the HD, or maybe after yhe launch and using froyo as a marketing gimick

TvTechGuru says:

Yep thinking the same thing. All of us with the 1st Gen Droid better be getting 2.2 before this Droid 2 launches! That's all I ask, not too much.

Leif says:

Grr...verizon why must ye release thine phones is series? I would like to see the vibrant soon (as it practically already exists, and has for some time), but no...I'll have to wait for the x to settle down, than the 2 to settle down, THAN we get to see the vibrant (but it won't be too great because by then, you'll be showing off motorolla's new droid pro, and than the htc scorpion)...bleh.

5MP camera? thats a little bit lame. It looks photoshopped and fake.

TvTechGuru says:

No it's getting an 8MP. That must be a wrong pic.

JohnnyACE562 says:

Eww, a locked down phone. No thanks.