Dead Space Nexus 7

If you happened to get your hands on a Nexus 7 but were feeling a little bitter because your previously purchased Dead Space wasn't compatible with it, turn that frown upside down. Electronic Arts has issued an update for the game and you'll find the only change is the inclusion of support for the Nexus 7. Go ahead, fire up the Google Play Store and grab the update. If you're new to Dead Space, you'll find the link below.

Download: Dead Space


Reader comments

Dead Space updated to include support for the Google Nexus 7


Maybe I'll finally play it. Really good to see the (pretty) quick support the N7 is getting. Both Gameloft and now EA (the two slowest companies for support it seems) have been adding the N7 to their games list.

Just two days ago I was bummed that the game didn't support the N7, very happy to hear this has changed. Fast work EA, keep it up!

Bummed that it doesn't support the Infinity. I love this game on my Galaxy Nexus and I was really looking forward to playing it on my super tablet.

On the desktop version of Play Store it'll tell you if its compatible or not and on the device itself non-compatible software is simply not visible and you can't download/purchase it.

Jesus Christ, it finally works with ONE of my devices. I bought this on my Droid X during the $.01 sale but barely had time to try it since I bought the RAZR MAXX soon after that and it wasn't compatible.

I wish EA would update more of its games. Great to see that they have added this one at least. Now if they would update:

Need for Speed Shift
Plants vs Zombies HD (Game has been out for over a year and it's not officially out!)
The Sims 3