Metal-body Samsung Galaxy S5 mock-up

Just how likely is the rumored 5.25-inch, 1440p ‘super-flagship?’

The Samsung Galaxy S5 is a solid high-end Android smartphone. We said as much in our hands-on preview of the device early last week. But among some sections of the tech community there’s been a whiff of perplexion — and maybe even disappointment — that certain hardware milestones weren’t reached this time around. What about the “2K” (2560x1440) display that the rumor mill — and Samsung’s own slides — had promised? And how come the GS5 has less RAM, and a lower default amount of internal storage than last year’s Note 3?

Even before launch there were rumblings of two different Galaxy S5 models being prepared — "regular" and "prime" flavors — seemingly corroborated by the appearance of benchmark results. The higher-end GS5 Prime, according to analysts and reports from the Korean press, would come with that elusive 2K display and 3GB of RAM. This, among a flurry of post-release rumors, has led some to believe that a larger, higher-spec’d Galaxy S5 could emerge later this year, with the name “Galaxy S5 Prime” appearing online in recent weeks.

But just how likely is this? And how might it fit into Samsung’s plans for the remainder of the year? Let’s dive in after the break.

Galaxy S5

What we didn’t get

Any major smartphone launch — especially one as highly-anticipated as a new Samsung flagship — brings with it a flurry of pre-release rumors, as sources both reliable and dubious spew forth purported spec lists and features. Sometimes the rumor mill gets it right, sometimes it gets it spectacularly wrong. Sometimes the dissonance between expectation and reality leads to a few vocal folks going off the deep end.

Slides from Samsung's analyst day point to 560ppi, 1440p phone displays for 2014.

One of the big rumors doing the rounds in the months running up to the GS5 announcement focused on the device’s screen. It was said be a 5.25-inch, 2560x1440-resolution panel with a whopping 560 pixels per inch. And one of the first sources to mention this “QHD” panel was actually a slide at Samsung’s own 2013 analyst day, giving it more credibility than the average internet rumor. The slide placed this 560ppi smartphone screen between the 1080p displays of 2013 and the 4K panels of 2015 on Samsung’s display roadmap. Stuff like this isn’t set in stone, but clearly a 1440p smartphone display with 560 pixels per inch is something Samsung is (or at least was) working toward. It’s the next natural stepping stone up from 1080p, and rivals like LG already have their own 1440p panels in the works.

Somewhere along the line, Samsung had the option to ship the Galaxy S5 with 3GB of RAM and a default 32GB of storage, but chose not to.

On the other hand, we’re left with niggling questions raised by the Galaxy S5’s RAM and internal storage. Sure, both are perfectly adequate for a high-end Android phone in early 2014. But however you slice it, the “base” model GS5 has less memory to play with than last year’s Galaxy Note 3, which is particularly surprising when you consider the storm-in-a-teacup over the 16GB Galaxy S4’s available storage. What's more, rivals like Sony and LG are already shipping 3GB phones. Somewhere along the line, Samsung had the option to ship the Galaxy S5 with 3GB of RAM and a default 32GB of storage, but chose not to.

Designing a smartphone — or designing any product, for that matter — is all about making the right compromises. Given that the GS5 is supposed to be Samsung’s primary flagship phone for 2014, it’s odd to see the company not using the absolute best hardware available to it. Doing so would come down to little more than money, of which Samsung has plenty.

You might think Samsung leads the Android pack by such a wide margin that it can afford to coast on hardware this year. But to take that view is to ignore the company’s only real competition — Apple.

Snapdragon 805

What’s coming later this year

It's unlikely Samsung would pass up the chance to put such a dazzling '2K' panel in a phone of its own.

So if Samsung’s not bringing its 5.25-inch 1440p panels (or 3GB of RAM) to the Galaxy S5, what’s it going to do with them? If such a display remains on track for 2014, it’s possible Samsung might merely sell them to other OEMs. After all, Samsung Display doesn’t exist only to make screens for Samsung Mobile. Nevertheless it seems unlikely that Samsung, as vertically-integrated as it is, would pass up the chance to put such a dazzling panel in a phone of its own. And if that phone isn’t the Galaxy S5, then just what is it?

This brings us back to the rumor mill. Reports from the Korean press began circulating in late September 2013 suggesting a third major flagship phone was to appear in 2014 alongside the Galaxy S and Galaxy Note series, a device which was given the unlikely monicker “Galaxy F.” And in the months that followed we saw benchmark listings for SM-G900S devices (the European GS5 we currently know as SM-G900F) with 1440p panels, and more reports out of Korea suggesting the panels had entered mass-production. In January, Taiwan’s KGI Research put forth predicted specs for “regular” and “prime” versions of the Galaxy S5, hence the “Galaxy S5 Prime” name that’s been doing the rounds over the past month.

All of this fits easily into the realm of unconfirmed rumors, but there’s enough smoke here that there’s probably something loosely resembling a fire.

So for the sake of argument let’s say that there is indeed a “super flagship” version of the Galaxy S5 being prepared for launch later this year — perhaps sometime over the summer, as the rumors claim. What might be in it for Samsung?

iPhone 5-inch

A souped-up Galaxy S5 could be used to counter whatever's next from Apple.

Mid-2014 would be an ideal launch window for this kind of Samsung phone. Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 805, with its souped-up GPU, should be ready to ship around that time. It would also allow Samsung to regain the hardware initiative after the launch of 1080p, Snapdragon 801-based Android phones from the likes of HTC, LG and Sony. But most importantly it’d give Samsung a product with which to combat Apple’s anticipated big-screen iPhone 6, which is rumored for a late summer or early fall arrival.

As iMore’s Rene Ritchie points out in a recent editorial, 2014 isn’t an “S” year for Apple. In contrast to last year’s minor refresh, we’ll likely see the biggest iPhone hardware changes since 2012’s iPhone 5. The Cupertino giant is widely expected to encroach on Samsung territory with a big-screened iPhone this year — and such a challenge might demand a stronger response from Samsung than the current Galaxy S5. At the very least, the timing would be right for the Korean company to bundle new processors, more RAM, more storage and an eye-popping new display into a new high-end phone to combat Apple’s 2014 lineup. And the “Prime” could sit above the Galaxy S5 on the Samsung smartphone hierarchy without replacing it, giving the manufacturer two handsets to combat the expected regular and supersized iPhones.

Samsung logo

Would a Galaxy S5 Prime make sense?

Samsung is all about having an option available at every screen size and price point.

Competition aside, it's easy to see how a 5.25-inch beast might slot into Samsung’s lineup between the GS5 and the next Galaxy Note. Samsung's mobile strategy, in both the tablet and smartphone spaces, is all about having an option at every possible screen size and price point, and right now there's a space at the high end between 5.1 and 5.7 inches that a Galaxy S5 Prime could easily occupy. The most likely scenario isn't another "mainstream" flagship phone, but a larger, beefier handset for those wanting a bigger screen on a phone that's still one-handed — perhaps a sort of Galaxy S5 Pro.

Indeed, it's questionable whether such an enormous phone would have even made sense as a mainstream flagship. LG's G2 gets away with a 5.2-inch screen, but only with minimal bezels due to its funky rear-mounted buttons — if the "Prime" was to maintain the GS5's water-resistant capabilities it's unlikely it'd fit into such a small footprint. Again, if this device exists, it's not a straight-up replacement for the Galaxy S5. Nevertheless, if Samsung were to release an all-singing, all-dancing "2K" resolution phone just a few months after the Galaxy S5's arrival, it might be seen as short-changing early adopters of that handset, even if the intention is to complement rather than succeed the GS5.

There's always something newer and shinier on the horizon.

But here's the thing — there's always something just a little bit better on the horizon — that's the nature of the smartphone industry, and consumer electronics in general. And rumors of better hardware to come in July or August shouldn't necessarily influence the smartphone you buy in March or April. If you're willing to wait another couple of months, there's never not going to be a newer, shinier phone for you to buy.

Samsung slide

So will the Galaxy S5 Prime become a reality? In my own personal opinion, there's at least a reasonable chance. (Twist my arm and I might even say it's more likely to happen than not.) This kind of phone would allow Samsung to take the fight to Apple later in the year, while showcasing an impressive new display technology and catering to Android buyers wanting a really high-end, five-plus-inch phone that's not as enormous as the Galaxy Note. A mid-year bump would also align with the arrival new chips from Qualcomm that would be better suited to handling such a high-res display.

In the meantime, the regular Galaxy S5 looks like a strong entrant for early 2014.

What's your take on the "Galaxy S5 Prime" rumors? Would you buy one? Tell us what you think down in the comments!


Reader comments

Could Samsung go all-out with a 'Galaxy S5 Prime' later this year?


I hope so. It would be nice if they brought out a new phone this year.

Posted via Android Central App

Plain and simple nothing beats Samsung period They are android nothing else matters.

Posted from my Galaxy Note 3 on Tmobile via Android Central App

Samsung doesn't get beat in sales, but in build quality and UI they sure get beat. That's coming from am S4 owner

Posted via Android Central App

As a GS3 owner, I've realized that I would prefer another OEM for my next device.
Don't get wrong , I love my SuperNexus GS3, but Samsung's build quality and storage restraints have turned me off of their devices.
Too many S features taking up precious internal storage has hurt their brand considerably. My 16GB S3 has 12GB of storage available straight out of the box. That's all I am willing to give when it comes to the size of a ROM on a 16GB device. And yes I use a 32GB SDcard to supplement extra storage.

Bigger games, higher resolution screens and videos require bigger data storage options. And bigger ROMs that take away from precious storage with gimmicky S features hurts these low storage Flagship devices.
These points, along with what GOOGLE is doing to limit SDcard support in KitKat, is making it very hard to look at any Samsung device with less than 32GB of onboard storage.

I hate to say this, but my GS3 looks to be the last smartphone from Samsung I'll be owning/buying in the near future.

On another note, I really like the G-Flex's size and feel, but my next upgrade will need at least a 1080p screen.

Posted from my "KNOX-FREE" 4.3 Sprint GS3 Maxx...!!!
(ZeroLemon 7000mA battery and ZeroShock Case)

It's especially bad when you know Samsung actually manufacture storage and don't have to buy it in.

Posted via Android Central App

They aren't android dude. Gosh man get your dang head screwed on straight.

Nexus 5...enough said

OK usually I don't mind Richards post. I mean for what they are. But lately it feels like he isn't even trying. It feels more like just spam at this point.


I agree. No thought put into it, it's as if his comments are just copy/paste from previous ones.

I don't use, or acknowledge the word ""troll"".

Lol Samsung is Android. Good one guy. The edit button is waiting for you

Posted via Android Central App


Posted from my "Gift from God" Note 3, my "God-Given" iPad Mini 2, or my "Risen" Samsung Chromebook.

It is spam, not sure how to report a user but he should be reported as he stopped adding useful comments a long, long time ago.

Posted via Android Central App

He has to get 6-12 months out of each spam comment. We should expect a new comment in Q3 when the Note 4 is announced.

Richy-Rich, you gots a blog or sumthin'? Nothin' beatz your commentary period! You are journalism, plain and simple!

Posted via Android Central App

He's all over the net with the same "ZOMG Samsung is better than sex drugs and rock and roll!" So much in fact I'm quite certain he's paid by Samsung.... Or he really has a taboo type relationship with his note.


While Nexus is alright, it's just too dang boring for me. Kinda of like the iPhone of Android. The only thing it holds over other Android devices is faster updates.

Posted via Android Central App on my Note 3.

IF a Nexus bores you, that's your own lack of creativity. Nexus is a clean canvas that you can do with whatever your heart desires. In no way is it even close to iPhone even in terms of Android. I don't think anyone has ever explained to you what the Nexus is all about.

Yeah buddy, that's why most all of the developer types that can and do code own Nexus devices. Get a clue! Clueless Deke never owned a Nexus...poor chap.

Plain and simple, you're a trolling, self-centered, completely biased, bandwagon jumping Samsung fanboy who can't see past his own BS.

Having owned Samsung a long while and they have been surpassed in hardware and software. They persist with AMOLED displays that are oversaturated to compensate for inferior brightness. Go side by side with an IPS display (One, Nexus 5 or G2) and it's stark. Compare them outside on a bright day, it's glaringly obvious (pun intended).

The software is so overbearing that even the S4 and More 3 seem sluggish. Compare them to the Nexus 5 or G2, even the Moto X.

Samsung still make great devices but they're not the best anymore. The competition got a lot better and more power to them.

To be fair, this is NOT the case with the Galaxy S5 display. See Display Mate's review:

AMOLED is an amazing technology and has great potential. I am not speaking to the overall quality of the device vs is competition because I have not handled either the s5 or m8 in person, and only have limited exposure to the 6-month olds (g2, nexus 5, note 3). I like to keep up but don't actually get to play with them much in person.

It is exciting to me to see AMOLEDs maturing and hopefully they will begin to replace IPS displays in some other flagships assuming these new panels live up to the Display Mate praise.

Yarrell you always troll anything Samsung. Samsung is NOT Android in any fashion. They may be the largest OEM right now but it does not make them Android. Google is Android. If anything Samsung is Tizen.

Posted via Android Central App

This one seems to be a good replacement for the S4 Active since it's waterproof. The Prime would make a better flagship. It makes sense to me. The Active needed improvements, and this S5 adds all the improvements that were needed. Perfection.

Samsung has too many phones, in my opinion. If this phone were real and to be released at a later point then some people may have regrets of getting the 'already announced' S5. If the people getting that phone know of the 'prime' phone for sure coming out it would make sense for them to wait on that phone since its 'better'. But either way, Samsung will make a ton of money like always.

Yeah like they did with the S4 when they released the S4 Active and then came out with a couple other colors and then the Exynos version vs the Snapdragon :(

Too many phones....that only makes sense if you compare Samsung to Apple. In general, you only see a few different "popular" phones per year, and that is it. Galaxy S series, and Galaxy Note series. The S4 did have a few too many different versions, which will hopefully not happen with the S5. So, we SHOULD see the Galaxy S5, the Galaxy F(better to make it a new series than S5 Prime in my opinion), then the Galaxy Note. The Mega, and the other "mid-range" devices don't exactly compete in the high end space, and in the case of the Mega, should be seen more as an experiment than anything else.

If Samsung stopped making so many different phones they might be able to keep up with updates.
Posted via Android Central App

wrong, very few get updates at all. Most of them are going to countries that no one cares about updates, total first world issues.

Samsung does update their flagships quickly, but anything lower than high-end will never be guaranteed an update past 1 year.

I think they should have 3 phones. The mini, the regular, and the note. This would have been a great opportunity to come out with the Galaxy S 5 mini- same specs as the current S5, just with a 4.5 or 4.7 inch screen.

Later in the year(perhaps August), come out with the galaxy s5, with the rumored 'Prime' specs and a ~5.2 inch screen. Then refresh the note series in ~october/november.

This would keep sales with a steady increase throughout the year, as opposed to 2 large spikes, and give everyone a phone they would like at their desired size.

How can they make to many phones? No one is making you buy all of them and it gives people more choice. After all every person is different !

That would be Samsung pulling a Motorola....LOL i.e. Droid Bionic/Droid Razr; Droid Razr/Droid Razr HD (and Maxx)

Exactly. That made me mad because I had the bionic on the day it came out.

Posted via Android Central App

I bought the Droid 3 when it came out and not 2 months later the Bionic was released. Then a few months after that the Droid 4!

I also have the moto x. This was my last chance with moto. So far I do really like this phone. Wish the battery was just a bit bigger. But at the price off contract... Cant complain!

Posted via my Moto X DE

I think most of the rumors are true. I expect a GS5 Prime with 1440p screen, 3 GB (or 4?!?) of RAM, metal body, smaller bezels, slimmer, no water/dust resistant and maybe with a better camera.

Not if the thing is going to cost the same or more then the Note 3. I dont understand why they release so many damn version of the Galaxy S every year :( that's why I'm happy with my HTC One cause I know once I buy it there not going to come out a month later with a phone that will make the value of my phone plummet and obsolete.

Except you and your phone don't live in a vacuum, even if HTC doesn't release something better later in the year the value of your phone will be affected by the market as a whole. You might not feel new phone envy but from the second you wall out of the store the value of your phone plummets, regardless of who releases what.

Posted via Android Central App

Yea as matter of fact they do. It wasn't named phone of the year at MWC for no reason ...

Nexus 5...enough said

You hit the nail on the head! Just make one bad ass phone a year and go with that!

Posted via Android Central App

Well yeah, but they targeted different point in the market.

Sent from inside a cave. Yes, T-Mobile covers caves. N5

So did samsung. S4 and note 3 are for the masses. The zoom is for camera lovers. The s4 active was for people who wanted a z1 and couldn't get it. The mini was a budget phone. The gpe was for stock fanatics.

Posted via Note 3 AC App

Yeah, that's working out so well for HTC. It's not like Samsung is wiping the floor with them in sales or anything.

Posted via Android Central App

There are really only 1-2 versions of each series, but the S4 went a bit wild due to experimenting with, "What is more important, the camera(Zoom), smaller size(mini), Waterproof(Active), and the regular?" With the S5 drawing in the Waterproof, the only thing would be the camera, or a smaller device(which doesn't need to be a flagship device to get some sales traction).

Note series really is the "Phablet", and isn't seen as a version of Galaxy S. Also, once a Galaxy F series is established, we will know going forward what to expect.

Minus the fact that this is only .2 of an inch smaller than the original "phablet" note. This phone is a phablet. It looks massive.

Posted via Android Central App

So last year there was the S4, S4 Active, abs S4 mini. Three versions of the phone. The HTC had the One, One Mini, and One Max. Three versions. So how is it Samsung how do many more versions of the S then HTC did of the One?

I don't own a Samsung just putting it out there.

Posted via Android Central App

You forgot s4 zoom, s4 with snapdragon 800 and s4 black edition that has the faux leather back.

Posted via Android Central App

SD805,1440p NONPENTILE, Metal, removable battery,SD Carr slot, and same size as s4/5 with less bezel.
Also, toned down touchwiz, or stock android.

Posted via Android Central App

Can it help me with my everyday social life? Cause everyday I obsess over the specs of phones and hunger for the next big thing every day! -Consumers.

Posted via Android Central App

Hell ya! It's the best social laser EVAR!!

Posted from my "Gift from God" Note 3, my "God-Given" iPad Mini 2, or my "Risen" Samsung Chromebook.

Yes that's when my contract is up I was planning on getting a note 4 but this sounds way better Samsung Galaxy S5 Prime.

Posted via Android Central App

But, more than likely, the note 4's going to have identical hardware (if not superior) to the S5 ''prime.'' So, I'm guessing, the only thing swaying your decision is size?

And maybe price... I think the prime will still be cheaper (even if slightly)

Sent from inside a cave. Yes, T-Mobile covers caves. N5

True Dat.

Posted from my "Gift from God" Note 3, my "God-Given" iPad Mini 2, or my "Risen" Samsung Chromebook.

Although, both prices are too much, for a plastic phone.

Sent from inside a cave. Yes, T-Mobile covers caves. N5

I think it is unlikely that Samsung will launch an additional high-end flagship this year. Since most device manufacturers are switching focus to low end devices for developing countries.

Posted via Android Central App on Nexus 5

Never assume that developing countries is going to be an exclusive focus for ANY company. Companies get media attention for the high end flagship devices with new features and such. Developing countries will bring in revenues, but in general, have a lower average profit per unit, so are good to pad revenues, but won't bring in lots of money. Notice that Apple FAILED with the iPhone 5C, it did not sell well, did not get positive reaction from the public, and while there ARE sales, nothing like you see from the flagship models.

Samsung is in a very different position, where it can release devices in the TOP TOP end of the market, the high end, the mid range, and even the low end of the market. All bring in a profit, but those high end and super-high end are where the bulk of the profits come from. Notice that Apple has not even really pushed a "premium" iPhone, so if Samsung does well with the Galaxy F(or S5 Prime), or whatever it will be called, you can BET that Apple will respond with their own premium iPhone. The question is, will Apple be able to get a 2560x1440 display from anyone other than Samsung? LG may have one, but will it be ready, and will it be as good as what Samsung has to offer? Could Samsung decide to keep the 2560x1440 exclusive and keep Apple out in the cold when it comes to what will be the next generation display market(making Apple phones technically inferior)?

Ehh, the iPhone is just considered premium. They might now push it that way, but to me that is just how I see it.

Posted via Android Central App

Is that a fact? Or do they make the most money on mid thier phones? Profit per phone wise. I know low end they make the money selling quantity

Posted via Android Central App

Reading this article only makes me want to be even more patient to upgrade. There is a whole lot of heat on competition, not just between Samsung and Apple, but within Android. So in an effort to keep the spotlight, perhaps Samsung will put out another high-end smartphone. Only question remains is which markets (TmoUS?) would get the new S5 Prime model. It's a good time to be a consumer. I would consider the LG G3 and HTC M8 if they would add micro-sd support. I think LG has some really neat software ideas.

I don't use, or acknowledge the word ""troll"".

I would say US/North American markets, and Europe, plus South Korea, and Japan...possibly Australia. Not sure where else high sales of EXPENSIVE devices would be found.

We all know how this plays out:
Rumors of an "S5 Prime" swirl around.
S5 gets released while rumors continue to swirl of an S5 Prime.
People buy an S5 on launch day even after reading all the rumors of the S5 Prime.
S5 Prime launches and people bitch about "How could Sammy release this when I just bought the S5" and take no responsibility for jumping the gun even though they knew there was a very strong possibility that something better was right around the corner.

Did I miss anything?

Except Samsung has not done this with the Galaxy S series in the US. (I have some recollection of an LTE version coming around mid cycle.) This is why I don't know what to believe about these rumors.

Posted via Android Central App

Regarding mid-cycles, who knows, maybe T-Mobile will ask Samsung to deliver a newer S5 with 700mhz Band 12 support later this year, similarly as they launched a special LTE equipped S3. Seems like 2014 is a good year to be patient.

I don't use, or acknowledge the word ""troll"".

Exactly why I'm patiently waiting for the All NEW HTC One! Maybe it's impatiently waiting!

Posted via My Smartphone of the Year HTC One GPe

I'm waiting to.

Except I can't upgrade til July.

Sent from inside a cave. Yes, T-Mobile covers caves. N5

Something similar was done with the s3 in the UK.. Originally it was released with a quad core cpu, non lte and 1gb ram.. Couple of months later a s3 with 2gb ram, lte and faster cpu was released. Luckily my contracts not up for a year so won't get get s5 but of this s5 prime turns out to be true and comes out in the fall I will get.

Posted via Android Central App using galaxy s4

There have been two versions of devices, the LTE versions have used the Qualcomm processors, and the non-LTE have used the Exynos. T-mobile had some non-LTE versions of phones, but they are an exception, and use different frequencies from AT&T, so can't be the same phone with minor carrier differences.

Most consumers don't follow the trends & rumors like we do. So yes, this will most definitely catch the early buyers of the S5 as a surprise.

I don't use, or acknowledge the word ""troll"".

True, but at the same time, and as Alex even points out in the article, those people make the decision to buy a handset. Samsung doesn't make that decision for them. We're at that point in the mobile industry, where phones with better specs are being released left and right. If you don't jump on a phone that you like, then you'll NEVER buy ANYTHING.

Yes. They never actually release a S5 Prime or they only release it in S. Korea like the S4 w/ a 800 and people who waited for it b*tch and moan that they waited for nothing...

Don't think this prime gs5 will come out this year..maybe Samsung will hold on to these better specs and quality for the gs6 and a galaxy Note 5..If that was the case Samsung would of just come out with this prime version now..I mean why not? They know people want better quality of a phone instead of plastic. .would you think it would be wise that Samsung would come out with the gs5 prime now to compete with the iphone 6?

Posted via Android Central App

The point of the article was to justify the timing. The hardware isn't there yet (the snapdragon 805) and maybe they are still having hiccups with their 64 bit chip.

This rumor is incredibly annoying. I am totally happy with what the S5 is, maybe would have been happier with 3 GB of RAM and OIS for the camera. I am not desperate for an upgrade and would be happy to hold out for a better phone, but when will we know if this actually exists? When would it actually come to US carriers? What compromises will it being? Will it be much larger and heavier? What will happen with battery life? Will metal affect the radios? The yearly update cycle for manufacturers gives some predictability as to when the next iteration is coming for the phone you like. This rumor only serves to make me anxious.

Posted via Android Central App

If you plan on getting the s5 I think you shouldn't worry about the s5 prime version, it will be more expensive and probably lose water and dust resistance for a more premium build and faster processor with 3 or 4 gb of ram. Depends on what you need but the s5 has future proof specs so I don't think people should worry to much. But if they did keep the dust proof and water resistant but at the same price but with a premium build and more ram people should be angry.

Posted via Android Central App

I don't think they should release another S5 at this point. The Galaxy Note line is catching enough momentum and it keeps Samsung competitive for the second half of the year. At this point, the Note line should be the prime version. All that effort should go into ensuring that the Note series will get all these features instead of putting that effort in a prime S5 version coming out 3 months earlier. I personally don't see why Samsung should release a prime S5 so long after the S5 and so close to the Note 4. It would have been ok had they released a regular and prime S5 on the same date.

Galaxy S and Note customers are totally different people. People who buy Galaxy S phones don't want a Monster sized gargantuan Note sized phone. Personally, I draw the line at 5.25 inches.

I don't use, or acknowledge the word ""troll"".

True, not everyone wants a phablet. I'm an S customer, currently own an S4, but after testing the Note 3 various times and seeing the end result of the Galaxy S5, I realized that I do want a phablet and I will upgrade to the Note 4. I agree that others will not want to jump from the S line to the Note line, but I do think that more people are doing it.

Either way, if they were going to do this, I think it would make sense to do it after the release of the Note 4, similar to the Galaxy J, just with a wide release. But who knows, maybe they will release a premium S5 soon.

Couldn't the 2k display just launch with the note 4 this year? That would still be in the 2014 time frame.

Posted via Android Central App

I think what will happen is if the prime is released the original s5 will get a nice drop in price.

Posted via Android Central App using galaxy s4

That could happen. I'm not too worried since I'm putting my phone purchase on hold until the Fall(unless something unpredictable happens to my S3), so if then I decide to go S5 it will probably have a price drop anyway.

If this were to happen, and make sense, it should be announced/released along side the S5. And drop the specs of the S5 a bit to further differentiate the two while not stepping on the Note's toes.

Giving consumer's multiple options works best when you make it simple and easy. Not redundant and after the fact (that they already bought "the next big thing").

Posted via Android Central App

Your analysis makes sense, Alex. From what I've seen, manufacturers don't seem to be overly concerned about pissing off customers by coming out with an upgraded product a few months after release of a given product.

I hope they bring this out because the S5 was a dissapointment not worth upgrading to from my HTC one

Posted via Android Central App

Samsung is like HTC was in 2012 in the sense that their releasing all these phones only a few short months apart. Its too many, imo.

Posted via Android Central App

& that's fine. However to the average, non-techy can be a bit confusing for them. I'm just glad HTC no longer gives confusing names. Like the One X, One X+, One S, One VWXYZ (LOL).

Posted via Android Central App

The point being there will always be that newer fresher device within mere months of you buying whatever device. This is now becoming a strategy game and yes Samsung it makes some level of sense. The S5 is not mediocre buy any means so for those that are not as spec hungry and upgrading from the S3 then the S5 as it stands is brilliant.

So the S5 prime will then try and pull people away from apples next big thing as mentioned the Next iPhone will have to be different.

I do believe there is truth in this rumour and will be interesting to see what is happening.

Time will reveal all :-)

Posted via Android Central App

Duh. They do need a phones that's worth upgrading...oh and to piss on the "normals" that wouldn't know this potential move.

Posted via Android Central App

I believe it's coming...Apple is going all out this year, Samsung has to have this phone...they probably price it like $800 off contract, $300 new contract, I will buy regardless

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and the fact that sony have already said they are going over to a 6 month refresh of their hardware and the fact that a cpu picked in january is going to look well out of date by december of same year and that htc have done very well with their premium type devices and that one of the major complaints against samsung is the cheap manky feel and look of their kit,it would make sense for samsung to hold of until june/july to release their prime
(when is snapdragon 805 expected?)complete with 805,4gb ram and proper metal build.
things in hardware are accelerating so fsst now that annual.refresh is too long,all big firms will be forced to do the same or get left behind and then in a few years wevwill go over to quarterly refresh,about time we got away from devices being timed for dull annual electronics shows.

I would really like to see a water proof metal edition from Samsung that stays under 5.2 inchs and has a better finger print scanning option like the iPhone 5s that is very smooth. It will not be nearly as comfortable trying to swipe down with a 5 inch display so they need a touch and hold finger print scanner. They should also make it so you can go to the extreme power saving mode whenever in case you need more battery life out of your device. I would wait and buy the s5 "prime" if it could fulfill these features and not be to expensive compared to the s5 "regular"

I wouldn't doubt that Samsung would try something new this year. They can afford to. I mean Sony has had 4 flagship caliber phones come out within 18 months (Z, Z Ultra, Z1(Z1s), Z2). LG does the G Pro some months after the prior G comes out. With them now venturing into 'Note Pro' and 'Tab Pro' in the tablet area, maybe they'll do similarly now with phones? The S5 will serve as an almost iPhone 5c like device, with a Galaxy Pro(?) serving as the high end flagship standard smartphone, and then the Note will have the larger screen but same RAM, storage and SoC as the Pro.

For me if I'm going to speculate, dream Galaxy S future edition would be metal or similar design to Xperia Z (or like the Optimus G and Nexus 4), water proofing, on-screen buttons. If they did a 5.25 inch 2.5K screen with on screen buttons they could make it in similar size or smaller than the S5. Hopefully someone at some point copies HTC with front facing speakers on a flagship. Samsung did it on their tablets before HTC did it on the One. 32GB internal storage minimum is a must.

To be honest I think we'd all been happier to have this "Prime" phone been what was being touted as opposed to what the new S5 is going to be. I'm due a phone and to be absolutely honest, the S5 doesn't make me want to jump out and get it! I'm going to see what HTC and Google do, and don't have the fire or gumption to jump at this S5 in it's current configuration. There is no passion in this new phone. I'll take my time. It'll be worth the wait.

PS - I don't think it needs to be that big either!

Maybe their 'flagship' was taking longer than expected so they threw any old crap out to fill the void at MWC? :) that's samsung they did that because samsung fanboys buy anything even if it is garbage.

No, they wouldn't buy a nexus 4, HTC One (though that isn't so much garbage) or a whole host of other devices.

I buy a phone for what it does for me, not a fashion accessory.

You really should see the crap I don't post. Sorry if honesty offends you

Forget about a S5 prime/pro I want a Note 4 with a 5.7 2k screen oh and waterproof too.

Note 2 owner ( and loving it )

The 5.7 '2K' screen will probably happen. Samsung can just keep the Note 4 and GS6 the same size as the predecessors now and just have the QHD/2.5K/'2K'/2560x1440 resolution screen on those devices.

OK. All this talk about a "2K" phone. Would someone please explain to me why even AC is bringing this up now, without any comments about the pros/cons. The current S5, at 430ppi, is already a higher resolution than you can see with the naked eye (at a reasonable distance of about 10") so *why* would they make a phone that has a display that is going to accomplish nothing except to drain the battery more quickly and have worse performance?

Not a great answer, but "more of anything" apparently is winning in the feature war. In the case of ultra high density displays it is wholly pointless.

That 'naked eye' thing is an Apple marketing myth. But yeah, the higher the res, smaller the screen, there's a point where it doesn't really matter. 1080p could have been it for a while. However though, when will there be 4 inch 1080p screens on phones? That'll be weird.

I'm not speaking about the Apple "retina" marketing machine. I'm speaking just from my own research. At about 10", you can't see more than around 390ppi. I don't even know what the ppi is on the "retina" display, to be honest.

My question had to more to do with people "demanding" a higher resolution display, when that could only ever server to *lessen* the experience of the device.

I really couldn't care less about specs. What about larger capacity batteries with smaller sizes? Why isn't THAT technology being moved forward and implemented?

first of all... does anyone else think that Richard yarrel is a bot? second if this is true why didn't they just make the galaxy S5 with those specs.. enough with the variants already..

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Posted from my "Gift from God" Note 3, my "God-Given" iPad Mini 2, or my "Risen" Samsung Chromebook.

At first, I did. Then, for awhile, he started to diversify his comments. Now, they're back to the same ones, lol.

Posted from my "Gift from God" Note 3, my "God-Given" iPad Mini 2, or my "Risen" Samsung Chromebook.

Exactly what I was thinking since the moment I saw the S5 and M8 - all major Android OEMs are waiting to see what the rotten fruit has in store and are holding back to prevent loses.
The rotten has a lot to catch up to right now, and they will most likely come up with a bigger screen, pleasing their worshipers.

They do have this Imo and will be the answer to the iPhone 6 if apple actually brings something intriguing to the table this time. Which they are expected to do.


I think samsung is waiting to see what HTC and LG release and then could release their "super phone" after them. They released the s5 to be "first" and try to build off the success of the s3&s4

Prime... the specs sound cool... But I'm waiting on the note 4...happy with my note 2 for now...

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If Samsung is coming out with the S5 Prime, then what's the point of the Galaxy S5? If I had the Samsung Galaxy S-series phone, I'd wait for the S5 Prime. The S5 seems like it'd be a waste of money and resources.

The point of the S5? Better battery life, and probably $200 cheaper than the purported "prime." Those things matter a lot to a lot of people.

Ppl buy the 5c alot..If the prime is priced $159-200 more ppl will buy regular s4 over a metal frame

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Yup. One for Note, one for S4

Sent from inside a cave. Yes, T-Mobile covers caves. N5

Also the two variants of the s5 wouldnt even make sense. it would be more realistic if the s5 was cheaper. But being that the phone is so expensive i can only imagine how expensive the 'prime' would be.

Won't happen. Samsung has gone the way of Apple and now releases incremental updates to their phones with little to no change and only gimmicky features added. They refuse to innovate past their cheap designs and continue releasing the same awful looking phone. People are starting to catch on to their tricks.

At least Apple are still trying to push the design envelope, unlike Samsung who don't appear to give it anything other than a passing thought.

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Why pushing high-res displays?Why not push Android UI refinements so that it can be rendered gorgeously at HD and FHD? Upgrading to UHD will do nothing as long as the Android UI suffers from average design philosophy. Not to mention that technology in battery is at a very slow pace. Problem is the hardware part doesn't compliment the software side. Android should concentrate on its design standards to cope at least on iOS elegance.

Absolutely agree; I don't like the direction certain corps are trying to push Android.

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More RAM and a denser display means more battery drain. Not a problem on a big honking phablet like the Note 3, but definitely a trade-off on a normal phone. You can bet all the people screaming about the specs on the S5 now will be complaining about battery life on an "S5 Prime" if it comes out with the rumored display and more RAM.

Unless you routinely view the screen with a magnifying glass, you really won't see the difference between a 1080 screen and a 2K screen anyway.

Does more RAM use more battery? If so, that is a compelling reason to cap it at 2GB (with KitKat), because the battery life is going to be a big marketing point. Otherwise, this was the one spec that made no sense to me to downgrade from the Note 3.

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Funny how many people assume a better/bigger screen with a faster processor GUARANTEES the battery life to be worse. You realize that newer sreens and processors use way LESS power than their predocessers, no? My N5 with a bigger 1080P screen and faster cpu/gpu get way MORE battery life than did my N4 with nearly the same sized battery. Aren't we supposed to be techy folks? Read about technology...

is that a real backing of the new Samsung in that pic? it almost looks photoshopped to make it more appealing, lol. I thought the new back had a bunch of holes in it?

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Of course it isn't. it's just another concept design that someone has dreamt up that will lead to disappointment.

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There's not enough in the S5 to make it stand above the other Android flagship crowd. The Nexus 5, G2 and upcoming One all compete and there are rumors of a G2 refresh(G3?). The only S5 feature worth mentioning is the fast auto focus. I think they'll need to do something or maintain the huge advertising spend. Samsung already spends more to sell a device than any other manufacturer by a long way.

I think they'll do soothing but not because of the iPhone 6. Market research says there isn't much cross shopping between iOS and Android. I think Samsung will need to do more to maintain Android share.

As for the iPhone 6, unless iOS 8 brings more than just another column of icons, I don't think a large iPhone will sell any better than the 5C. A bigger screen does not make a productivity device. Better input methods and software are needed and iOS doesn't impress me much.

It's the hype train that got them into this mess in the first place; the outrageous rumours and concept designs that were appearing online were always going to lead to disappointment.

And here we go again.

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This is the exact place we put ourselves with the Moto X. The months of insane rumors and expectations didn't let us realize that the real Moto X is a great phone, as is the GS5. It's just not as great a phone as we were expecting.

I think this would be a great idea.
I do like both the S series and Note series but there is always room for improvements and if the F series can bring it, then bring it.

If users flock to the new S5 due to be released in the weeks ahead, and then find out just several months and several hundred dollars later, later that a *better* phone is available, they then risk alienating a significant(?) portion of their fanbase?

I hope so because I'm thinking of getting the new HTC one ones it's announced if it doesn't happen.

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Simple...Samsung is simply copying Apple again.
Apple 5C, expensive "cheap" version
Apple 5S, REALLY expensive version
Same with the Galaxy S5 "cheap" and S5 prime "expensive" versions. ;)

Trying to copy Apple has got them this far so why should they stop now!

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If this is what Samsung is doing, what is Apple planning later? A move like this could mean Apple has quite a new phone in the works.

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People just didn't pay attention to the leap forward the Note series made last year with the 3 (when compared to S models released in the same year in years prior, for which the Note has never really bested before), the Note clearly became the true flagship, and the Note 3 has now even fended off a second S model's release, after having humiliated the S4 last year.

2k displays are pointless. They aren't even 2k. Not even close. If they measured by the smallest ratio then yes. But right now? Why bother. To me 720p is fine for me. Had a 1080 but dropped "down" to a N4. Hoping batteries are the next frontier. Multiple cores are nice and all but much better than current best is overkill. Just use better materials Samsung. You wouldn't have to answer to anyone then.

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You clearly don't understand the Samsung ethos, more is everything no matter what it is just have more of it.

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My S3 is flawless, working properly, scratch free, ding free, I love it. Ill wait to see if this prime version shows up, I see no reason enough yet to upgrade; plus I just finished paying it off so my monthly bill is $20 cheaper! win win

If this S5 Premiere is really with Metal Chasing, Qhd Display or whatever else that make this phone more awesome than my HTC ONE i will back to using Samsung again.
My last samsung phone is Galaxy S2 and since then Samsung Phone design is just "MEH".
I hope this time samsung will make it right with the design

I already see people foaming out of their mouths over this when (if) it doesn't happen AND blame AC along the way! I'll believe it when I see it. This is nothing but speculation and should be treated as such.

Alex it's the spec rumours that lead to the biggest disappointment when devices are released, but in reply to your original question I do believe there is more than a chance that Samsung will release a second 'Premium' device this year, only because in my opinion the S5 was (to some) a bit of a letdown and only an incremental update. It seems, to me, like Samsung were holding back.

I'm not sure that they would do this. Wouldn't that compromise the identity of the s5 if they introduced a new galaxy s5 that is supposedly better than the old one?
It would be great to see some great specs on a phone, like all the rumors about the s5, but it would be a big compromise to Samsung's identity for the s5

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Between the S5 and the note would be a perfect size. I wanted one but, was always afraid the note was a bit big, My friends says hers isnt and she has smaller hands then me but still...... If I am going to spend $700 (or more on contract) on something, I want it to be perfect. The prime sounds like it fits all those requirments.

I would like to see this come to fruition. I hope they improve the speaker. If they do, I would definitely buy this.

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Well...if im going to stay with samsung i hope this to be true because so far the S5 is a pass. Yes it has great specs...but honestly, how many of you out there will be using the fitness aspects of the phone. How many of you will be taking your pulse with the phone? I just wish these manufacturers would get rid of these hokey add ons and make better all around phones. If the rumor of an S5 Prime is right ill stick with samsung, if not maybe ill goto the LG G3 when that comes out

If I was getting it, I would DEF use it! I've been training for a long time so I would get very good usage out of it. Heck, it might even compel some individuals to get off their lazy bums and be active!!...loL!

They should get rid of the mini, release the standard s5, premium and note. The S line should be updated twice a year imo

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Stop the Madness!!!

Is there any practical reason for a anything higher than 1080p in anything 6" or smaller? Here are some reasons why it's actually not wise to overdue the resolution:
1. There is no discernible difference in the display compared to 1080p or even 720p at 5" or smaller most likely.
2. It will take more bandwidth/time to transfer native resolution content.
3. It will take more storage to hold native resolution content.
4. It will take a larger frame buffer to store native resolution content in memory (wasting RAM).
5. It will take more CPU/GPU time to render pixels using more battery life.
6. Native resolution games will run at a lower frame rate than they would at a lower resolution.
7. The display panel will probably use more power than a lower resolution panel of the same size.
8. You can expect some compatibility issues with some apps.

Come on Samsung. Don't be like Apple and let your marketing department control the company. There is no need for higher than a 1080p display and it will hurt your product with slower performance and worse battery life.

Eh... I am not liking the idea of a 5.25" screen. To me (personal opinion) the GS$ in terms of size is pushing the pocketability factor, and well, the GS5 is right at the threshold. Of course, I would have to try it to verify when it is released. Now come up with a similar GS5 Pro or whatever with beefier specs, well that may be something more me at least.

Samsung ALWAYS releases a variant of their springtime Galaxy launch later in the year so yes I could totally see this being the case. You also make a good point about the rumored larger screen iPhone needing a Samsung response. I believe this will happen, accompanied by a LOT of angry posts by current S5 buyers :P

Of course by then the Z3 will launch and crush it just like the Z2 crushes the S5.

SGS4 Owner. Samsung have to improve the S5 better than note 3 specifications. The Last abomination that published let me ver y dissapoiment.

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it doens't make sense as it fragments things more... i would like them to put all this stuff into the Note 4 .. but that's just me being biased cause i love the note series ; >

but it does make sense to wait for apple to release their beloved iphone 6 with a screen size anywhere between 4.5-5.5?? with a higher resolution finally catching up to the likes of android, blackberry z10 and windows... then BAM UHD, better camera, better hardware, better everything to take the thunder away from Apple.. but then again those Apple hipsters are a hard bunch ... blinders and tunnel vision are always on so they see nothing else besides their iphones, itouch, ipad, ipad mini and imac...

I can't see it. They've already got two flagship device releases per year. if they were to Pro or Prime the S5 then the Note4 would need the same treatment.

Plus I think Samsung is easing down the throttle and has been doing so since the GS3. The increments have been smaller and smaller while the software feature bloat has become bigger and bigger. GS5 maybe less impressive for a reason.

Samsung does rule android phone market. Htc small player in android but does make some great phones. Too bad they aren't in the samsung giant. Htc one is great phone but samsung if they wanted to could crush them. Even apple has to bow down and buy parts from them to make their I phones. Samsung rules electronic industry as a result.

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This Is What I Like About Android Central.. Y'all Don't Just Follow After Rumors To Get People's Attention. All The Editors/Bloggers Actually Do Research Before Posting On Anything.. I Have Been Following This Site Since About The Month After It First Went Viral And Haven't Been Disappointed By Its Post Since.. Love Android Central!! Droid Up!!

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I just dont see the point in a 2560x1440 display on a phone. They should focus on more important things like screen quality, battery life, and durability.

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Personally, I would love to see Samsung make a premium phone, instead of simply a high end plastic variant.

This is what I would like to see from Samsung :
1- 4.75" to 5.25" maximum FHD display, or possibly 2K display. (my personal opinion is that 4.8" is about the perfect size for a cell phone. Anything bigger is really to big to operate one handed and phablets hold a place in that category.)
2- dual front speakers with stereo sound.
3- 5MB front facing HD camera for quality video chat
4- 12-16MB HD rear camera w/OIS, real time HDR, dual flash.
5- stock Tizen OS, possibly stock Android.
6- Aluminum body.
7- IP67 or IP68 rating
8- no more stupid gimmicky add ons like air gesture, air view, eye tracking, heart rate monitor.
9- no more software bloat. Make quality apps available in the app store. Like the new S health)
10- 2.3+ GHz processor, with separate cores to process voice commands.
11- 3+ GB RAM
12- front facing, directional mic for phone calls.
13- 3200 Mah battery. (at least 3 days of average use battery life)

Sony releases a flagship every six months and you expressed discontent but if samsung release an s5 prime 2 months after the s5 launch then thats a good thing? rather than releasing two flagships within two months would it not have made better sense for samsung to announce on flagship lets say in late march and announce availability in june or so (whenever the 805 will be available).
After all a lot of s3 owners are waiting to upgrade once the s5 is out they will choose that so wouldn't releasing a better, more powerful s5 prime impact the sales of arguably their most important flagship?
i mean it seems kind of stupid to me to spend all that money and advertising on a phone just to usurp it two months later i think it sends a very confusing message out to consumers. Samsung released the galaxy j in december with note 3 specs in a roughly s4 size with what i think is metal chassis (or some high quality looking plastic) if so if they wanted to go the same route with the s5 they definitely could have

And this is why I'm so gun shy about upgrading my phone. I'm sitting here with a Droid RAZR Maxx.. I'm out of my contract and was all ready and waiting for the S5 to be released - say what you will about the S5 being only an incremental upgrade from the S4.. but it would be a leaps and bounds upgrade from my Droid... but now... NOW... I see they'll be releasing an even more upgraded S5.. WTF am I supposed to do now?! And then I'm sure by the time they actually release this "Prime" they'll be announcing specs on the S6... and them I'm screwed again. Its a never ending cycle.

This is where being a T-Mobile customer has its advantages, I plan on using JUMP to go from the GS4 to the GS5 in April but if they launch a GS5 "Prime" this summer/fall I will just JUMP again. Now they just changed JUMP to where you have to have paid 50% of the phone off but they "grandfathered" those of us on the original JUMP which allows 2 JUMPS in a rolling 12 months which would be perfect for this scenario. :-)

The s5 is ridiculously pathetic. They better unveil the prime,although if they wait to long I'll just be waiting for the note 4.
At this point though who knows,they might release a note 4 that sucks as bad as the s5 and then pop a "note 4 ultimate" on me.

I'll be moving to the S5 from a very reliable (and great experience) S2. The S5 is suppose to be Samsung's flagship 2014 phone. I would be mad as h**l if the 'Prime' was released a few months after the S5. If you've made up your mind to finally update, you have to pull the trigger at some point or you're always 'wait'n and chas'n the next newest phone.

I am looking forward to a new phone in July. I have been looking at the S5 but would wait for the prime if it does appear.

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keep dreaming fanboys.. Samsung is OUT!
They are clueless without Apple's guidance. They waited for 5S to come out so they could get the idea to copy gold color, and half-ass finger scan.. pathetic

I think Samsung is holding back, well I hope so, I mean most of the serious competition has much better devices on the horizon, and if the specs on the s5 are almost on par with last years note 3 it suggest that Samsung is actually due to offer a new premium range, as expected iPhone may possibly offer 2 models again this year with one being a larger screen model, which could affect some s5 sales, also the rest of the competition has very nice devices available or due, including a 50mp 2.5ghz 3gb ram monster, it is also known that Samsung started production of 2k panels in December, why would they do that if it won't go into the s5? I suspect that there is going to be a summer release to counter potential sales of iPhone, I hope the rumours are true but who knows yet

Interesting article. It convinced me to hold off on buying a S5 right away. I normally get it right when it comes out but this year I was going to wait a month or so and see what OPPO find 7 has to offer, or even the Z2. But this article has convinced me for sure to hold off for a little bit. How much would that suck to get a S5 only too find out a few months later that a much better one comes out. It happened to me with the iPad 3 (or The New iPad as it was known at the time) and I said I will never let that happened to me again. I really hope this article is right.

Samsung needs to calm down, in my opinion. They are too many product lines that they manage, and they started to get tangled up last year. I can automatically name it's ATIV and GALAXY lines for Windows and Android. Under those are S, Note, Ace, Neo, Mega, Rugby/Active, Tab, PRO, and Gear. Then Samsung tends to mix these lines together, with the ATIV S, ATIV S Neo, Galaxy Note 3 Neo, Galaxy NotePRO, Galaxy TabPRO, Gear 2 Neo, not to mention the fact that the Galaxy S4 became a seperate product line by itself last year. We had the original S4, then came the Mini, Zoom, Active and Google Play Edition.

Samsung, it's getting confusing for consumers, and who knows how many more lines will appear this year. It would be easier for everyone if an F or Prime series never saw the light of day and you stuck with GALAXY, ATIV, S, Note, and Tab lines. Just my 2(or 20) cents.

@ Alex Dobie
Thanks a lot for this post.

Main disappointment in Samsung Galaxy S5 is the RAM, it should be minimum 3 GB as NOTE 3 has its 3 GB long ago. was expecting 4 GB with 64Bit hardware also. screen PPI is very less..there should a surprise by this PPI from S5. how could Samsung release 16GB version where 8GB its monster ROM. where SONY is continuous with their 20 MP camera ...still Samsung wanna walk with 16 MP ??
Long ago i commented for NOTE 3 Prime!! Samsung should release their S5 Prime asap

The number of megapixles is not important when it comes to decent photos, at least not entirely. As for the RAM and lack of 64 bit architecture, there is a very reasonable answer for that.
The qualcomm 800 & 801 chips can only support a max of 3GB of RAM. I don't believe they support 64 bit support either. Next, since Samsung is dependent on Google for their operating system, and Android doesn't support 64 bit as of yet, and likely won't until Android 5.0 at the earliest, the technology will be in vain. A complete waste of money to the consumer if they put in 4GB RAM since only 3 could have been used, and the same thing with the 64 bit processing hardware. The exynos chip may support 64 bit software, but it doesn't support LTE. Either way, even if it does, Android isn't 64 bit yet, so why pay for it?

PPI on the GS5 is still above the retina's threshold to determine and is still full HD. Personally, I don't understand why you need or want technology that you can't physically appreciate. Waste of your money.

Here I sit reading many of the comments and I get the idea that many people are not really looking at the S5 as the device it really is. Most people seem to forget to look at the current offering from Samsung in the market as it is. People have been stacking the S5 up against all the rumors of its creation, not the actual market it is intended to populate.

The S5 is a fantastic offering when viewed in this light. It has high end spec, refined UI, and a "updated" look. The problem comes when you stack this device up against the device we all built up in our fantasy.

Yes, I would like to have seen the new S5 have more RAM, but other than that, I don't think it fell short. The expectations of a 2K or better screen is simply stupid in my opinion. The quality can't be perceived higher than 1080p, so why have it? The cost of development and implementation of such technology will greatly increase the price of the device with no appreciable nor decernable benefit. Why pay for something that wec really benefit from or really even use?

The idea of a premium build from Samsung is a good one, but that is not what Samsung does. They pack in technology into cheap to produce polycarbonate bodies. You get a damn good phone in something that can be produced in the volume needed to supply the demand.

I personally want Samsung to focus on creating a great phone. I would like to see less gimmicks like air view, eye tracking, heart rate sensor, etc. I would like to see a close to vanilla version of Android, or stock Tizen (my vote is for the Tizen os) highly optimized for the phone, decent camera (12-16 Megapixals) but with active HDR, optical image stabilization, fast focus, a good 5mp camera for the front for high quality video chat, 3+ Gb RAM, dedicated core for voice commands, quad or octo core clocked around 2.3+GHz. I would like to see a minimum of 32GB of SSD internal storage. If they would make a version with 64 and 128 GB that would be great, but we need a minimum of 32. The S health app needs to be made a stand alone app available in the app store. Do away with S finder, and the Samsung store, all of these are duplicates of software that is already built into Android. No need for duplicate software! It wastes precious hard drive space.

With these specs, and a highly optimized version of Android that is not loaded down with bloatware and a resource intensive TouchWiz overlay, Samsung would have a phone that could go toe to toe with just about anything on the market. Samsung needs to realize that less is more. We want fast efficient phones that can keep up with our lives. No more gimmicks.

Like I said in a previous post, I would love to see a premium version of the S5,maybe even implement a whole new line of phones that are premium build quality, but as it stands, the current offering from Samsung is a damn nice phone, and one that surely won't disappoint if you choose to buy. I for one, will likely wait to see what HTC, LG and others bring to the table before making my decision. That shouldn't be taken as a strike against Samsung though, but instead as a hat tip to the others for stepping up their game last year. These companies and others really stepped up in an attempt to compete with Samsung. Don't fault Samsung simply because otherc ompanies made tremendous strides last year.

Given what they are doing with their tablet line (Note Pro, Tab pro, etc), it wouldn't surprise me to see their flagship phone have a "Pro" model.

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It would be a great move on Samsung's part to make a massively amazing phone to counter the I-phone (more like socially indicative of swag phone) six. Apple I think will go with a full hd screen just because they will want to cut costs and still have a great display. Samsung will then be put in a GREAT spot to one up Apple... ;) hehehe I can't wait to see what happens...

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Uh your damn right I would by one ! I may even save my upgrade just to see what becomes if this. It is not easy though because I have had the S3 since it came out and I have that new phone itch. I for one am disappointed that the S5 only has 2gigs of ram when my Note 3 has 3gigs. I also can see Samsung skimping on the storage and ram on the S5 to leave room and differentiate a possible S5 prime model from the regular S5. While my Note 3 is a marvelous device I am ready for a new smaller phone and I want to try out Sprint Spark. I use my Note for Web browsing, videos and drawing up diagrams for work and my S3 for one handed operation while working to listen to podcast and Sirius xm. Is anyone else saving an upgrade to see what becomes of this? I think it would make perfect sense for Samsung to do this. Many have been clamoring for a metal Galaxy for years and Samsung could do what they do best and make two different Galaxy S devices to satisfy different consumers. After all look what they have done with their tablets they have the regular Galaxy Tab and the pro. So I think it will be the Galaxy S pro !

All I can say is I love my Samsung Galaxy S5!! I've tried all type of other phones and wasn't impressed at all !!! It all boils down to user prefernce !! My phone does all I want it to and much more. Why would I not love the Galaxy s5 when all the others fail in comparison. I know because I've tried them. Bottom line buy what you like the best..if you don't like it then don't buy it. Everyone has the right to their own opion. They also have the right to buy what works best for them.

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