ICS on the Xoom

As we first told you late last night, the Wifi-only version of the Motorola Xoom is in the midst of getting its Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich update. Motorola's just released the full changelog, which reads as follows:

  • Updated Browser with faster rendering, zoom and pan: Users can also now save pages for offline reading and request desktop versions of websites.
  • Swipe to dismiss notifications, tasks, and browser tabs: You can now dismiss individual notifications, apps from the Recent Apps list, and browser tabs with a simple swipe of a finger.
  • Redesigned app launcher: In All Apps launcher, you can now simply drag an app to get information about it, immediately uninstall it, or disable a pre-installed app.
  • New System Font for Improved Readability: An entirely new typeface (called Roboto) optimized for high resolution screens improves readability and brings a polished feel to the user interface.
  • Updated “People” Application: Replaces contacts and integrates seamlessly with Google+ and other social networks.
  • Improved text input and spell-checking: The keyboard now features improved accuracy to make text input faster. It also now includes an in-line spell checker to make corrections easier.
  • Type with your voice: Now you can simply touch the microphone on the keyboard and start talking to write emails, SMS, or any other text—more than 20 languages supported. Text appears in real time, so there’s no waiting for server processing.
  • Richer and versatile imaging capabilities: For capturing larger scenes, the camera introduces a single motion panorama mode.  Also, you can now take still shots while shooting video just by tapping the screen as video continues to record. You can also launch camera directly from the Lockscreen. When you shoot videos, you can now choose from a number of silly faces and other fun effects which recognize individual facial features so you can give your friends big eyes, squeeze heads, make noses bigger, or change the scenery with background replacement.
  • Redesigned Gallery app with photo editor: To help pictures look their best, the Gallery now offers a powerful photo editor so you can crop and rotate pictures, set levels, remove red eyes, add effects, and much more.Richer, resizable widgets   You can expand widgets to show more content, or shrink them to save space.

Quite the update indeed. So how's the update going for everybody so far?

Source: Motorola; More in the Xoom forums


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The complete Motorola Xoom Wifi Ice Cream Sandwich changelog


Has anyone been able to rip out the new gallery, and if so does it work on Gingerbread, or does it require the new ICS framework?

I am sure it will still be broken, just like all the other "Gallery" apps I have seen that refuse to understand and honor multiple levels of subdirectories :(

MY GOD, thank you for pointing that out!!!! I never understood this. When I show a client their artwork or my portfolio, I have to dig through all of my exposed folders to reach each individual category (ie; layout, illustrations, logos, etc...) So damn annoying.

I was lucky enough to make the test group and the update has greatly improved the performance of my Xoom. I get far fewer browser crashes, screen scrolling is much smoother, lots of new features. The only downside is a little more battery drain than I am used to seeing, but I still make it through a day on a charge.

I've been running ICS on my Xoom for the past month (via team eos @ xda) and i didn't even know about some of these new features LOLz.

Um... that changelog is simply the new features in ICS. But congrats for them going with stock again. Been running nightly Team EOS on mine and works as expected. This will help those ROMS become more and more stable as well.

The Xoom WiFi is, essentially, the Nexus Tablet. So it will be a "stock", 100% pure Android load.

YESSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! got mine!!!!!!!!!! mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm ICS sooooooooooooooo yummy

Is there a link to force it manually? How are these things rolling out? State? Purchase Date? Registration date? Pot Liquor?

Make sure you check for mobile tethering and user agent choice...... I got the ICS update and these items are missing......I have the Asus prime...... before ICS I could tether to my phone, now I can't, neither can I switch user agents..... both are gone.

So did I. Got home from work last night at 1130 and stayed up til 130a messing around with it. Now its almost 8a and I'm in class felling asleep lol

Downloaded ICS update last night. In the morning, I use the Xoom to check email, a little browsing, update HanDBase databases, and check the weather if a storm is brewing. The Xoom seemed significantly snappier in overall performance this morning - web pages / emails seemed to load faster, no crashes yet, all apps I have used so far seem to work fine in ICS without updates, and all transitions seemed a bit quicker / smoother. The UI also seems a bit more elegant as I have experienced with other ICS devices vs. previous versions.

So far, a worthy upgrade that should enhance your overall Android experience.

I installed my this morning... so far so good, but the text display etc is very crisp! I really like the font change. Couple of things to get used to, but since I'm rocking a Galaxy Nexus the changes are pretty easy to adapt too :)

Now just waiting for the 4.0.3 update for the GNex!

Received update today around 6:15 AM EST. Need to test all features yet! Seems smooth, fast and good on eyes! Does this mean all Market Apps that work on Phone will work on Tablet too? That is what Android ICS promised - unification of Android across all devices.

Got it yesterday. One major problem, so far. All keystrokes from the Motorola Bluetooth keyboard are treated as shortcuts. H, for example, shows the browser history page, even though I was trying to search. It is now impossible to use the BT keyboard to do anything like this comment. Fortunately, the screen keyboard is good.

Got my OTA update a couple days ago.

One thing I still havent been able to figure out is trying to add my Facebook account. Everytime I go into accounts, click add account, and select Facebook...just goes back to the accounts screen. Anyone know how to add your facebook account to your Xoom?

is it safe to assume all the above comments have been left by people outside of the u.k, because still no sign of it here on my XOOM :-) & waited so long for the 3.2 update. Hope its not going to be a repeat of that Motorola ....

Same here in the land down under, no sign of any update for my Xoom yet. Last time I looked Motorola didn't mention ICS on their Aussie website yet either. Something tells me its going to be a long wait...