Ice Cream Sandwich on Nexus S

Update: Cincinatti Bell's given us an official update on the update, saying that we might not see things push this week, but instead through January. Also, as is the case with Nexus phones, expect the update from Google itself. Here's the full statement:

Cincinnati Bell’s Samsung Nexus S is among the handsets that will be receiving the Google Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0.3 update.  The updates will follow Google’s OTA schedule which will be pushed out through January 2012.  Please keep in mind the update requires Android 2.3.6 to work properly and will NOT work if  the device hasn’t been updated from Android 2.3.4 software.  Contact your local Cincinnati Bell Wireless store for information relating to updating your Nexus S to Android 2.3.6.

Original: While the Samsung Nexus S shown above on Cincinnati Bell has definitely been running the latest Android Ice Cream Sandwich update earlier than this week, that doesn't change the fact that the Ohio-based company should be officially pushing out the update starting today. Our sources tell us that the company has the latest version of Android on their servers right now and ready to roll out to its Nexus S owners over the next week, which means you had better get your fingers on that  "System Updates" button. From our experience, you don't want to waste a single minute extra without it.


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Cincinnati Bell's Nexus S to receive Ice Cream Sandwich this week [updated]


Me too! These are the only times I wish Sprint was GSM. I would have so have an unlocked GNex by now.

Wow, Someone who actually likes CDMA?

I thought every CDMA user just held their nose and accepted it for other reasons, unlimited data, bigger network, etc. Didn't know it actually and anyone left defending it since the 80's ended.

CDMA actually carries several advantages over GSM. But portability isn't one of them. And since you can't swap SIMs people just ignore the rest.

it's really bad when a tiny company from ohio can push an update before sprint/google can....what do they have 5 users on Cincinnati Bell???