Looking for the best Twitter apps on Android? Here they are.

Smartphones can help keep us constantly connected. With that great power, we can give the world a play-by-play of our lives. We can also watch others do the same. For those exciting play-by-plays, many people turn to Twitter.

There are many Twitter clients for Android, so which ones should we use? We list some of our favorites here. Of course, this is not meant to be an all-inclusive list of great Twitter apps or of features offered by these apps. Most of these apps have some shared functionality, like the ability to schedule when your tweets will be sent out, view your Timeline, etc. With that being said, read on to see what we consider to be some of the best Twitter apps out there!

1. Twitter (official app)


Well, we suppose there's always the official Twitter app. A few recent developments have made it more worthy of consideration, like an experimental feature that lets at least some users embed tweets within their tweets and the ability to upload and view GIFs. The latter feature is currently only available through the official Twitter app, so take that into consideration if you can't get enough of that animated goodness.

Apart from that, you can also filter results based on content type (photos, videos, etc.). Direct messaging works, as does the ability to add followers, import contacts and, of course, look at tweets. You can do most basic things you'd expect to be able to do on Twitter with this app.

You can also add additional accounts.

Let's keep an eye on this one to see how it develops.

Download: Twitter (Free)

2. TweetCaster


Of course, TweetCaster offers basic functionality we'd expect from any Twitter client. It outdoes the official Twitter app in many ways.

If you happen to be bent on having GIF support, animated GIFs from Imgur are now a go.

The app encourages you to "organize the chaos with SmartLists." In other words, you can organize people and topics into groups, or lists.

There's also a "Search Party" function on the app, which allows you to narrow down searches to the following categories: 1) your own Timelines, mentions and direct messages, 2) your own tweets and favorite tweets and 3) other peoples' tweets and favorites.

Another nifty feature: you can look at stats relating to your tweets and people you follow. Whose tweets do you retweet most? How often do you tweet? Which accounts, of those you follow, have been on Twitter the longest? Of those you follow, which accounts are inactive? Answer these questions (and more) with stats on TweetCaster.

Other odds and ends: there are twelve themes to choose from; you can set it up so you simultaneously post to Twitter and Facebook and you can add filters, captions and other effects to photos. You can also add multiple accounts.

Expect to see some banner ads on the free version. If you want a banner ad-free experience, check out TweetCaster Pro.

Download: TweetCaster (Free); TweetCaster Pro ($4.99)

3. Tweedle

The developer of the app states, "Designed with simplicity and functionality in mind, Tweedle is both a beautiful and customizable Twitter client."

That does seem to be the case. There are dedicated sections to see your Timeline/feed, tweets you're mentioned in and direct messages.

It is also indeed pretty customizable. You can change to a 24-hour format, adjust font size and use different themes (the theme pictured above is the default theme).

If you want to jump on this one, you'd better jump on it soon. When logging in, the developer warns, "Due to limitations from Twitter, sometime in the future I will be forced to disable the basic login." Who knows how far ahead in the future that will happen?

Download: Tweedle (Free)


HootSuite images

You can actually connect to Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ and Foursquare with Hootsuite. This one is geared to media professionals who use and manage multiple social media accounts.

It provides stats, like how many clicks your tweets have received.

When you upload images to Ow.ly, you can adjust photo resolution.

If you upgrade to Pro (for $9.99 per month or $109.99 for 12 months), you'll be able to add and manage unlimited social media networks and get an ad-free experience.

Download: Hootsuite (Free)

5. Talon

A lot of the allure of this app lies in the user interface. Take a look at the screenshots above; it just might draw you in. You can tweak the font and theme (there are three to choose from, with the ability to add or make your own).

You can also tweak what appears in your Timeline. For example, you can choose to not have retweets display there. That might cut down on what some consider to be Timeline clutter.

You have easy access to tweeting from most screens within the app with that little icon that looks like a paper plane.

From your Timeline, you can swipe from the right to the left to see the tweets in which you're mentioned. You can do it again to take a look at your direct messages.

Download: Talon ($1.99)

6. Plume

As in Talon, you can swipe between your Timeline, mentions and direct messages.

You can pull down to refresh, manage multiple Twitter accounts and use Bit.ly to shorten your URLs.

One interesting little twist is you can take a look at what's trending based on location. What's trending in Salt Lake City as of the time of writing? Netflix, Utah and Uruguay, apparently.

Basically, Plume is a free, easy-to-use app that looks pretty good to boot.

You can get rid of the ads you'll see on the free version if you upgrade to Premium.

Download: Plume (Free); Plume Premium ($4.99)

7. Fenix


Fenix has quickly become a fan favorite, and has the added bonus of not having hit the token limit yet. The design is simple and familiar, with all the usual Twitter functions right where you'd expect them to be. You can open links right from the timeline — no extra clicking involved. Conversations are a breeze to read through, and there's the all-important support for multiple accounts.

Fenix also has a mute function, supports TweetMarker and has extra themes to go with it.

Download: Fenix ($2.49)