Reddit is fun on Nexus 7 (2013)

Reddit calls itself the front page of the internet, but it's a little more difficult than that to define to outsiders. It's part social media, part news, and a big part entertainment. Despite Reddit's great and growing popularity, they still lack an official Android app, and so, just as we see with Twitter, there are dozens of clients you can use to upvote cat videos and Android rumors on the go. And among those dozens, here are the ones we at Android Central think are most worthy of your use.

So, without further ado, here are our top five Reddit apps for Android!


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Best Reddit apps for Android


Reddit sync takes my vote. I've been using it for a few months, and I haven't found another client that feels as native to Android as that one.

+1. Used them all. Reddit now is the best. The dev is active and replies to questions in the subreddit. The UI is nice and navigating through the app is a breeze.

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Sync has been my go-to app since they switched over to the Cards layout. It looks great, functions extremely well, and the UX "feels" like a native Google app. Highly recommended.

The only other app that I'd consider using is News. It's still a solid interface that has pretty much everything you'd want in a reddit app. While it isn't as "pretty" as Sync is, it's worth trying out for a day to see if it's something you'd enjoy.

The others on this list are outdated and probably not worth it, but feel free to try them out anyway. "Simple" might be better. Flow had a lot of promise but unfortunately with the lack of developer updates it was time to move away to app developers who really listened to feedback and applied it in a very timely manner.

I've tried Reddit Sync and liked it a bit, but found it extremely battery hungry. I went back to BaconReader and it suits my usage, especially in how it handles links and comments with areal taps, unlike the counter-intuitive Reddit Is(n't) Fun. If Reddit Sync was on Amazon, I may've burned some free coins to get the Pro version, but it's not, so I went Pro with BaconReader.

Some people pay him $5 a month to be abused by his mods. Plus Drew lost his mind last week. Must have been from methanol from cheap booze?

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Greetings, time traveller from 2005! You've got some catching up to do! Yogurt comes in tubes now and we still don't have jet packs. If I think of anything else you'll need to know about the present, I'll let you know.

No way. When looking for an online community, I look for casual racism, blather about Bitcoins, and men's rights activist whargarbl. Reddit > Fark

Reddit is fun instantly became my favorite when I found the option to disable ads for free

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RedReader is the only one I bother with. Nice, lightweight, open source, functional, ad-free, and looks great on phone and tablet alike.

Used to only use Reddit is Fun. But deleted it in favor of Reddit Now. I like it on my nexus 7, very smooth, no problems so far. Surprised it's not in AC's top 5.

I just use Reddit In Pictures on my mobile devices-- the author just did an update a couple months ago that really cleaned up a lot of the issues that were there before.

Always been a bacon reader man myself although I admit I haven't tried many others. Might give Reddit Now a shot in the interest of giving another developer a go at changing my mind

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I had Bacon Reader Pro. Tried out Reddit Sync and instantly bought the Pro version as well.

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Bacon reader all day. Got recommended by a friend last year, got used to it, now I use it more than the website on my pc because it's so dang simple.

Reddit Offline which does not have any account capabilities but it does sync stuff for offline reading including comments.

Why is Reddit Now not one here? It is definitely nicer than most of the Reddit apps in the Play Store and the UI feels like you are on Reddit.